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Artist // Professional // Film & Animation
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I mostly like to draw G3 My Little Pony, but I also like gnomes, and I also try to make my own original content. I'm trying to steer my trade more into animation, because my dream is to have my own Animation Studio. I've also started dipping into the realm of music and songwriting.

Disclaimer: Before You Follow

I am a Christian. This has never been a secret. If you don't like that, too bad. I've already been cancelled, sorry for your luck.

Pro-religious Content Warning
Christophobia Stamp

I am Anti-MAP/Fetish/Kink. I have ZERO tolerance for pedophiles, nor people who insist on dragging non-consenting people into their sex acts, nor people who sexualize non-sexual (often childish) things.

It's Still Pedophilia

I have ZERO tolerance nor sympathy for Narcissists. Having grown up under narcissistic abuse, I will NEVER accept the destigmatization of NPD/Psychopaths/Etc. Especially considering their response to the growing awareness of this type of abuse is to not call out the abusers in their circle, but to try to shut us up, gaslight us, and abuse us further.

Let's Get This Out There
Spanking Stamp
Animal Abuse Stamp

Yes, I was naive in the past. I really believed that if the people who were harassing me could just be reasoned with and educated, they would see the truth of their actions. But the reality is these people always knew the truth. They just wanted to be abusive for fun and say inflammatory things for attention. Me reacting to them, trying to prove myself and prove them wrong, only fed them more and more until it got as bad as it did. I bet you none of them genuinely believed the things they said they believed, they just got off to hurting people. In fact, I've realized many parallels between my childhood abusers and these types of people who harassed me online.

This is why, I will no longer respond to inflammatory comments. Comments trying to pick a fight over my faith, comments insulting me, insulting the things I care about, gaslighting me, playing mind games in debate, and any form of defending or enabling NPD or MAPs, Will be blocked and not given any further attention.

When I Block
That's Not What Criticism Is and You Know It
I Like What I Like Stamp
Anti-fans Are Always Worse than Rabid Fans

Finally, my art is Family Friendly and Christian Friendly. I will NEVER draw or accept commission for NSFW or anything that would go against my faith. That also means YOU are not permitted to sexualize my artwork.

Do Not Interact Thumbnail

Favourite Movies
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony (G3), The World of David the Gnome
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Whiteheart, John Elefante/Mastedon, Petra, Needtobreathe
Favourite Games
Furcadia, Pokemon, Minecraft, Roblox
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, Inkscape, OpenToonz, Vegas Pro
I've finally put up an official commission price list on my website!
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I think I'll be switching from Gimp to Clip Studio. Gimp has been falling short on me. Clip Studio isn't free but at least it's a one-time payment and I've been really happy with it.
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Okay I just realized DA has been totally garbling up the quality of all my images. That... really bothers me. It takes a LOT for me to deem a site unusable... and this might just do it for me.
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I could have sworn I was already watching you, but apparently not?? :shrug:

Oh well. Watching for the amazing G3 MLP art!

Have you ever read this fanfic? It's a crossover of G3 and G4 MLP, and it defends G3 for change.

I just wondering if Twilight Sparkle meets Rose from Filly Funtasia. She feels like childhood and innocent.

Wonderful happy energy emanating from your work.

hi Anscath,its been sometime hasnt it? i hope you are doing well and that you had a safe and joyful holiday.

if i may ask, do you still take requests for stock art of cannon-character cutiemarks?

there are a few mlp related projects im working on involving base-art im creating for several characters and having their cutie marks would help.

puzzlemint ( the one i need the most)


silver glow

Zipsee,tra-la-la and tiddlywink


and the core 7 ponies

Merry Christmas! Christmas Tree

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