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Day Nine: Mo-Eyrrar

By Anritco
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Day Nine: Mo-Eyrrär (relic - dungeon reward)

"(...)After the trials into the cave of the non-winged dragon I've found my sad and dishonorable fate... That mythical creature wasn't killing for nothing. That creature, 'She', was protecting an egg of her, her own child. I will never be forgiven for what I did, but I will take in charge and look after this fire borning creature, as a reminder of how terrible I was. As a reminder of how I was the villain this time(...)"

You can find a HUGE version of this painting right here!

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Discription sad great drawing
kalyanjyoti's avatar
buddy found u finally, this is soooo amazing
havent seen this in fb or insta.. its new isnt it??
AlecSilvaa's avatar
Hi, I found this image being used on a cover of a literary project in Brazil and I was in doubt if the publisher has authorization, as there are recently many copyright issues because of publishers using images without the artists permission.

I do not know if it's your case, but I'd like to alert you anyway.

Big hug.

And sorry for bad English.
WritterInTheArtHat's avatar
Aw, it's so cute. I love the glow and the shadow of the baby dragon inside. Really well done.
Anritco's avatar
Thanks a lot!
armouredart's avatar
Anritco's avatar
Thanks a lot!
Dragoniiia's avatar
This is cute! ^.^ 
Anritco's avatar
Thank you!! =)
losromanos's avatar
amazing n beautiful ;)
Anritco's avatar
Thanks a lot Victor!
UltimateDesktops's avatar
Cool! Well deserved! :deviation: :+favlove:
Anritco's avatar
Thanks a lot my friend :3
Anritco's avatar
Spin-T's avatar
Hi !
it is so realistic ! at first thought it was a photomanip from a movie or something but... this is breathtaking ! 

just curious : how did you do the green effects on the shadows and the decomposition of light on the egg and the dust particles? it looks just...real !
Anritco's avatar
Well... the green effects on the shadows were painted green-gray since the beigining and once I finished everything what I considered to paint I applied a color correct and hue/saturation as well (and as I always do for doing the final corrections -levels, exposure, gamma and curves too-) There s where the general corrections comes. The decomposition of light is pretty simple, you can practice with that: take a Ctrl+C from the whole thing, paste in a new layer, select one of the three channels (green, blue or red) and also with a general selection just move it around or apply a transform and make it bigger or smaller selecting with Alt+leftClic the center where you want the focus of the whole image. 
And the particles are just round brush and a biig scatter. Some dots bigger some dots smaller and then apply a gaussian blur where you want to make it look closer or farther.

I hope this help you... if not, feel free to ask again and if doesn t work at all I can make a little tutorial for this stuff, it s actually pretty simple =)
jlewenhagen's avatar
This one is really great :)
Anritco's avatar
Thanks a lot buddy =)
emimartinic's avatar
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Haha, me alegro mucho!! :D
fanastyfinder's avatar
dawwww this is too cute!
Anritco's avatar
blackcatmd's avatar
Very well done!
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