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Facial features construction(cyclops tutorial :D)

Not my method, i picked this one over the years, can't remember where. Someone asked me for a sort of construction cheat sheet and i made this. Thought to share it, in case anyone finds it useful.

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Thank you so much! This is so helpful
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If you look at the eye, nose and mouth to the right it kinda makes up an alien face all together lol. Very helpful though
reminds tutor with owl :D
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oh my god its a cyclops
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Thanks so much! This is fantastic! :-)
 (As of course is your art, but I bet you hear THAT all the time!!! :-) )
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Very concise tutorial :)
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I especially like the nose.
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Humm.. never tough of that.
Nicelly done 
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Nice, solid construction here!
However, I don't know if one really needs these circles at the first step. They reflect some of the geometry behind these facial features, but it's not defining. (except the eye, of course).
I am, myself, not a pro, but from the books I saw, they seem to start with large volume blocks or boxes, not flat circles. (except for the eye, again) In case of this tutorial that would be step 2.
Anyway, that was useful, thanks! :)
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Yes, the circles thing is not meant to be a precise construction method, it's more like a cheat sheet to help visualizing the basic volumes when shading. Again, i didn't invent this method, i found it somewhere (somebody suggested Loomis books in a comment, i think they might be right) and it has been a helpful trick for me.
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Cyclops tutorial - haha! :P 
Thanks a bunch for this
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This helped me so much ^^ 
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Helped me alot. Thanks a bunch get some 
This is fantastic! I'm going to try this exercise right away. Thanks so much!
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i tried it and it worked like a charm thank u so much 
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I laughed my butt off when I saw the words "cyclops tutorial". ;D
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Finally!It seems people don't see the words and they are still pointing that out as if it's something unexpected :giggle:
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The nose and mouth parts are really clever.
Definitely gonna try those out some day. Thanks for sharing mate.
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