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Rising Mists



Of mist I sing, and journeying
on paths dark and unknown
Of leaves and springs, and timeless things
all wrought in word and stone

Beware the things the future brings
Beware the seeds they've sown
It's waiting there, your kingdom fair,

with Death upon the throne

Ranon's ad banner painting. Poor kid.
Watercolor on illustration board. The lyrics will eventually go to a countermelody for one of Chezhnian's Tamuran soundtrack pieces - I wrote them; please don't use them anywhere. You can hear the original piano version of the music here, paired with our comic trailer.

Ranon (and Talather) are from Tamuran, an epic fantasy webcomic by me and Chezhnian.

Cross-posted to Tumblr here.
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Oh, wow! That's a beautiful lyric <3 I didn't know Chezhnian was working on a Tamuran soundtrack, that's awesome! I hope I can grab it when it comes out <3