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WELCOME! And Some Rules.

Hey there! We are honored and glad to have you visit/join "Another-Pony-Group"! This groups is made to support only the good content that comes out of this still-breathing My Little Pony fanbase. We're talking good content, okay?

Here at Another-Pony-Group, we're just another pony group. But get this-- we're transparent about our goal: showcase great MLP related content. Fullstop. No clichés or vague platitudes about how we're family or whatever. We're all strangers (and at best) decent friends. But we're all artists and consumers of art. So lets just be real with ourselves and post some good pony content!


We may be a group that loves and supports My Little Pony; FIM to the highest extent. But there are a few things we will not be allowing here.

:bulletblue: NO PONY CREATOR OR TRACING: Every deviation to be submitting must contain so form of personal effort. In other words,Pony-Creator "art" will NOT be permitted for submission here. Same goes for traces of other's work-- either from the show itself or other artists efforts. We know when you're tracing, fam. We always find out. Don't post your crappy traces here.

:bulletblue:MATURE CONTENT: Mature content IS, in fact, allowed here. Gay, straight, solo male, solo female. I don't give a fuck. DeviantArt itself sure doesn't seem to give a damn about NSFW or suggestive content so have at it.

:bulletblue:HAVE FUN:You're here to post your awesome artwork. Show it off. Live a little. People like your stuff. Unless your art sucks in which case your sucky art probably won't be featured in our galleries anyway. Hope you enjoy you stay at yet another goddamn Another-Pony-Group!

Gallery Folders

Blaze the shadowbolt by JedaySkayVoker
My twitter anniversary by JedaySkayVoker
Picnic surprise by Trickate
Small gift for my love by Trickate
Original Characters
[R] Prince Sunflower by TheBenAlpha
+ Plush Commission#7 2020: Starforce Fireline + by LionCubCreations
+ Plush Commission#8 2020: Crimson Chin + by LionCubCreations
[Project] I have some problems by TheBenAlpha
Twilight Sparkle
Armoured Twilight Sparkle by dragonpriness
[GIF] Twilight Sparkle - Cutie Mark (!epileptic!) by TheBenAlpha
Just Twilight by TheBenAlpha
Twiggledy by Th3iPoDM0N
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash by Quakittyquak
'Rainbow Splash' by MidnightFire1222
Dashie - 2 by Th3iPoDM0N
Beats me by kuren247
[GIF] Fluttershy - Cutie Mark by TheBenAlpha
Cute Sight by fajnyziomal
Beats me three by kuren247
Fluttershy (s) in Ms-Piant by sallycars
[GIF] Apple Jack - Cutie Mark by TheBenAlpha
Applejack x Soarin' foals by EveryAlternateEnding
Beats me two by kuren247
Soft and Sweet Applejack by Hucklberri
Pinkie Pie
I'm smilin' big by TheBenAlpha
Beats me five by kuren247
Pinke Pie Meetup In Ms-piant by sallycars
[GIF] Rarity - Cutie Mark by TheBenAlpha
Beats me four by kuren247
Seapony Rarity by illumnious
Seaponirar by illumnious
Fanfics and Comics
[CS] See my wrath by TheBenAlpha

Mature Content

Driven Up Against the Wall (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
Bone Pone Funnies #22 by Eskerata
Summer Sorrows (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
A Light That Never Comes by Haiikhal
My World by Haiikhal
Knockout by Haiikhal
Wonderful Tonight by Haiikhal
Pamper,Worship and Spoil Me by kuren247
Ditzy Doo, Derpy Hooves
Another On Time Delivery by Th3iPoDM0N
Princess Cadance
Anthro princess Cadance by imyouknowwho
MLP and TMNT - You'll Be Safe With Me by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Other Background Ponies
Spike Wolf by MlpTmntDisneyKauane
Princess Luna
Luna : Queen of Equestria by Tales-Fables
Princess Celestia
Princess 'Sealestia' by MidnightFire1222
I dunno where to post' SORTING FILE
Chrysalis Bust by Rariedash
Humanized Anthro Ponies
A Songbird in Hand (Master Q Parody) by meiyeezhu
Commission: Terraloo by bokkitoki
The Wonderbolts
Spitfire has a new challenge! [Comm Reward] by Darksly-z
Other Supporting And Background Characters
Potion Nova In Ms-paint by sallycars
Multiple Characters
Tickling fillies ~ by Shoggoth-Tan
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Cutie Mark Commandos by Stupchek
Attractive Stallions
The work has to be done (Patreon reward) by Yakovlev-vad
Starlight Glimmer
Glim by Esfelt
Student Six
Simply Silverstream by Duskie-06

Newest Members

Last time I wrote a journal entry in here was days before my 17th birthday. That would seem like a trivial detail to mention but when elaborate further it would explain this harsh little detail-- I was absolutely cringe incarnate in mid 2013. So, yeah, this group was born out of cringe. And then life started battering me. Over and over and over again. And now I'm kinda less cringy.

It's been 7 years. It's _current_year_ and we're still here somehow! Despite all the bullshit that happened in my life in between when I first created this group and now, I am still in-fact running this place somehow.

So. Let's... keep doing it, I guess? There's a lotta great artists out there that deserve to be MVP featured in here. And, of course, there are lot of TERRIBLE artists that will never be featured in here because their art sucks and they should feel bad.  Alas, this is DeviantArt and there are bound to be crappy artists that want to mooch off of groups' goodwill. Fuck 'em. This place is for good artists only-- on the basis of my own shitty opinionated threshold of what is good and bad art. They can show of their MSpaint garbage elsewhere lol.

And hey, I turned out to be a pretty a'ight pony artist myself! So may as well exploit this group for my own personal gain! *dab* (I'm sure I'll find this journal entry just as cringy in another 7 years.)
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We like pony art. And we want to feature your good pony art.
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To Support Everything about the MLP fandom

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