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If given the choice
If given the choice, I am not ever chosen.
If given the choice, I am left alone, frozen.
If given the choice, I will never be first.
If given the choice, I am always the worst.
If given the choice, I am just second best.
If given the choice, I am worse than the rest.
If given the choice, I am always alone.
If given the choice, I have no real home.
If given the choice, I am not #1.
If given the choice, I guess I should run.
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Mature content
Tabitha's Journal :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0
How I would Introduce You In a Novel
"The first time I saw the man, he appeared a very stern figure. He seemed to have a sense of experience about him from years on the battlefield. He spoke with a constant twinkle in his eye, as if to warn everyone around him he wasn't as old as he looked. When I asked him his name, he said "Aster. But most people just call me 'Asshole.'"
"She had a tired look about her, but only enough to let you know the trials of motherhood. Her eyes betrayed her youth and playfulness, and she spoke with excitement as soon as I told her my name. 'I remember you!' she grinned. 'That was a fun night, wasn't it?' I couldn't remember what she was talking about, but I nodded anyway. Her mood was infectious."
"Despite her small stature, I could feel the energy behind her smile. She gave me a toothy grin and held her arms wide. 'Welcome! I'm glad you could make it!' I'd only known her for a short time, but I felt completely relaxed around her."
"Having never met her, I was a bit nervous shaking her hand. She
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 Dealing with people is strange.
    Dealing with angry is strange.
Challenging a belief you once
         held close to you when it proves false?
Why does the rage follow?
      What happened to make you so wrathful?
     Have I challenged your way of thinking?
   Have I challenged the very fabric of your being?
 Have I challenged you?
Open your eyes.
Open your mind.
Expand your narrow view.

You are still you,
so why are you angry?
Do you wish to remain small
against the big world?
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Aeryn to Aradia
Born Aeryn of Glaisdale, a shepherdess in the plains, she enjoyed a quiet life until she reached the age of 23. At this age, she wandered a bit farther south with her herd one day and found herself an audience to a marching Roman army. She did not approach them in the moment, but left her sheep and followed them for a time. When night fell, she made her way toward the camp and was almost stabbed by the guards who heard her approaching. Seeing her bright eyes of curiosity, they answered her question of where they were from, and one word reached the legion command, they invited her in for a moment.
The commander, Koenarvs, was a pleasant fellow, despite her originally unwelcome intrusion, was intrigued by her intense curiosity and told her about the legion. She immediately requested to join, despite her inexperience, which she made up for in enthusiasm. Abandoning her shepherdess duties, she joined and trained hard so she could assist her comrades in their battles, both on and off the fi
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Decreptor by Anrisa Decreptor :iconanrisa:Anrisa 1 0
The Day the Earth Fell
         I remember it well - the day the earth fell.
         It began to crack at the same time as the steam power entered, but no one too notice. The machines continued to grow bigger, being used for many purposes from automation and crafting. More and more grew and grew. Heavier and heavier they grew, as did the cracks.
         Solutions were proposed, glue and cement was attached, but it only provided a temporary fix. Still more and more machines were created, and more cracks appeared.
         Protests were staged as people began to take notice. But it was too little, too late. Screams of people falling into crevasses were a common sound. Loud creaking was like the noon bell as the earth began to crumble.
         Then the day came when it could no longer hold itself.
         It began as a loud groan as the earth gasped in pain. F
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Tunic by Anrisa Tunic :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0 Dat butt by Anrisa Dat butt :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0 Wolf y wolf by Anrisa Wolf y wolf :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0 Some Pig by Anrisa Some Pig :iconanrisa:Anrisa 1 0 Apis Worker by Anrisa Apis Worker :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0 Elf Fighter by Anrisa Elf Fighter :iconanrisa:Anrisa 2 0 Cordierite by Anrisa Cordierite :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0 Moe Moe Moe by Anrisa Moe Moe Moe :iconanrisa:Anrisa 7 4 She always cheers me up by Anrisa She always cheers me up :iconanrisa:Anrisa 0 0

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Oh, hello. There's still people here?
Do not worry, fret, run, or fear.
An update for you, to those that have eyes
to still read my works and see undisguised
what creative things follow from hands that are mine.
Somethings that have happens have kept this from mind.
Working for money, and working for goals;
working for other things you shall soon know.
Am back going to the place of great learning
for better improvement in career as I'm yearning.
Writing a little, drawing a lot.
Keep eye on this page for updates you've sought.
Many of things I have not of posting,
but many of sketches I have, not for boasting.
Perhaps I will do this later of time,
but not as of now, as I've run out of rhyme!
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