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Fairy tale

Snow reads the book of fairy tales.

(c) 2004, Corel Painter ver.8, Original Size: 4500 x 4500 pix.
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© 2004 - 2021 anry
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So much Cuteness I want to hug it >w<
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This is so damn cute. I'm writing a fable for my blog about a black cat and a white cat. Would you mind if I featured this in my post? 
So adorable!!!!!
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Well I am so happy I finally found the artist to this adorable pic. A long time ago I used this character as my own for an little RPG. I used to call it "Kiki the Magic Fox"... I feel so sorry right now, because it´s one of your characters and I did not really care about that fact. I would feel bad if someone would just uses one of my OCs for thier own without asking.
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Aww he’s so cute man if this creature was real I would die from it cuteness 
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I remember tracing this when I was 7 oof
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Круто, офигенно вообще 10/10.
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Hey we have featured this amazing artwork on facebook.
Check it out!…
:happybounce: Heart
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this character reminds me of ori. other than that great job
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Heh, this picture predates Ori by about ten years.

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I like the books that stand there
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This is sooooo cute!
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I seriously love this so much. I love the lighting and the colors you used. I love how you designed the book and made some of the pages look crinkled. I love how you made the bed look so soft and comfortable. It makes me just want to jump into the picture too and look at the book of fairytales. This has a really nice mood and I like your style! Thanks for sharing this!
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2004 ? Wow thay's pretty old... and yet amazing
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This is the cutest thing ever :love:
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That‘s so cute i love it and i like the details in the background. Nice artwork :D
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chain mails are fake
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