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Magic Knight Crowley, card for Guardian Battle game.
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Stunning, I love the detail of seeing her face in the space between her arm and sword, beautiful
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Very nice details, superb drawing.
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superbe travail Bravo !
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very impressive work!
Wait, isn't she Portia from immortals? ( a card)
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Guardian Battle is the Japanese title of Immortalis, but they're the same game. I think it must have been the same with character names, or perhaps Crowley was just a provisory name for the description.
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Oh. I searched Crowley for Supernatural, and this beautiful piece comes up!
Nice! WOW!
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Very beautiful!!
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um....its beautiful....she jist needs more CLOTHES.....
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:headbang: :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme:  :squee::squee: Great Artwork :squee::squee:   :stupidme::stupidme: Amazing :stupidme::stupidme::stupidme::stupidme:  :stupidme:
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Beautifully crafted :-)  The colours, vibrancy, brightness and energy of the picture are simply stunning :-)
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I really like the color choices for this piece. Gorgeous and bright. <3. Lovely. 
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This is beautiful. I love her facial expression--kinda like, bring it on, bitches. :-)  And the lighting in this is lovely.
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Thanks! This one took me a lot of time, but it was a bit of a breakthrough at the time.
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I find this work
it's fabulous
you work with what?
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i love this one very much!
the white and gold clothes are soo beautiful!
the armor is soo amazing!
love it!
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I don't think that armor will do any good in terms of defense but looks sweet!
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wow! amazing.. I mean the light and pose and everything. Great job
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