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Scientific Pantheon: Chien-Shiung Wu


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As a former student of biology and history of science, the topic of women in science is one that is near to my heart. These three portraits feature three 20th century women scientists who made lasting contributions to their fields: Barbara McClintock in genetics, Grace Hopper in computer science, and Chien-Shiung Wu in nuclear physics.

The idea of a pantheon isn’t limited only to figures in traditional mythologies. Famous figures in modern times, when present in our collective consciousness, can also form their own pantheons. With this project I explored the roles of prominent 20th century women scientists: the symbols associated with them and their work, the larger-than-life nature of their accomplishments, and their contributions to their respective fields.

[nuclear physics] Chien-Shiung Wu was an experimental physicist and one of the leading experts in her time on beta decay. She is best known for conducting the Wu experiment, the results of which contradicted the then-widely accepted law of conservation of parity. She was also a respected professor.

Part of a series of 3:
Scientific Pantheon: Barbara McClintock by anqilaScientific Pantheon: Grace Hopper by anqilaScientific Pantheon: Chien-Shiung Wu by anqila

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Good morning friend, So Amazing!!.

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I love this series, you did such a great job!

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The way you block in the face with the simple range of colors/flats is really awesome, it's so subtle and effective!
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Thanks! Someone did point out that the dark noses did make them look kind of drunk so, uh, got to watch out for that. 8);
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