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Halfway to the Woods

how do you choose which world you belong to?

Watercolor. Varony is from my webcomic, Tamuran.
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So pretty!!! I love this!!!

Did you use watercolor?

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Thanks! And yeah, it's watercolor. Plus about six adjusted layers in Photoshop to get the scan to LOOK like the original watercolors...
Wow that is a lot of work, well I can see it paid off. I have to say this is my favorite character from what I have seen. Well....I have not read the comic..... so it just may be his looks. X3
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The colors, especially the greens, are actually a lot brighter in person, but that's the nature of the beast with traditional media - there's a whole range of colors outside the gamut of what RGB monitors are capable of displaying, unfortunately.

Read the comic!! ;P Looks can be deceiving, especially where Varony's concerned. (but hopefully in a good way!)
I know I love traditional media, I always try to have my commissions done that way. ^.^

I think I will, hehehehe I think I know what your talking about he has another side... teehee
But I still love him <3
I would put up with anything he was to dish at me *3*