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It is almost Christmas! 
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oh lovely colors!
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I would LOVE  wear this dress. xD
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<font><font>PIĘKNA ♥.♥</font></font>
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I know you probably did not mean to do this but the dress kind of reminds me of a pencil, and your title for it is number 2.... See what I'm getting at? But anyways, it is beautiful. The black cascading into light, and might I say that is a beautiful yellow! Most yellows are hard to find if you want something special, but you sir, have found the perfect type for this dress.
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Sorry it's the yellow that's "cascading" into the black. Hehehe o.o'
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Oh, that is beautiful. Kind of reminds me of a comet or the sun and outerspace. :)
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This piece is especially breathtaking. It reminds me of the sun in space. I love it.
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Oooooh - a lovely dress!
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It made me think of a supernova. Very nice.
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I wish I wore this for my senior prom. 
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Woah, I want to wear something like this when I go to the Prom... 
It's so pretty! ;D
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*.* j'aime trooop
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beautiful, it sparkles and glows
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I need this to be real
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I love it <3 *o* 
Want to wear it :3
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hnnnn I would totally wear this dress if it were real! -strokes dress- This is so pretty QoQ
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Gold and black really match together. :dummy: I like how it was designed.
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