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Not a Brony Stamp

"I'm not a brony, I'm a [insert all generation logos here] fan."

I had the idea for this stamp recently, but I thought about not making it since bronies are starting to become irrelevant in popular culture. But since some brony on Youtube decided to resurrect one of my years-old comments on the subject, I figured I'd make it anyway.

I've said this before, but if you're new here, yes I draw MLP art and I like the show. But I'm not a brony. Why? Because I like ALL the generations, including and especially G3, which bronies love to rabidly hate at every given opportunity.

It's pretty much an unwritten rule of being a brony, that despite "love and tolerate" which was once the motto of the fandom, G4 is the superior generation and all the other generations are trash, ESPECIALLY G3. You might as well say the new motto of the fandom is "KILL IT WITH FIRE NOW!!!11!!1!1ONEONE111".

This is the main reason why I stopped calling myself a brony long ago, and why I refuse to associate myself with the official fandom group.

Reason #2: I should also note that I stopped really caring for the FiM show after Season 3. I still watch it just to keep up with it and see what they do with it, but I have really liked very few episodes from Season 3 on. It's honestly obvious that they're milking the show now and dragging it on for far longer than it should have.

If I had done it, I would have taken Season 3 (which had half as many episodes in it), take the few good episodes from the entirety of seasons 4+, let the CMC get their cutie marks, let Rainbow Dash get into the Wonderbolts Academy, let Rarity get her boutique, basically let all the characters complete their arcs, and finally, make Twilight a princess and do it RIGHT. Make it a two-parter episode and give it actual development instead of BOOM this happens, BOOM that happens, BOOM Twilight is a princess now. And with that, end the series and end it on a good note.

So TL;DR, I'm not a Brony because I actually love G3 and I respect, appreciate, and give credit to ALL generations, and to top it all off I'm just not that into the show anymore. The end.
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i've been saying that i'm not a brony/pegasister i'm a mlp fan and have been since G1.

also i hate the cutie mark crusaders cutie marks thay are so half assed. should have used the G3 marks for scootaloo and sweetiebelle and make one up for applebloom.

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Odd (but not new) for a fanatic to initiate such call-out methods. Though, the anonymity maintained when sharing your reasoning for creating the stamp does indicate that you were civil.

Most of my info about the MLP franchise was the merchandise, well, info-mercials. Infomercials would technically be part of my childhood...while confessing I never grew up to be a dedicated watcher of any show. Just a casual/an ordinary at best...
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Don't get me STARTED on how this fandom treats anything that involves friendship or technicolor horses. 
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I like all of them
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My list
Likes: G3, G4
Okay: G2
Dislikes: G1

Although without G1 the G2, 3, or 4 wouldn't exist
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g3 is pretty boring, but it aint bad. g2 is great, even though it only had toys and a pc game, but the toys were really cute <3
and of course g1 is perfect and i FUCKING LOVE IT to death. has better toys than any other gen tbh
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Seriously, I love G3 but their reactions to it are kind of funny
animeponyNintendo's avatar
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I agreed. The g3 bashing needs to stop. :(
animeponyNintendo's avatar
Too many bronies HATE it when I draw MLP chracters as something other than white, skinny, girls with big boobs.
They need to have their heads examined.
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If that "anything" includes ponies, I'm not sure they're even bronies... I think they're something of their own.
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As someone who grew up practically worshiping My Little Pony and who began collecting again as an adult in 2003, I feel this stamp on a spiritual level.  I love FiM and all, but as far as the pony designs go, G3 will probably always be my favorite, so I tend to resent and dislike bronies (in part) because of how so many of them seem to love nothing more than to shit on the G3 ponies and their fans while conveniently forgetting that if it weren't for the success of that line they wouldn't even have their precious, perfect G4.  And god-forbid that the show and toylines not pander to the bronies exclusively 100% of the time.  After all, they're obviously the primary target audience by this point and as such the show should only be trying to appeal to them.  Fuck the children who watch and adore MLP and especially fuck the fans of previous gens.  Clearly they can't possibly understand and appreciate the magic of friendship on the same level as bronies do.  Love and tolerate, y'all!  Unless you disagree with one or more of the brony tenets, in which case I hope you enjoy being doxxed and receiving poorly-spelled, profanity-laden threats.  Because My Little Pony is serious fucking business.

That said, I do realize that there are decent, kind and open-minded bronies out there, having met a handful of them, it's just that most of my experiences with that portion of MLP fandom have been...very unpleasant. 
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
You and me both, I've had a similar experience (my favorites being G1/G4 though I like G3) though I've made some friends in the brony fandom. G4 actually isn't perfect either, even the fans are noticing season 6 took a dip in quality, but hopefully season 7 will be better...

I'd say it's best to try to stay with the good parts and stay away from the bad parts if you can and call them out on it (plus unfortunately the whole "love and tolerate thing" is dead).
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While I myself will always view myself as a brony (albeit one who loves all generations), mostly due to my nostalgic and sentimental attachment to that fandom name, I fully respect this stamp, and anyone who chooses to use it.  I also respect that not every My Little Pony is a brony.
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You're a true brony. Emotipony Wink 
MJNSEIFER's avatar
Thank you.  ^_^
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'Brony' is just a term for creeps and perverts who want to make something marketed towards children about them.
MJNSEIFER's avatar
Not really.  That's just how the darkside of the fandom has made it seem.  I view myself as a brony, but I want the show to be about the target audience (children), and not me.  I ultimately love the show, because it feels like something I would have watched as child myself.
PinkieTane's avatar
It's a generalization, dude. Don't pull that #notatllbronies crap on me.
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Um, excuse me, but people have every right to use the "not all bronies" term, because it's true. Not all bronies are perverts or obsessed rabid fans that think the show should be all about them and not the target audience. I'm a huge brony, I watch the show regularly, look at fan art/fan fiction, attend the conventions, collect merchandise, and love when they pay tribute to us or listen to some of our suggestions. But even with all that, I'm not going to pretend we're more important than the target audience. You may find "Not all bronies" to be an overused term, but that doesn't make it not true.
PinkieTane's avatar
Lol I don't care. Please cry some more. 
SuperMarioFan's avatar
So, trying to make a legit point= crying? Didn't know that. That's news to me.
PinkieTane's avatar
hey, buddy. don't care. never asked. Bye 
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