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Hangover, The Mighty Beer Dragon


After painting few beer cups from a big illustration I am doing I became too bored to go on with the artwork (and keep the quality). Yet I was really pleased with how that material and colors came up.

Therefore I decided to make a little Beer Dragon...

...I called him Hangover.

2hrs, lots of fun, C&C is more than welcome =)

Oh, you can see a small step-by-step Here!

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That is beyond cute. Its amazing as a concept. I would love to see that character in a movie
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I can see a series coming out of this...Wine, Whisky, Saki etc!
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Oh, wow! I love the fluidity and translucency!
I'm just wondering: Is it bubbles or drops?
In case of the latter, you should also add some dark spots in the drops to show refraction. That way it looks even more glassy!

I was doing a glass study in charcoal:
Charcoal study by shiMusa
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dude i need to get drunk now, for science Giggle 
wjLohmemes's avatar
save me a gallon 
Aquarithyst's avatar
If I saw dragons made out of beer, I don't think I'd ever drink beer again lol not that I even drank it in the first place anyway. XD
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Interesting concept.  What Ripto hates after a night of heavy drinking.
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He looks so happy to see me. I know it's a trap. There will be consequences. Can't resist.
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so cute :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Internet is a magical place.
DorotheeWittstockArt's avatar
I get thirsty. So cute little fellow 
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Cool, yellow to transparent and the bubble
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he is cuteee !!!
PURPURC4T's avatar
Cute! I love the texture !
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Satan's mighty steed (well, Satan from The Simpsons at least)
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That is a great idea and amazingly done too. And now there should be also a green dragon - BadTrip, The Nasty Weed Dragon.
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