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Arctic Dream - 2018 Redraw by AnScathMarcach Arctic Dream - 2018 Redraw :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 15 4 Draw This Again - 'Arctic Dream' by AnScathMarcach Draw This Again - 'Arctic Dream' :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 7 0 Razz - The Reppies by AnScathMarcach Razz - The Reppies :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 4 8 G3 Ink Drawing - Art Diary by AnScathMarcach G3 Ink Drawing - Art Diary :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 14 4 Angry David Vector by AnScathMarcach Angry David Vector :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 8 2 Mushrooms - Art Diary by AnScathMarcach Mushrooms - Art Diary :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 5 0 Hard Love - Digital by AnScathMarcach Hard Love - Digital :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 12 2 Oh My Heart - Art Diary by AnScathMarcach Oh My Heart - Art Diary :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 5 0 Kissing Gnomes (T-Shirt) by AnScathMarcach Kissing Gnomes (T-Shirt) :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 9 2 Sculpey Garden Gnome by AnScathMarcach Sculpey Garden Gnome :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 1 0 Dancing Minty (Animation) by AnScathMarcach Dancing Minty (Animation) :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 97 22 Ireland Inspired G3 MLP Background by AnScathMarcach Ireland Inspired G3 MLP Background :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 16 0 Wacky Floors by AnScathMarcach Wacky Floors :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 35 8 Gusty the Gryphon Model v1.0 by AnScathMarcach Gusty the Gryphon Model v1.0 :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 6 2 Grandma's House Patch by AnScathMarcach Grandma's House Patch :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 35 6 Animation Types Stamp by AnScathMarcach Animation Types Stamp :iconanscathmarcach:AnScathMarcach 48 5


Join the Waiting List for DeviantArt Eclipse

Thanks to the efforts of AriBanks and her supporters, you’ve gotten a glimpse of DeviantArt Eclipse. So now you probably want in? We’re stoked that you want access to the new redesign and to experience DeviantArt in dark or light.

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Northern Lights Tutorial by CrystalDraeron Northern Lights Tutorial :iconcrystaldraeron:CrystalDraeron 157 17
August Monthly Challenges!
Artists: Produce a Negative Space drawing
Writers: Write a Journal entry from either your point of view or a characters point of view. (Be sure to name and give the characteristics of the character if used)
Dreamers: Build an NPC AI. This can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be however, the NPC must be able to answer questions and hold a short conversation. Do not use command lines to make the NPC respond. Example !Yes or !Hello.
August Points
Artists: 3 days a week
Writers: 4 days a week
Dreamers: 3 contributions a month
Submissions: 3 points
Owner(s): 2 total additional points
Posts Worth: 3-5 points
August Artists: 15 point days
August Writers: 19 point days
August Dreamers: 3 point days a month
Point Bracket
Minimum All: 3-5 points
Mid Tier Artists: 30-44 points
Mid Tier Writers: 30-56 points
Mid Tier Dreams: 6-8 points
High Tier Artists: 45-75 points
High Tier Writers: 57-95 points
High Tier Dreamers: 9-15 point
:iconmusekings:MuseKings 1 3
For King and Country by nebulardrip For King and Country :iconnebulardrip:nebulardrip 6 2 Trying to figure out the new MLP movie like... by Farthingale Trying to figure out the new MLP movie like... :iconfarthingale:Farthingale 79 9 Rising Sol by Earthsong9405 Rising Sol :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 2,546 38 Rescue at Midnight Castle by xkappax Rescue at Midnight Castle :iconxkappax:xkappax 421 119 Girafarig Beta by StePandy Girafarig Beta :iconstepandy:StePandy 332 15 ...they will always have a place in my heart by AnimagicWorld ...they will always have a place in my heart :iconanimagicworld:AnimagicWorld 24 10 Needtobreathe by nebulardrip Needtobreathe :iconnebulardrip:nebulardrip 4 1 NEEDTOBREAHTE Stamp by SerenityDragon70301 NEEDTOBREAHTE Stamp :iconserenitydragon70301:SerenityDragon70301 7 3 Another Witty Comeback Stamp by SilentRisingSun Another Witty Comeback Stamp :iconsilentrisingsun:SilentRisingSun 16 5 Sky wishes say Hey by JojoDaggerback Sky wishes say Hey :iconjojodaggerback:JojoDaggerback 8 7 6-9-2018 by AUGdrawpile 6-9-2018 :iconaugdrawpile:AUGdrawpile 7 6 Watercolor Brushes by Stalcry Watercolor Brushes :iconstalcry:Stalcry 1,261 89

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Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Lord of the Rings Fan Stamp :iconda--bogeyman:dA--bogeyman 504 0 Pro-life stamp by Myn-Anthony Pro-life stamp :iconmyn-anthony:Myn-Anthony 182 558 Pro-Life Stamp by jball430 Pro-Life Stamp :iconjball430:jball430 841 2,425 Conseravtives arent the only one by ZoeyHedgie453 Conseravtives arent the only one :iconzoeyhedgie453:ZoeyHedgie453 57 25 My Comeback by SionnaDehr My Comeback :iconsionnadehr:SionnaDehr 130 177 can you say strawman argument? by Colliequest can you say strawman argument? :iconcolliequest:Colliequest 210 0 Pro-Life feminist stamp by Xarti Pro-Life feminist stamp :iconxarti:Xarti 206 808 Fetus, Not Parasite by SilentRisingSun Fetus, Not Parasite :iconsilentrisingsun:SilentRisingSun 136 200 Christian democracy by DanileeNatsumi Christian democracy :icondanileenatsumi:DanileeNatsumi 252 35 Magenta Eyes - Stamp by Natsu714 Magenta Eyes - Stamp :iconnatsu714:Natsu714 555 260 My Little Pony by TigerStarcatcher My Little Pony :icontigerstarcatcher:TigerStarcatcher 200 36 G1 MLP isn't that bad - stamp by Quacksquared G1 MLP isn't that bad - stamp :iconquacksquared:Quacksquared 286 210 Protect MLP Generations Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Protect MLP Generations Stamp :iconcocochipoorocks:CocoChipooRocks 568 268 Hate's a-ok on ebil christians by Ramen27 Hate's a-ok on ebil christians :iconramen27:Ramen27 217 383 Who's the bigot? by Ramen27 Who's the bigot? :iconramen27:Ramen27 532 546 Christian by NaujTheDragonfly Christian :iconnaujthedragonfly:NaujTheDragonfly 1,975 978


Would you buy "Bella Sara" cards if they came back? 

10 deviants said Yes
8 deviants said I wouldn't/couldn't buy them but would love to see the fad come back
2 deviants said No


AnScathMarcach's Profile Picture
Samantha Davis
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
My Youtube Channel

My TeePublic Store

Not a Brony Stamp by AnScathMarcach I Don't Spam My Thanks by AnScathMarcach
Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Inkscape User by firstfear Stamp - Flash User by firstfear

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Irish / Gaeilge Language Level Stamp --Int.-- by Mistful-Moons Hindi language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Gaeltacht (Borderless Stamp) by AnScathMarcach

My username is Irish Gaelic for "The Shadow Rider" and it is pronounced "on skah MAR-kah". An Scáth Marcach

anscathmarcach My main blog.
Typical-AtheiSJW An atheist parody blog that turned out to be a feature blog for actual terrible things real people have said about Christians.
actual-kittens-against-ddlg My Anti blog (Anti-MAP/Anti-Kink)

Art Blogs:
AnScathMarcachArt General art blog, all of my art will be uploaded or reblogged here. May be hidden from safe search due to a false flag, but is 100% SAFE.
Scáth's Ponies My Little Pony art only
Galacticats Posting Galacticats progress

**Unless noted as "Free to use", You may not copy, trace, repost, modify, remove signatures, use any aspect of, or claim any art by AnScathMarcach. Posting outside of DeviantArt with the intent to share is permitted as long as credit and a direct link to the original is included.
HOWEVER: You are NOT permitted to share, display, or use my artwork, even with proper credit if your account/blog/page/website is dedicated to, engages in, or in any way supports or glorifies DDLG, Littles, MAPs, Pedophilia, Fetishes, Kinks, or any manner that sexualizes my family friendly artwork.**

If my artwork is found on any of these sites and used in this manner, it is subject to a takedown request or otherwise reported.


Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach Pro-religious Content Warning by AnScathMarcach
Yes, I am religious (Christian). If you hate religious people (Christians), then don't watch me. Watching me and then complaining about me being inspired by my God or posting my views is just plain stupid. You were warned.

If Atheists Hate Me This Much... by AnScathMarcach Christophobia Stamp by AnScathMarcach Religion-Bashing by Chiminix

Thinking about doxxing me?
Go ahead, try it. It sure worked out well for this guy.
You'll never find me, and if by some freak instance you manage to do so, I WILL get you arrested and/or take the necessary measures to defend myself, and you'll only end up as another head on a pike just like him.

Yeah, there's a lot of people after me. Despite what anyone tells you, no, I do not and have never:

  • Stalk/hatewatch people
  • Track down/doxx people's personal information
    • (I have an IP tracker to tell when I'm being stalked and by who, and to give any info to the police, should my personal life be threatened)
  • Report/take down secular art
  • Want all non-Christians to die
  • Reporting every non-believer to the FBI just for not being a Christian
    • (I have only ever reported someone for finding where I live and threatening my life. If you don't do that, then surprise, you're safe)

If a guy who says he's a Satanist with aspergers and has 666 in his avatar and/or in his username tells you any of these things among others about me, he's a stalker who has been harassing me for several years and is still going at it. See more information Here. He is block evading and ban evading, and has countless sockpuppet accounts. Just ignore him and block him on sight, and don't be an idiot and fall for his BS.

Don't believe everything people on the internet tell you, kids.



Well. The day is here. I'm officially a college graduate.
DDLG Kinkster views my page and blocks me:
Bye Felicia by AnScathMarcach
Knorr Rice Sides: Fried Rice Flavor
A hefty spoonful of peanut butter
A couple drops of sriracha
Would you buy "Bella Sara" cards if they came back?
10 deviants said Yes
8 deviants said I wouldn't/couldn't buy them but would love to see the fad come back
2 deviants said No
Exciting news, next month I'm finally moving out and getting an apartment! 

Oh, and also I'm GRADUATING!

Even better news, now my stalkers have to start all over. New state, new job, new everything.




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Gleemerz Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2018  New Deviant
Do you still do things with Furcadia patches or port pictures?
cloudkicker89031 Featured By Owner May 28, 2018
You thankyou for standing for g3 mlp thankyou to me I liked it. quite frankly grew around g3 mlp as a kid. Now years I love thankyou)
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Apr 25, 2018
Anyways, how's life treating you so far, AnScath? :)
SparklerofEquestria Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sooooooooo... a request for an Amazing Grace cutie mark vector, if you're not too busy?
MickeyMouse000024 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Do you take request
AnScathMarcach Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Professional Filmographer
I'm pretty sure you've asked before, and I told you that I only take requests for Canon G3 My Little Pony cutie marks. Custom OC cutie marks and other artwork must be paid for.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Oops, I accidentally posted a comment on your profile when I meant to post it as a note to you. :(

My bad. :(
SparklerofEquestria Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Soooo... if I may make a cutie mark vector request??
AnScathMarcach Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Professional Filmographer
Sure, I've got a few commissions going on but I'll see if I can find some time
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