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Webcomics Tarot 0 - The Fool

By ansuz
My Tamuran-themed submission for ~miluette's Webcomics Tarot Project, minus the shiny tarot card border - go to the site to see the card version, as well as card submissions by lots of awesome webcomic artists.

I won't go into the symbolism of the picture, as at this point in the comic potential spoilers abound. Suffice it to say that terrible awful ideas were involved.

We've actually come up with Tamuran correspondences for most of the major arcana (and some minor). I'd like to paint a whole deck someday... in half a million years when all the major characters have been introduced, maybe.

Tamuran is an epic fantasy webcomic, created and written by ~Chezhnian, co-written and drawn by me. Go read it!
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I've looked at this card like three or four times, but I just noticed teh Genisai... <3
ansuz's avatar
She is tricksy like that. XD
faer-windstormfan's avatar
Yes, yes, yes indeed. Also reminds me of the fact that on most traditional cards, the Fool is usually on a cliff or about to trip because of the risk and danger of his inherent paath. The Genisai representing that danger....... yes, yes, yes indeed. <3
ansuz's avatar
Exactly. :D And she could also be the little dog that's in a lot of Rider-Waite-Smith-based designs, who's either trying to warn the Fool to watch where he's going, or trying to distract him or egging him on...
Tarot cards are fun like that. A million potential shades of meaning, and no two people see them quite the same way.
faer-windstormfan's avatar
I love Tarot for just that reason :D
SrngDrgn's avatar
Holy shit, this is amazing O: (despite minor imperfections) 
*eyes sparkle* Don't mind me, I'm just imagining the entire comic in color right now and it's making me nostalgic.
ansuz's avatar
(Sorry I missed replying to these comments!)

Thank you! I am pretty awful with color overall, hah.  It would be cool to do the comic in color, but I think I'd drive myself crazy in the attempt. >.> I really need to do more cast illustrations or something, for practice and so that people can fill in colors in their heads a little easier when they're reading...
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Ooo, cannot wait to find out what terrible awful ideas are involved with the symbolism :D
ansuz's avatar
Fun ones! For some people. >.>
sadboyinsnow's avatar
Are you going to make prints of this?
ansuz's avatar
I was planning to, but after people have been pointing out all the million things that need fixing or redoing, I don't know. I doubt I'll have a redo done in time for Katsucon.
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