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ANSU - Intro and FAQ
What is national socialism?
National Socialism is a sociopolitical system and doctrine made up of 25 basic points first announced in February 1920 in Munich, Germany. It stems from fascist and authoritarian systems, and encompasses a constant theme of nationalist expansion. We believe in the creation and implementation of racial States in which races stick together; they fight, work, and thrive for the betterment of their own group. Our beliefs as an organization were derived from within several traditions of the modern and postmodern state in an attempt to construct a technologically- and socially-updated version of the values of our ancestors for thousands of years. We seek to restore a radical traditionalist mindset while taking into account many of the issues with which ancients were unconsciously familiar that have been lost in the modern state. While we are opposed to individualism, we recognize the importance of each member of the State. Our ethos of "blood a
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The Expressions Project
I would like anyone who reads this to take this text and paste it into their journal, most certainly if your going to take part in it.
Expression Project:
From the following you can create a deviation of ANY sort. A wallpaper, poetry, a deviant ID, prose, painting, pixelart, doodles, ANYTHING. Any form of deviation here on DA. Create these for the purpose of expressing your views on the subject to anyone who may pass by them. Pour your heart and effort into these as if you really want to point something out to people. These subjects may seem very vague, but take that and make something extremely unique. Take something felt by so many other people in this world and show them your unique piece of the puzzle that makes this reality whole. I really believe that if this runs across a community as great as this one we can come to appreciate these subjects more. It is a great thing to see a certain subject through your own experience, it is a greater thing to see the same experience through a
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National Socialist Union
United States
Greetings comrades! Welcome to the American National Socialist Union, a community made for like-minded folk since we know we're rare and valuable individuals. Owned and moderated by xerond and hopelessfangirl, ANSU promises to be a productive and creative part of the Deviantart Community. Now let's get down to business!


</b>May 8th - Hey there, just sending out a reminder to get those submissions in before midnight tomorrow!  Good luck!</b>

Hey there folks, looks like its time to roll out another contest!  I'm hoping we will be getting a better turnout than the previous, which was rather disappointing to be honest.  Anyway, without further a due:

:star::star::star:Contest Rules::star::star::star:

-The theme of the contest is based around what first interested you about national socialism?  Were there any experiences or events in your life that introduced you or sparked some curiosity about the subject?  We'd like to see some deviations that express/answer these questions in any form possible.  It could be a photograph, literary piece, painting, etc.  Just know that the submissions will be judged based on originality and effort.
-Your allowed to submit a maximum of 3 deviations for your contest submission.
-To submit, note the group with the subject title,"Contest Submission" with a link to your deviations before  11:59PM of the deadline.
-Contest deadline is: :star::star::star:May 9th!!:star::star::star:

Now, what do you get if you win?  Well self satisfaction for one, and we will showcase your deviation here on the journal page for several months.  However!  If I really do find a submission that I believe is deserving, I wouldn't mind purchasing a print for the contest winner.  Maybe that'll give you a tad bit more motivation.  Obviously if your a member here you have some reason behind your beliefs, I'd like to see you all share those beliefs.

Our dAmn chatroom: #ANSU.  Please take the time to stop on by and drop a few lines!

~Members List~

:iconhopelessfangirl: hopelessfangirl
:iconxerond: xerond

:iconvon-richthofen: :iconcolormefake::iconslinky643: :iconpsychodragoon: :icondrsatan1988: :iconbillypilgrim: :iconpse: :icongrisco: :iconder-sieg-des-willens: :icondamonlowe: :iconcoconut-kazutaka: :icondeathshead88: :icons3kt0r: :iconfuneraldirector91: :icongreatteacherkuri: :iconalimarie: :iconmoebius8: :iconnoctilius: :icontlouey:  :iconreturntovalues:  :iconrammsteineva:  :iconcrozuk:  :iconxvillex:  :iconmechanical-nucleus:  :iconj62102:  :icontessa-man:  :iconsullyswiccanorgy:  :iconnazi-wonder:  :iconspeiluhr:  :iconrikudrak:  :iconusernameerror:   :iconthunder368:   :iconnothingunusual:   :icondoomhammer101: :iconmileymm:

:iconhakumei: :iconrivetspoon: :iconreflection666: :icongolden-child: :icondraconian: :iconsmashingpumpkins86: :icontricki: :iconbiesty: :iconkornchester: :iconkakibonham: :iconbloodxpig: :iconbanzine: :iconraksha666: :iconthe-wall: :iconteufelkind: :iconkakibonham: :iconlepsyman: :iconillusions667:  :iconkhai87:  :icondefilerwyrm: :iconkaleidx: :iconvisionsinred:  :iconfunzo:  :iconcetanu12:  :iconeshe:  :iconxvillex:  :iconartofdeath666:   :iconaladrienerinzil:   :iconschindlerslust:   :iconnothingunusual:   :iconjohn-le-fucker:   :iconaniasdellilith:


:iconartpolitics:, a great community where art and politics come together. Moderated by illusions667 and komplexnous
:iconnational-socialism: another good community to check out!  

If you wish to reply to this community please take the time to read our FAQ and even the FAQ that we have linked to.  Most importantly though we ask that you yourself take the time to investigate and research anything that may spark your interest here.  You honestly shouldn't come across this page and automatically think its right or wrong.  Everyone should be able to figure out what is right or wrong for themselves.  Remember, you cannot decide what is right or wrong without being given all the facts, all the perspectives, and opinions.  Take in knowledge with an open mind!  If you are simply one in the majority of the people who have been educated on matters relating to this community via the media, standard education, or rumor we ask that you educate yourself.  Take the time and effort to understand the values supported by this community instead of flaming it without knowledge.  We encourage curiosity!  A great human instinct.  We also encourage that you ask any intelligent questions you have and we shall do our best to answer.  Thank you.

"Visitors to this page should be considered on notice;

The simple presence of this account is not considered a breach of policy.

The contents of the journal associated with this account may freely contain their political views and opinions.

No action will be taken against this account until such time that they breach policy in some manner.

Visitors to this page who insist upon acting in a hostile or abusive manner should expect administrative action to be taken against them.
" - realitysquared


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EternalKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't believe a page like this is real. You people are sick bastards who block out history to feed your own hate. It is for this that you are less than human.
Redfoxbennaton Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Race mixers have funny babys and are not nice ladys.
St1llat-1t Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
D:= Why I never....
zukeduur Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
wtf where is the revolution

we need to burn this shite
NikoGurl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Student General Artist
Xenophobic, much? Socialism got many innocent lives killed just for having a non-"pure" ancestor. D:

What IS your definition of pure anyway? America was actually formed by immigrants who took the Native Americans land for themselves. Following your principle, we should ALL be deported! :|
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