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Too many people have stolen my designs and posted them to littlemonsters.com. I have no choice so from now on I would put a watermark on all my upcoming design. Thanks for your understanding. Love you guys!

[EDIT] I am so tired of people stealing my work and taking all the credit. Feeling completely disheartened now. :tears: Well, it feels great to be recognized, but it is seriously unbearable to see someone taking all the glory. Sigh.

[EDIT 2] So apparently someone wasn't happy with me and begin to accuse me of stealing my OWN work. This is a mad mad world. I am really exhausted of shitty people. :no:

PS: I am ph°l on littlemonsters.

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Idk if she has your permission or not (I doubt that she does) but she took some of your dresses >>> barasuishou3

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of course she did not! it is funny how my dresses just don't look right on winx!
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I knew it! Haha I know right! As soon as I saw those dresses I knew they didn't belong to her and that they were yours haha
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I am sorry *hugs*. You do have ways to prove that it is your work right? can't you report them?
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OH MAN, that thief is fucked up. i feel for you. i hope you get the credit you deserve! i know you deserve it!
I had this problem: I put my speudo: Behind all my pictures: my drawings are now on a background or my name is everywhere in writting shifted:

I'm writing the first line normally: and I shifted the 2nd line of several letters, and even shifted the 3 rd, further shifted the 4 th row, etc ... give it here: a sense of gradual shift: the text is increasingly shifted to the left: and I'm writing re gaps (so the words remain legible'm writing). you see when you look from afar like diagonal stripes, behind the image.

my solution is not the best. I was very upset when it happened to me: and I stayed two years without seeing my work is that it be. I had to show it again. but now I no longer shares the integrality of my images: only selected tracks.

there'll always be people unhealthy. You can report them. .

You can also deposit your pictures: to intellectual property.
(In France this organization is called INPI)
Institute Nationnal For Intellectual Property

I suppose that this organsime exists in all countries
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This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I'm not a member of littlemonsters, but is there an Emal address or something I can spam the hell out of to get your name out there as the rightful owner/artist?
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:( karma will find its way to that heartless brute.
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When I first started out, I didn't watermark my stuff, but then a friend found out that someone was cutting and pasting my designs onto bases and stuff and claiming it was theirs, so I began slapping my name over everything. :(
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this is the reason I dont post my designs online, however, a friend once told me that peope can steal your work, but they can never steal your talent and creativity, don't ever feel disheartened, just be more careful
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Sorry to hear this is happening to you. I hope it all gets sorted out soon. :(
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If I spot them, I will let you know.
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I know that feel, and this also makes me disappointed. I have no idea, why do these little trolls make these kind of jokes. It's not even funny or anything like this. Be sure, that if I'll ever see you designs stole I will send you an alert.
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i understand how u feel, my designs got stolen too
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Shouldn't you say that you made those designs or something? So people KNOW those are your's? (As in, comment on the picture of your stolen design and link it back to here so you have proof, etc... etc...)
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I did but they are all being deleted. :no:
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This guy is evil.
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It's ok, I'm already grateful enough that you are sharing your work 8D
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As long as your work is protected from those people.
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I think you have every right to watermark your designs, especially when you know that others are stealing them. I still look forward to seeing your designs, they are all brilliant :D
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