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heart of the storm

By ansuz
Artwork for new business cards for our webcomic, Tamuran. Drawn and shaded in pencil, with colors laid in with Photoshop.

Characters belong to me and ~Chezhnian, and you can read the comic here.
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© 2013 - 2021 ansuz
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I really like this method of coloring. I tend to use it myself because I'm a bit more precise drawing traditionally than digitally (especially with shading, although large areas can be a pain). Plus I really love the traditional feel underneath the colors. Well done.
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Thank you. Yeah, my hand-eye coordination with a tablet is not the best... plus there's something about the feel of physical media that's more fluent to me than digital shading (though I hear you about shading large areas).  I'm always trying to find new coloring methods, especially digital ones that combine well with traditional media.
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This is very lovely!
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Haha, I'm glad they look like vines and not.. leafy tentacles or something. ~_~
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Leafy tentacles ><;;;
Nice colouring as usual. Wish I have enough time to read through the comic D:
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Always love the creature's eyes. And our messenger is looking quite fetching with that sword as well. :)
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Thank you! The creature's eyes are the most fun to paint.
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