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It is almost Christmas! 
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wow. amazing.

Vision: Very good but I just feel that it is slightly hard to see black lines on a charcoal background. Also, maybe the holly leaves and berries (if they are a different type of plant, sorry!) could be colored less boldly. It makes it look less like fabric dye or pattern and looks like it is too real, so maybe a more shaded effect? Shading is amazing though.

Originality: I'm guessing this is a Christmas-y design with the holly (or whatever they are), but I like the way it's presented with (in my opinion) a kimono-like style, even though there are two separate pieces. It's nice. Sorry if you feel like there could be more here, but I am a FAILURE at this shiz. >.<"

Technique: Shading is perfect it gives the sheen of a satin/silk fabric and I love how you can see slight sparkles on the skirt. Once more, that is all I can say as I stink at the middle two rating thingies.

Impact: Finally, amazing, amazing, AMAZING. But I still am having some problem. With the style of your croquis (if I spelled it wrong or used the wrong vocab, a thousand pardons, as I am pretty new to the fashion world) it is hard to tell if the sleeves are pinched or not. That's about it. On the better note, it immediately strikes me as glamorous with a minimal touch of the "ugly sweater" shape, but in the utmost means of compliments!!! Once again I revert back to the sparkles. They add that little "wow factor" just to set it all off.

Overall: I would give a five star review if it weren't for the holly (or whatever in the world that plant is - it is holly isn't it? ISN'T IT?! - The suspense is killing me! ; )) being so bright. I get the idea, but it wasn't carried out too well. I wouldn't fade it though, maybe just darken the colors slightly. Also! The background! Choose something a tad bit lighter, 'kay Phil (Can I call you that?)?

Thanks for letting me critique!

P.S. I wouldn't mind any self-advertising while I'm at it. I've got cheap commissions everyone! Haha, it's really nice though. beautiful. Keep on the awesome work Phil! (I think I'll call you that whether you like it or not XP)
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I love all your ideas. :) A little golden accent would by nice. 
But that could be done with jewelry. Keep it up! :)
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wow this is really beautiful :heart: 
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thanks a lot, sweetheart! :heart: