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Yep, another old painting. This one was a failed commission of somebody's OCs. I guess it's alright if i upload it here, since the deal dropped long time ago.

EDIT I'm asked pretty often if i can sell prints or license this piece. But even though the deal went off, the characters and environments were based on the client's detailed description, so i prefer not to reuse it for other purposes.
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This looks good!
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Beautiful .Almost a family atmosphere
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Found your pic thru a backward image search because it's showing up all over the internet.  Sorry about the failed commission.  The D&D crowd love this.
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Hi. I would like permission to use this illustration in a book. Thank you. Greetings.
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I feel the atmosphere of tavern! It's wonderful. 
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Hey man, nice work... I use this for a music video made by me... if it's non problems...…
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Looks like something of Lord Of The Rings.
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This is a really neat picture. Lots of action and emotions throughout the picture. I love all the detail throughout the tavern!
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Hey, could I use this in a board game I am making? I may eventually pitch the idea to Wizards of the Coast and would like using art with people's permission. I may end up asking this on many of your photos.
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Fantastic Artwork!
Hi I was wondering if I could use this Image for a header for my small DND community wedbpage. we will of course credit you on the first page! Its a great painting and really captures what we are going for! 
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A Great Scene, I used it in my GM Screen for a while to get my players into the mood. Hope that use is OK?
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perfect! E' come io lo immagino :)
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Nice! I love the colors here :D
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I like the atmosphere of the tavern =)
(poor pig)
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hm I was wondering if I may use this artwork in a scenario I am making on an open-source game called Wesnoth
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yeah i guess i really can enjoy this piece, alot to see
Good Work :)
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I love this painting!

Is there anyway you'd let me use it for my Youtube video? I'd definitely give you credit and give you a link to it. Thanks!

Derek Fiechter

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So nice!


Ciao from Italy and from… Le Marche (Which is the name of the land where I live)
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