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here you see the most glamorous design I have ever designed. :D hope you like it.
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i have rated this quality piece of art in a way that i think is fair it has queality, style, grace, and is a beuty beyond my comprehension. when i first saw it i new that if this dress were real and i were old enough to get it i would and i would wear it to my prom and this is true i know that you are an amazing designer and one day you will be blessed with the job of making your designs this is the finest design i have ever layed my eyes on it is the perfection of deviant -art thank you for reading my critigue and i hope it was helpful
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This is a brilliant, beautiful dress that everyone would want if it were sold in a shop! It is a bit like a mix of a few kinds of dresses. The bottom as one of the poofy dresses, the middle as a beautiful, sleek and skinny dress, the arms and above as a veil dress. Right when I saw this I wished it could suddenly spring out of the screen and I could see it as a real dress- a sparkling, magical dress that would be fit for a goddess. I hope others notice it's absolute beauty, and perhaps one day make it real someday! I love how the dress is folded into a unique pattern, and the most important thing of all, is that the dress sparkles, not only literally sparkles, but sparkles inside with beauty. Perhaps I mentioned "sparkles" too much, but really, that is something that makes this dress special.
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the color are so intense! so beautiful just like a gold nugget :O
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I am  crying now !!Gorgeous Heart
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thanks for the support! :rose:
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Amazing colors, just brilliant.
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I love these colors :OOO It really is amazing :B Glam all the way xDDD
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God! I can't take my eyes off this
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Striking work as usual. I like the approach you've taken towards presenting a more messy, sketchy, less controlled piece of work. It really brings out the flow of the fabric and the character of the dress further. One of my favorites from you thus far!
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Like it?! I love it! AHHHHHH! HOW DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS?!?!?
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love the colours xD
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Well this is just gorgeous :D
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Very elegant and chic!!i love it..can see her descending on the grand staircase!
Wow Phil, this is beautiful! This could definitely fit into a collection with your panoply dress. It's somehwat of an aquatic theme translated to evening wear. You're definitely improving as a designer and this mermaid dress is proof. I think you should make a collection. If I had to choose a name for a collection with this dress, it'd probably "Aqua Maria". Do you want to be a fashion designer? I do, and once I'm successful and famous, I'd love to hire you!
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Thank you so much for the compliment and all other critiques that you have given on other of my designs. Your support is endlessly appreciated. It would be an honour if you would hire me one day. I do not even know how to sew. :D
It's a pleasure for me to offer you the compliment. I appreciate your humility as well. I don't know how to sew either, but I start college this year and I'm going to major in business and fashion design so I hope to learn everything I need to know soon enough.
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Thank you! So are you. :aww:
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