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4-01-11: SCUMM Sonic

This was my April Fools day image for this year. The idea was that Sega and Telltale games had partnered together to create a Sonic game in the old LucasArts SCUMM engine (Day of the Tentacle, etc.), based on the Archie Comics series. The reason they went back to the old SCUMM engine was explained away as "We're riding the retro fad like Capcom did with Mega Man 9." I even went so far as to try and replicate Tracey Yardley's art style, but it didn't really come through once I shrunk it down for the sprite. Doesn't help that either I draw crookedly or my scanner scans crookedly, either.

I'd link to the story, but unfortunately my boss deleted all of our April Fools stories without telling us, and I didn't bother to save all of the dopey phony press release stuff. A friend came up with a great name for a Telltale employee I was "getting quotes from". She was called Stella and her full name was actually an anagram of "Telltale Games".

I even made up five bogus episode titles, which were, as I recall:

"A Blast From the Past"
"The Grass is Always Greener"
"The Secret of Angel Island"
"I Am The Eggman"

The third episode was intended to be a riff on "The Secret of Monkey Island". The general idea I had was that the game would start with a recap of the Saturday Morning Cartoon and over the course of the season would update everything to be more in line with what the story is like in Archie Comics today. Of course, in my bogus story I went so far as to say Sega and Telltale were already talking about Season 2 for this series and were even in talks to Adventure-Game-ize other Sega properties, most notably Shenmue.

You know what's great? The fact that April Fools essentially lets me write stupid fanfiction like this and not feel like a huge tool for doing so.

I wrote a big ol' blog about other game hoaxes I've done over the years, if you're interested in reading:

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I Feel that it'd make more sense if Telltales made their Sonic games more like SatAM/Archie and call it "Telltale's Sonic the Hedgehog®" or just plain Sonic whatever. it'd be more fun if they made season one, and you can get more episodes of the game for free as a part of an update.


Sonic's Family
Snively Robotnik (keep him related to Eggman as part of his own Extended Family)
SatAM/Archie Elements
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A Telltale Sonic game would be interesting, but it would have to use a different, more modern engine. You can only run so much with nostalgia. I mean, remember the last time Sonic went "retro" with Sonic 4? That failed miserably.

But I doubt SEGA would let them make a game based on the Archie comics. They seem determined to not let others mess about with their "perfect" franchise. Well that, and the comics kinda suck.
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Man, I wish this game was real! :(
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Hmm. Did you use ScummVM to play this game like Pajama Sam?