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By ansuz
Illustration for the inside cover of the printed first chapter of my webcomic, Tamuran. It's not so much a cover for Chapter 1 as a cover for the series...

Characters belong to me, ~Chezhnian, and Tressyem.
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© 2010 - 2021 ansuz
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Oh hey, it's that thing again! The one my poor sense of self-preservation tells me to hug :meow:
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You mean Nashua? Yeah, hugging him's probably a bad idea. :P The big furry monster and the other two should be safe though. Well... with the girl it might depend on her mood...
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=P I meant. >.>
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Hee! I watched you shade some of this. XD

Final product does indeed look good~ Love Kip (Lemur Girl)'s shirt, and their faces.

*pets Tree Beast* You're adorable, yes you are. *cuddles*
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Thank you!

And thanks for watching! Ustreaming does seem to help with keeping on task. (Curse you for being interested in the story, though, lol. I have to watch myself with giving out spoilers, or almost-spoilers. =P) Next project will be some cast artwork for an Artist Alley table banner - I should probably decide beforehand when I'm going to be working on it so I can give people advance notice for a change. ^^;

(tree-beast): >.>
*offers ear for scratching* <Just don't tell my mother, okay?>

(haha, I can't wait to introduce him properly in the comic. I wonder whether you'll keep the same opinion of him...)
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*scratches ear* I have an idea of what you're hinting at just from the series cover and a certain person being absent. Hee.

Good luck with the artist alley banner! I'm still kicking myself b/c I'm not going to Otakon this year. XD For once I'd recognize someone in the alley (that I actually talk to...). You'll have to take pics of the set-up for everyone to see. :D
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That could mean any number of things... ;P

aw... actually this is the first Otakon I've been to in awhile, in AA or otherwise. Usually some friends and I do a table at Nekocon, but we're doing AUSA instead this year. That and Intervention in Rockville, MD... We'll definitely take pictures though!
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You do Nekocon? XD I go to that one every year. I must have missed you last year. Granted, I didn't know you last Nekocon either.. *doh*
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hm. I'd like to do Katsu, but that depends how they decide to run their AA this year... I might try to go even if we don't get an AA table, though...
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Katsucon is a fun one; I've been for the past two years. XD
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That used to be our anime club's big event in college (since our school was in DC). I always liked it, but I haven't been in a long time. I was kind of completely out of the convention loop for two years when I was out of the country, and I didn't go to any in Japan - though two of my friends went to the Square-Enix convention over there and didn't tell me they were going till it was too late, the jerks. XD
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