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Lil' mermaid 2

:star: P R I N T: [link] :star:

This one is old too, done back then with the other version:
I'm digging up oldies because everything i've done in the last half year is traditional media, so until i'll borrow a camera i can't upload anything new.
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- Can I use it in my cover wattpad? I'll credit you!.
I love your work, I would like to be able to buy a digital copy of this drawing in high definition to be able to print it for me, at a size of 48 "x 33"
How sad, I really love your paintings, have you tried to use PhotoZoom
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Thank you! I have some prints for sale here, but unfortunately the original file is not big enough to print at that size without pixelation.…
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magnifique, également !
hi… i'm under the impression that this painting is from the 19th century right?…… do you happen to know the artist who've painted it? thanks so much for your time and help
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I've painted it a few years ago, it's all digital, made in photoshop. I have prints for sale if you're interested :)…
Awesome work dude... Can I use your image for a Web Page that i am doing? I would cite all your work in the credits and link back in the description, that's for sure!!
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Gorgeous. Makes you wonder if she's thinking about luring those poor, unsuspecting sailors to their doom with a song.
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This was used on the cover of a book on tape that I listened to.  Here it is on amazon:… I hope they got your permission! 
I absolutely love this.  
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This is gorgeous!
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An absolutely gorgeous work!! :worship:
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This is a fantastic image. Brilliantly done!
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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You're welcome.
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Gorgeous! Beautiful gallery too Love 
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