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You can get them shaded like Cute Girl, or like my regular pieces
Saturn Pups
Prices may vary depending on the traits you pick, but a basic pup is 20 :points:
Simple Shaded Full-Body
Describe what you want, and I'll draw it for you.
Detailed Full-Body/Basic Background
This is stuff with a lot of detail, i.e. Artemis' outfit, Choro's eyes/hair, or with a basic background.
Minimalist Phone Backgrounds
These only cost so much because holy HELL they take forever to make! But they look really nice in the end!



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Hey! I'm AnOverworkedAngel, welcome to my DA page! If you haven't checked out my tumblr, you definitely should! I post some art on there too!

Find me on discord, my tag is Queen Nerd of the Universe#7559 ! I love to chat!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


The Story

Three years ago, nearly to the day, King Asgore was approached by a peasant monster. Her demeanor was kind, and her intentions seemed pure; she merely wanted a place to rest until a wound she had received had healed and she could return to work. The King, being the kind soul he was, took the peasant in, and cared for her in her supposed time of need.

Over the course of the next year, even after her wounds had healed, she continued to visit King Asgore. The King, very grateful for company, split open like a clam to her, revealing everything to her. She made it so easy for him to, being empathetic and kind, and offering him help with everything, keeping him from being overwhelmed.

Eventually, the peasant struck. With enough knowledge about the King and the ghosts of his past to kill him with mere words, the peasant revealed her true nature. She struck in the night, and quickly overthrew King Asgore, sending him nearly dead banished to the Ruins, taking his crown and his place. With her newfound place as queen of the Underground, every kind thing King Asgore had done seemed to disappear. The monarchy became a dictatorship. The Underground was plunged into a civil war.

Now, the monsters serve Queen Asema out of fear. Nobody has found Asgore, or even his old spouse Toriel. The Ruins are guarded heavily, and nobody is allowed past. But a glimmer of hope arises when a young human falls in...

The (Main) Characters


The protagonist. While they are male, they use they/them pronouns. Frisk is incredibly selectively mute, and very fluent in American Sign Language. Their SOUL starts of red, but over the course of the REBELTALE story, it can change gradually to black or white depending on their choices (see the "Story Elements" section later on).


The ghost of Asgore's adopted human child, they strive to put Asgore back into power through the protagonist. They try to lead Frisk down the path they will believe will get their father back into power. They have no known SOUL color, as they rarely showed it even when alive, but rumors have it Toriel knows.


When he was killed by humans in a misunderstanding, it seemed that after a little while of mourning they moved on - with the exception of his parents of course. As a ghost he watched their marriage fall apart due to his death, and his mothers' fleeing to the Ruins. He is bitter and resentful, and wishes nothing more than to have his revenge one way or another.


A torn being, figuratively and literally. Though he started out as a DETERMINATION experiment, things quickly grew out of hand when the ghosts of Chara and Asriel began to try and use him as a vessel if for nothing more than to speak. Without a SOUL, Flowey is powerless to stop it, and it leaves him incredibly weak and wilted.


A kindhearted motherly figure who wants nothing more in life than to return to the way things used to be. She left her husband after the death of their child, but willingly opened her doors to him when he came to her nearly dead from injuries.


The overthrown King of the Underground. To this day, he is still injured from his battle with Asema, and while he wants to regain his rightful throne, he is in no shape to do it alone. He has developed severe trust issues after the incident with Asema, and he uses his trident as if it were a cane.


Assimilated rather forcefully into Asema’s army, Sans is one of the guards tasked with preventing entry or exit from the Ruins. He is worked to the bone (literally) every second, and his armor isn’t exactly the lightest, or warmest, thing to wear. Easily won to the protagonists’ side, unless they kill Papyrus.


Alongside his brother, Papyrus was forced into the Royal Guard. At first, he was so overjoyed he could hardly believe it, but soon realized his life would be a walking nightmare. Despite his brothers’ attempts to keep his spirits up, Papyrus has gone from an innocent, happy-go-lucky skeleton to a brutal killer with few qualms about taking life.


The old royal scientist scattered across space and time. Not much to say. When he appears, they say not to look, for fear he would take your life.


Undyne has long since run from the royal guard. When Asgore was banished and Asema took power, she was chased from her position. She took refuge in a small, often overlooked side cave in the Waterfall, and heads a small group of rebels in an attempt to find Asgore again. Though thus far they have been unsuccessful, she does everything she can to keep morale up.


In a world where her work no longer has limitations, Alphys has become even more of a secluded hermit than before. Monsters who wander around the Lab often go missing, to never be seen again. When confronted and fought, she will release her “projects” - with the exception of her prized Mettaton, of course.


An amalgamation of both monster and machine, Mettaton’s existence is a rather gritty one. As a way to keep the morale of the Underground up somehow, Asema has forced viewings, whether on TV or in person, of the various stages of his development and learning. While he knows it’s impossible to separate the amalgamated form he has back into the monsters it once was, he will fight to keep himself alive at all costs, including saving Alphys right before the player could make the killing blow.


When the civil war began, so many spiders were trapped away from one another. Muffet has worked herself day in and day out in an attempt to save them, and while typically tired, is always ready to fight to protect herself or the spiders she cares for dearly.


A literal wolf in sheeps' clothing. Asema is cunning, cruel, and heartless, and will stop at nothing to get her way - even willingly take the human SOULs. The story revolves around rebelling against her, either getting the monsters to join your cause in rising up, or killing those who cross your path as her followers.

Weird Story Elements


In REBELTALE, the color (or, rather, tint) of a human SOUL can change based on actions they perform. A black SOUL means that the human in question has committed unforgivable sins, while a pure white SOUL means that they have been incredibly good with intentions and have done nothing but help other people. This only applies to humans - the monsters, while their SOULs are white, are largely ignored, though some very few outspoken humans have theorized that their SOULs are white because they are the purest of heart. Often they are ignored.


Sometimes, the protagonist can ask for advice from Flowey, whom they carry in their bag after meeting them at the beginning of the game. Chara and Asriel will both speak through him, giving their opinions on what should be done, though doing it often drains Flowey immensely.


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