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Soul keeper

I am sure that somewhere, in a computer game or a fantasy novel, this title has already found another use...

*edit: I have followed the suggestions received in some comments and made some minor changes. I hope it's slightly better now :-?
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reminds me of Storm from the X-Men
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so beautiful. look at that detail u are an amazing artist.
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... breathe-taking...
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Nice idea and good execution! I like it!!!
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You have been featured here.
I hope that this is OK. :hug:
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fantastic! wow! love it!
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Amazing, the tons; I can see the work in this windows.
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Great job! I cant even imagine how you work something like this without sketching first. Thrilling!
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This is awesome work!
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Bloody hell that looks awesome.
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excellent work! :)
beautiful background , incomplete foreground..
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Thanks! yes, the foreground could use a little more work..:)
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Wow, really nice work! I love the colours you used and the atmosphere is so peaceful and calmful while the subject... is not :P

The only thing I'd like to critique is that her legs look a bit wonky. The one in the front has an odd shape, a bit like a pear. I think her butt should be higher up and the top of the leg should be slightly convex. I could be wrong now, just something that looked off. The other leg seems to be attached to the body at a weird place. If I imagine where it is behind the leg in the front, it emerges somewhere at her chest :P In this position, her thig should rest on her calf and the butt should rest on the heel. Of course this would give her a more rested pose and I'm not sure whether you want that. Maybe moving the rest of her body upwards instead would work better? :confused:

Anyways, it's a great piece of art, I'm especially in awe by the translucent cloth and the organ pipes - very well done!! :clap:
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Thank you for the comment. This drawing is old by now and i'm aware of the numerous mistakes in it. I think it wouldn't worth to try to fix it, because there are too many things i don't like about it..perhaps i'll paint it again from scratch :)
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You're welcome. I hope you don't mind I critiqued it, I didn't look at the date it was submitted ^^;
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No, no, i don't mind at all, on the contrary :)
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Amazing work. Love the background architecture and the contrast between the upper part of your work (almost gentle and angelic) and the lower part (eeks!). Very well done!

My website: [link] and [link]
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