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Welcome to AnotherContestGroup's FAQ.

Do you want a quick overview of the most frequently asked questions sent to ACG? Before messaging us with your query, check here first!

FYI. You do not need to thank us for letting you join this group!  Everyone is welcome and we auto accept all watchers/members/affiliates. :love:

Here's a guide for the most common questions. Simply scroll or Ctrl+f (Command+F for Mac) to the number associated with the answer (ex. the answer to Q04 is A04) or by clicking on the green-colored numbers on the left-side of the corresponding questions below.

Quick Guide to Common Questions

01. What does ACG Mean?
02. Does ACG have a chat room if so what's it for?
03. What does LCEM mean?
04. Where are the contests?
05. What do those codes and emoticons beside the contest mean?
06. What is the ‘Winners Package’ and how do I get it?
07. When is the Winner's Package feature posted?
08. I was told you are featuring/promoting/listing my contest. What does this mean and how will it help me?
09. So how does this work; getting my contest featured I mean?
10. Can I advertise in the comments?
11. Why do the emoticons cease from showing up after a certain point in the blogs?
12. What is "The Wall"?
13. How do I become staff?
14. What about points payments? How do I get them?
15. Is there a quicker way to find a contest?
16. Will you promote my; raffle/points lotto?
17. Do you promote off site contests?
18. What is this "poll feature" and how do I get it?

Want to know simply how to start a contest? A couple of great resources are here!

Individually Host a Contest

Host a Contest As a Group

General Contest Tips


AnotherContestGroup's FAQ


What does ACG mean?

A01. ACG is an abbreviation of Another Contest Group.



Does ACG have a chat room if so what's it for?

A02. Yes the chatroom is available to all deviants (staff and none staff) as it is for discussion regarding ACG (such as Live Chat Event Meetings) and general based conversation also.



What does LCEM mean?

A03. LCEM stands for 'Live Chat Event Meetings' and more information about that can be found here.



Where are the contests?

A04. You can still use the journals to find contests, but you can also try out our new directory here: Contest Directory
Click the "Journal" tab at the top of the homepage, and feel free to browse freely through the listed journal entries (Note: They are out of order) or select a specific time span in the custom box on the right.



What do those codes and emoticons beside the contest mean?

A05. Those are part of the system we use to tell the user theme, prizes, and other information about the contest quickly. The meaning of these can be found at the top of every journal hosting contests, but will be linked here for your convenience.



What is the ‘Winners Package’ and how do I get it?

A06. Note: Deviants blocked from the group can not receive the Winners Package.

The Winners Package (WP) is guaranteed to offer your placing winners at most a month long journal feature, exclusive admittance into our gallery to be seen by hundreds if not thousands of our watchers, plus a llama for your winner.  Due to the popularity of our Winners Package, we have made some adjustments to not only improve the quality, but also lessen the burden of organizing and posting it.  As of July 2018, the WP is now available starting from your 1st placer up to your 3rd placer, but not for honorables, runner-ups, "best of" something, etc.  If there are no major placers, like in smaller contests for example, then that would be the only time the WP will apply to "best of" something, etc.

Some members and staff offer items such as llamas, features, and art as prizes, but we do not guarantee your winners will get them, and we have no control over whether those that offer prizes will give them out. We can only guarantee the feature of the winners in our blog and be entered into our gallery collection of “Contest Winners”.  Also our “Contest Winners” gallery is displayed in slideshow on both our main page and our journal area page.

The WP is submitted in a journal every month on Friday. Donations are encouraged for the use of the WP to help the group maintain Super Group status :nod:

:bulletgreen:Steps to Getting the WP:bulletgreen:
1. Request the WP via note to ACG while your contest is currently active. Add the link of your contest in your note.
2. After being confirmed, add "Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup" into your prize list.
3. After your contest has ended send the group a new note listing your contest winner announcement journal. That journal must have the winners and their winning pieces featured.
4. Read below for other requirements and restrictions

:bulletgreen: The contest host must be a member, or in a group's case, an affiliate with ACG
:bulletgreen: The request for the WP must be made by active contests BEFORE the end of the contest by note.
:bulletgreen: Any winning entries that do not abide by dA or our rules or are missing a Mature Content feature when needed based on dA's guidelines will not be included in the feature.
:bulletgreen: Your contest announcement should have the winner(s)username and winning piece, if these are not included, only the information that is available will be included in the feature. It is far too time consuming to search for the winning works if they are not clearly indicated. Furthermore, runners-up and honorable mentions will not be featured.

If your contests meet the requirements, then add it to your list of prizes (“Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup”) and then when your contest ends send us the results, also in a note, and we'll will do the rest! (Please know that the host, not the winner(s), of the contest is to contact us.) If you have any other questions regarding the WP, please send a note to ACG and not the personal accounts of staff, co-founders, or the founder.

If you want to get both this Winners Package and the poll feature, please send two separate notes/requests to help us keep track of things.



When is the Winner's Package feature posted?

A07. Our "Winner's Package" Feature is usually posted once a month, but there have been exceptions.



I was told you are featuring/promoting/listing my contest. What does this mean and how will it help me?

A08. Simple, when we list contests here it typically helps get more exposure for otherwise under-advertised or non-advertised contests. With over 8,000 members you're bound to get someone to at least see your contest if not enter it.

As for the purpose of the group it's easily accessed in the bar at the top of the homepage in the "Group Info" drop down window. But it will be posted here for convenience:
"Due to the amount of neglected contest groups I am living in hope that I could create this to reconnect people and contests throughout dA. This group will also be playing host to some of its own contests... " - missimoinsane ACG Founder

In short, we're here to help your contest get seen. :nod:



So how does this work; getting my contest featured I mean?

A09. You can now submit your contest to our new directory on your own! See this deviation for downloading the application and instructions: Submit Contest Application

Alternatively, you send us the link to your journal that contains the contest information ( which should include host of the contest, theme, medium, deadline, and prizes), and we will list it for you according to deadline. Please send only once via note or profile comment. This is completely for free and we ask nothing in return, but donations to ACG-PointsDonations are always welcomed. You could apply for the 'Winners Package' and/or take a look around the group and/or you could watch/join us, but that is optional as it is not required that you do anything. :aww:

We require that all contests have a deadline. If you add a date ending even as late as next year we will be happy to feature it and then if you wish to change your end date you can inform us by note. Please be sure to include the original date it was listed under.

Note: We do not list contests ending inside of a week (6 days or less).



Can I advertise in the comments?

A10. Generally speaking, no, but when you send us a message in the comments such as "I'm holding X contest that ends XYZ; here's the information: [link] Can you post it please?" you're already advertising. However, coming back to the page every 3 days or so to post the same message is prohibited.



Why do the emoticons cease from showing up after a certain point in the blogs?

A11. That is an issue on the part of deviantART. From what we understand there is only a certain amount of space that can process the information to make the emoticons appear. For the most part many of the entries retain their emoticon indication, so the system is still partially effective. Also, we rid our journal of contests almost daily, so those that previously did not have their emoticons showing, will be able to as fewer contests are present.



What is "The Wall"?

A12. "All Staff Requirements” was renamed "The Wall" due to its lengthy content.  This is the information we require deviants to read before becoming staff so that they know what the job is, how to perform to the best of their ability to keep the group running successfully and what is required. The Wall is now publicly available here



How do I become staff?

A13. Simple, just read the "All Staff Requirements" information and then send a note to missimoinsane and tell her you're interested in being staff of ACG.  (Please do not note the group as you will only be told to send a note to missimoinsane thank you).  She will then add you to the staff at the first available chance she has and create your starter pack.



What about points payments? How do I get them?

A14. Points payments are only awarded to our staff.  It seems as of late there has been quite a lot of confusion with deviants thinking if they send in contests to us they will be rewarded with points however this is not the case.  We offer points payments to our staff for the work they do.  If you’re interested in this then send a note to missimoinsane for applying to be a staff member.  Please be aware that these points come from ACG-PointsDonations. We are, in part, completely dependent upon donations to provide payment.



Is there a quicker way to find a contest?

A15. Yes! Press "F3" key OR press "F" key and "Ctrl" key at the same time it opens up browser search bar (this definitely works in Firefox and Internet Explorer for Windows- I am unsure about other browsers and Operating Systems!)  then search for a key word 'eg: OC' and it will highlight anywhere in our journal where ‘OC’ is listed.  Please note not all OC contests may be listed and entitled OC it is something we’re working on!



Will you promote my raffle/points lotto?

A16. No. Consult deviantART's policy here: FAQ #894: Can I run a lottery, raffle, sweepstakes or other random drawing or game of chance through my DeviantArt account? Furthermore, we do allow contests that have a giveaway as a component. For example, if you have a literature contest that has a raffle for the first 100 entrants, then we will still list your contests because the giveaway isn't the point, and no one has to pay money/:points: to enter. We don't, however, list contests that are giveaways or raffles only even if the entrants don't have to pay anything to enter.



Do you promote off site contests?

A17. No, well least we would prefer it if we stick to deviant contests held here on dA as this group is about promoting deviant contests on deviantART (well ok it's not just about that it's about trying something new, being creative, learning, achieving, seeing great art and much more!)



What is this "poll feature" and how do I get it?

A18. We are running a poll feature; which means we will promote your contests exclusively in our poll (as a poll feature) for a minimum of 48 hours on our main page and in our poll history thereafter.  The feature costs a minimum payment of 75 dA :points: to ACG-PointsDonations.  Guaranteeing more views for your contest.  Additionally if your contest is not already being promoted in our journals it will also be added to our journals!  For more information on this please see the Poll Feature Information

If you want to get both this poll feature and the Winners Package, please send two separate notes/requests to help us keep track of things.  

:iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
If you wish to have a contest featured in our journals (it's free) please send a note OR comment to the group and the staff will get it added a.s.a.p.
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MissFlowFlame's avatar
Is the winner's package for the 1st place winner only? Or also for 2nd or 3th place winners? (if this is in the guide, sorry! I missed it)

Edit: never mind, I found it! sorryXD
EatenRibs's avatar
the contest prizes are donations to thegroup or only the person who holds the contest has to provide them?
kunehoGod's avatar
If the contest owner is a person, only the person who holds the contest has to provide prizes. If the contest owner is a group, then prizes can come from donations to the group. Other people can also donate prizes to both contests of course.

:iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:

stephaniescarlet's avatar
Would I be able to make a comment on the front page or maybe even have a journal up for a contest idea? I'm planning on making a cover-up of a tattoo that I have on my ankle, which is my current watermark, but I would like to change the design. I'm planning on letting the prize for first place to be between 30-50$, but I would like to know first if it's a contest a lot of people would be interested in, so I would like to make a journal in a couple of contest groups first before I decide whether it's a contest I should hold or not.
kunehoGod's avatar
Hi~ I saw you posted a journal on your own page about this already so you're all set. Hardly anyone ever reads our front page comment section, really, except maybe those who want to advertise their own stuff. I asked random people outside our group about this before so I know. Harsh, yeah, but that's the truth. Anyway, submit your journal to various ads and contest groups. Advertising-Anything, Classified-on-DA, Contest-A-Day, and Contest-Finder are just some. There are hundreds more like them. Some ads and contest groups require membership before submitting to their gallery, while some do not. You just have to look. Remember to use a catchy title so you'd get people's attention.

On most contests I've encountered, participants are more interested if there's free art involve in the prizes. But it's not just free art, but there has to be a lot of free art from other artists, not just from the contest host himself/herself. And also, the hosts have a lot of friends, watchers, and dA groups that they are a member of. You have to be a "chatter" in order for people to notice, but not so much that you begin to annoy them. Smile and communicate. Get people (especially those famous people), to donate free art for your contest. That's how it goes.

:iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
stephaniescarlet's avatar
Aaah thank you so much for the help, I'll check the groups you mentioned and look around for similar ones!
kunehoGod's avatar
Updated ^^ Thank you for telling us!

Heart~ :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
kunehoGod's avatar
Thank you very much for telling me. However, I would recommend sending a Winners Results note directly to the group itself so we can officially have it on our database ^^

Heart~ :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
LacrimareObscura's avatar
Thank you for telling me. I sent the note. ^w^
LacrimareObscura's avatar
No prolem. Thanks a lot! ^.^
kiwi-damnation's avatar
What does one receive if they win the Winner's Package?
Kp-Cx's avatar
See #06. of our F.A.Q :)
CRUMVIII's avatar
Quick question since I can't see it (or may have skimmed past it). Does the WP only apply to the winner of the 1st prize or also the 2nd and 3rd?
kunehoGod's avatar
The WP is now available starting from your 1st up to your 4th major placers but not honorables, "best of" something, etc.  If there are no major placers, like in smaller contests for example, then that would be the only time the WP will apply to "best of" something, etc.
CRUMVIII's avatar
Thank you for the info!
Pl-e-a-s-e's avatar
What should I do if I extended a contest?
Missvirginia's avatar
Just let us know and we'll update it for you! :D
Pl-e-a-s-e's avatar
Okie! Where should I tell you? Can I say it here?
Missvirginia's avatar
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