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Little Girl

Just some girl. I don't know who she is at all, but I found this picture at [link] and I just thought she was cute and she has beautiful eyes..
So I drew her.. :)
I'm not completely happy with this drawing, because it's a little bit messy..
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PENTAX Optio S60
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Oct 10, 2007, 3:08:45 PM
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This draw is amazing
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Sooo, I have a request.. One artist to another.. My sister is very into art and drawing and I was wondering if I could get you to draw her 2 daughters for Christmas? I draw to but I am terrible at people. If not thats cool too. :) Thanks!
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I'm sorry, I got requests before but I never took them because I simply don't have the time to draw, I'm a college student and I have a lot of deadlines coming up so I won't be able to draw at all :( But thanks a lot for asking me, it's a compliment! :)
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That's totally fine! :) Thanks for getting back to me! :)
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*burst into tears* that's no fair, I can only draw simple stuff like this:[link]!
Anyways, anyone know where I can find a really good tutorial video on color shading?
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Aww, just keep practising, I did that a lot too, you'll get better everytime! :) I can't help you with the tutorials, don't know any...
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wow! so... delicately captured
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Beautiful! ;D

Haha, I'm drawing this picture too! ;D
He's almost finished. ;P

It's very funny to see it made by someone else! XD
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Haha thanks :) Yes, I know the feeling, a lot of my drawings have also been drawn by someone else. It's always weird to see one of your works drawn in a different way ;p
Djoefie's avatar
Hahaha yeahh.. ;P

It's almost finished, so I'll send you a link, if you like? ;D
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Yes, that's okay, I really want to see your version of it! ;p
Djoefie's avatar

This is my version, haha. XD
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cute indeed.
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Wow, I drew that kid too yesterday!
But this one is perfect.. when I compare mines with yours.. you will cry XD
AnoukR's avatar
No, just keep practising, my first drawing was a real disaster! ;p
But thanks a lot! :hug:
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OMG! It's gorgeous! :D
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you´re welcome! :D
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I love it.!! her eyes .!! :dance: :love:
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Thanks a lot ! :hug:
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if i were you i would be extremely happy with the drawing :D can't see what you mean by "mess", it just looks great. and you're right - her eyes are beautiful ...
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Thanks a lot! :hug: What I wrote about the mess back then, seems a little exaggerated now. There were just a few stains on the paper that I was always focussing on :) (probably because I had been looking at the drawing for too long)
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