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Inside my dreams, the Dream City

Spinning uncontrollably, I adjusted the hyper-drive settings. The ship leveled and I stared out through the front shielding translucent material. All the strange colors swirled left and right. I wanted to reach out and touch them. Impossible, I knew, for if I left the ship at such incredible speeds and into the mucousy material that inhibited the hyperspace, I would have died instantly but eternally. Not even a second would pass in which I could play and marvel at the spectrum of light never imaginable in our universe nor any other except this.
The reds and blues shifted to magentas and greens. Particular and strange forms stared out at me, I thought I saw some creatures that resembled demons maybe angels. Sailors of the high tides of hyperspace said they've seen them too; unfortunately, I knew they were just illusions. Maybe they were not, maybe this was the world of Angels and Demons. It would make sense for them to live between the bubbles of reality.
I moved and look past backwards, seeing the large bubble behind the ship. I punched in the course and the ship veered off another way flowing through another current of hyperspace material. It punched through the bubble and sealed it again with the mighty tectonic thrusters. With such incredible heat and energy flowing through the combustion chambers and outside to propel the mighty needle-like ship, it could pierce and close any bubble universe. I could possibly travel all around, searching for the end of this hyperspace mush if there was one.
I stirred the ship as it slowed down from speeds exceeding millions of light years a second to sub-light speeds. The white planet called “Sky Dreams” came into my view. The perfectly round pearl swirled, unattended by any satellites. The bright blue sun shone and gave the planet bluish tint of the sea. My ship came to a halt, decelerating at rates that would kill any normal creature.  I stopped and dressed in a spacesuit, only as a way to remember the good old times when humans had to wear such things even though now, we can all survive in space with limited amounts of oxygen, and in unbearable colds or scorching heats that would melt metals.
Little green men approached me as I fled outside. They wore shamanic masks and held spears of no use in space, serving simply as symbols. The Sky Dreams loomed large behind their little bodies. I spoke to them with my thoughts, relaying them the information of my origin and my intentions. The larger green man came forward and extended his hand, I shook it. His grip was firm and inviting. The large wooden mask had curved slits meant for eyes. Drawings of pale blue and purple extended around toward the gaping mouth opening. The lines swirled and curved all around. The spear had feathers strapped by the spear-top.
As my hand parted his, a large white shimmering shape appeared behind the small green men. The shimmering shaped seemed to be made of water with mist and clouds for skin. The dark blue pools of trenches stared pupil-less at my ancient suit. Another two such shapes appeared. Their watery limbs extended toward me. One of them pulled the oxygen wiring from my suit that connected me to the ship. I gasped, thinking the beings meant me harm. The main water-being looked at me intently. Something seemed to radiate peace and happiness from him. He motioned me to take off my suit, and I did. My helmet danced off and bounced into my ship. The being said to me its origin, the Sky Dreams, and its purpose here, to welcome me to a journey through its world.
It was a man, the main representative, he held my hand, my whole body shook with the strange soft feeling. We flew down to his planet, the other two beings following us. The little green men stayed behind and surveyed my ship. We flew into the atmosphere and I saw endless fields of clouds. My Sky Dreams friend let me go and I gently landed on top of the pure white clouds. Little puffs of moisture flew upward at that point and whenever I my feet touched the clouds as I walked. The man laid a hand on my shoulder and I saw as his body turned mistier than before. I saw his body become a core of water with cloud enveloping it, much like the planet itself. The holes in the clouds gave me a glimpse of what was below, the endless oceans with no land whatsoever.
I looked around and saw a small village. More cloud people. The villagers walked freely and seemed to harvest something from the clouds, water perhaps. The others sat on cloud chairs in a cloud hut. As I entered, I saw them smile. No, they did not really smile, I felt them smile. If they were human, now would be the time for them to smile. Their mystical skin swirled happily across their small watery bodies. I felt welcome and said my greetings, extending my thoughts to all of them.
It was at that point that I decided to leave my body and see how the rest of the planet looked. It seemed the same except for the larger or smaller spots where the clouds cleared. The green men seemed to live in space for I saw no trace of them on Sky Dreams. The whole planet housed millions, maybe billions of the water beings, nay, the cloud beings. I came back and ate their hosted dinner which consisted of water, mists, clouds, and bits of ice. They smiled and beckoned me to continue my journey.
I climbed the roof of their hut and laid down on the smooth cloud of a roof. I looked upward through the clear sky and saw the blue shining jewel. I wondered how it would feel to simply dip down into the searing hot plasma and swim across the darker blue spots. Maybe even surf over the blue solar flares. I would have to try that before I leave.
Another cloud being climbed onto the roof with me. She talked to me, wondering about the other worlds. I told her all I knew, searching her mind and seeing the beauty of her soul shine through the shimmering blue liquid. She wondered about humans, about the sun, about living on land for that was something she's never experienced. I left my body, and my mind searched the planet, again. I flew down through the clouds into the ocean. Here, hundreds of fish swam with me, some seeing my spiritual body and others completely ignoring it. The oceans spread wide and seemed endless, I touched the females hand and let her transport with me. She surveyed the underground features. The mountains and the trenches all covered by water and millions of fish.
When I came back, I saw the other cloud-men gathered around a thundercloud. The pure white innocence stricken and replaced by dark rage. An old cloud-being, an old woman whose misty skin came in patches, and whose watery body lay in wastes, came forward to the cloud. She announced the cloud's sorrow and the disrespect the sky-children gave it. All the beings shook their heads in disappointment. The woman announced the cloud's revenge, nay, the grieving all would feel not only for the respect done to the darkened, thundering cloud, but also for the death of another village woman. All shook their heads in grief.
The sky-shaman-woman held high a staff made of ice. She brought it up high, everyone's eyes followed. The female next to me slid off the roof and watched in silence. The shaman slammed the staff deep into the heart of the cloud. The thunders screeched and lightnings slashed through everyone, electrocuting some of the nearby men. They fell on one knee and clutched at their chests. Their skin turned into a dark purple color as lightning beat through their veins. The rest of the cloud disintegrated and merged into the general cloud-floor. The harvesting fields and even the cloud hut shifted to darkness. Electricity surged through everywhere.
Then, everyone cried. Water in millions of gallons poured down into the sea. The wind picked up. The beings stripped their cloud skin off, or rather it had been ripped off by the violent torrents of air. The sea underneath raged on as everything else. My skin tingled with excitement, I knew it was coming. The sky-people's bodies rippled and I stared at them. My mind left my body to search and see the rest of the planet.
Everyone else seemed fine, there were no raging torrents, no pain, no grief. But just as soon as I thought this was an isolated incident, I saw the storm moving. It moved, from village to village. All the villages grieved the loss of a sky-being. Every person on the planet gave their own speech, an elegy on what they thought of death and how they appreciated the woman when she lived. They said her body would become one with everything else. The planet would reabsorb her, and new sky-beings would be born of her, sharing a bit of her memory and a bit of her own self. The people's knowledge would never be lost and has never been lost in the millions of years they have lived.
and finally, the story :)


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