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Windows 98 Plus For Windows 7

Well guys, for the people that missed the old Windows 98 Plus! themes, I got these from my old Windows 98 and tried it on Windows 7. Extremely surpising that it worked. Extract the .zip folder and I've learned that you must keep the Plus! folder on the desktop for it to run properly. Otherwise, runs perfectly. Curently running the Nature theme :)

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How do i restore?

no funciona en windows 7 :(

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it works for windows 10 but not the taskbar and the icons but anyway it is very good!

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I want to try it on Windows 10.

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Did it work? I also wanna try it.

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pls dp the screen savers
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I wonder if this still works..
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It works perfectly on Windows 2000, my brother used it, but on Windows 7 it doesn't change the icons or wallpaper. You have to do it manually.
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Aside from not changing the icons or wallpaper (which will be no problem since i can do it manually), it does everything else correctly?
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Sucks it all works but the icons and wallpapers. You gotta do that part manually if you really wanna.
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Wow. Astonishing. It works on Windows 10.
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Lol. You're kidding, right?
Theres alot of themes missing, like Jazz, Cathy, Garfield and Fashion.  I have looked all over the internet but no luck finding them
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very cool and interesting indeed!
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It did work, but no longer worked later. I think windows update patched it. It just always crashes now.
this is can for windows 10 sorry my bad english
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I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and tried to apply the Windows Classic theme. But all it seemed to do was change my desktop wallpaper. The windows, taskbar, icons, ect all remain unchanged. And the wallpaper eventually cycles back to normal after a few minutes. Not sure what went wrong.
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Excellent. Thank you.
Well it doesn't work well in Win7 Pro 64-bit Spanish, updated patches: wallpapers won't be set, and in themes it clearly shows a black screen and when I apply the theme the black screen will be the desktop background, fonts won't be applied, cursors and sounds and font sizes will be applied, any suggestions?

I ran the themes.exe from a non-desktop location, them I copied the Plus! folder to the desktop and nothing changed, some things are missing somehow, but thanks anyway, I'll update this post if I find something on The Net.
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Love it, Thanks :) :) 
YAY THANK YOU but I have windows 10 can you make it for windows 10?
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As you can see on the tiltle, It says Windows 7
its for windows 7 users.
install Windows 7 on your device and try again
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