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  • Listening to: Jazz & french singers
  • Reading: Le projet Starpoint tome 1
  • Playing: Shining Force II
  • Eating: Pastas
I - English
II - Français.


I - This time i will make it in a short way : Happy new year 2018 ! :la: :hug:


II - Cette fois, je la ferais courte : Bonne année 2018 ! :la: :hug:
  • Listening to: Electonic, jazz & rock
  • Watching: Strange movies !
  • Playing: Hitman Absolution
  • Eating: Sandwichs actually. :/
I - English
II - Français.


I - Hello dear happy deviants ! How are you ? :)
I'm sorry to be not so here on Deviant Art.... Actually I prefers to be on Instagram.
I'm addicted to Instagram ! :la:
And also I have noticed that I put all my new stuff there and not here... Sorry ! Sorry ! I'm still on DA by the way but just to let you know that i'm more and more activ on Instagram. So... Don't hesitate to find me there !


II - Salut chers joyeux deviants ! Cha va ? :)
Désolé de ne pas trop être sur Deviant Art... Je me rends compte que je préfère être sur Instagram.
Je suis devenu accroc à instagram ! :la:
Du coup je poste plus trop de nouveaux trucs ici... Désolé ! Je reste sur DA hein mais c'est juste pour dire que je suis bien plus actif sur Instagram. Donc, n'hésitez pas à me retrouver là bas !
  • Listening to: Jazz & Jazz-rock
  • Reading: Ayerdhal
  • Eating: J'uis au régime. T_T
  • Drinking: de l'eau... :/
I - English
II - Français.


I - Hello ! Happy new year to all, dear DA friends !
Er... yeah I know, I'm late but until the end of january, it's OK :XD:

How are you by the way ? :D


II - Bonjour ! Bon ben bonne année chers amis deviants ! 
Euh... oui bon je sais je suis à la bourre mais jusqu'à fin janvier on a le droit, non mais. :XD:

Sinon ça va vous ? :D
  • Listening to: Jamiroquai
  • Reading: Frederic Brown
  • Eating: Burgers. :/
  • Drinking: Beer !
I - English
II - Français.


I - Hello ! A new diary, just for the end of the world, wouhou ! :XD:
Er... nah, but yeah, but no.

Saturday, i will be at Cour St - Emilion, Paris, more precisely, in the Park of St-Emilion in the afternoon to draw and sell some original works. If you are in France and, more over, in Paris this week-end, come and see me !



II - Bonjour ! A nouveau un journal qui arrive presque quand c'est la fin du monde. :XD:
Euh... enfin oui mais non mais oui.

Je serai samedi après-midi sur Paris au parc de Cour st Emilion avec d'autres personnes qui dessinent ! J'y vendrai probablement quelques originaux et ferais aussi bien volontiers des dessins aux curieux qui viendront !

  • Listening to: Miles Davis
  • Reading: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Eating: Japanese food !
  • Drinking: Beer !
I - English
II - Français.


I - Hello, hello ! I know I don't write a lot of diaries, sorry. :blush:
I would like your advices : I want to open a Society 6 account and probably later, an Etsy account, maybe alos Inprt..
But I don't really know how to do. Do you have some tricks and advices for me ? :)


II - Bonjour ! Bonjour ! Je sais, je rédige peu de journaux. :blush:

J'aimerais votre avis : Je voudrais ouvrir un compte Society 6 puis, probablement plus tard, un compte Etsy, voire Inprt.
Avez vous des conseils à me donner sur la marche à suivre en gros ? :)
  • Listening to: Keith Jarrett
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami
I - English
II - Français.


I - First of all, a happy new year to everybody ! :la:
I don't know if you read all diaries of DA but for me, who publish very few diaries in a year, it's like the others : just a simple diary to wish a new year, that I hope better than the previous one. ^^'
Sorry to disappear completely from DA these two lasts months, but we can never make all that we want... In the same way, I hope to be more present but here again, I have no ideas what the futur desserve me... ^^'
May the inspiration and creativity be with you ! :hug:


II - Tout d'abord, une bonne année à tous. :la:
Je ne sais pas si vous lisez tous les journaux de DA, celui-là sera donc un peu banal en cette période de fêtes mais bon, c'est l'intention qui compte, non ? ;)
Désolé d'avoir un peu déserté DA ces deux derniers mois, mais bon, on ne fait pas toujours ce qu'on veut... ^^'
J'espère être plus présent dorénavant mais bon, là aussi on ne peut pas tout prévoir hein ?
En tout cas, que l'inspiration et la créativité guident vos pas ! :hug:
  • Listening to: Miles Davis
  • Reading: Malpertuis by Jean Ray
  • Watching: Hayao Miyazaki's movies
  • Drinking: Panach'
I - English
II - Français


I - After a short moment of depression, I gone on holydays to Brussels.
And now I'm back to play some tricks !
Uh, in fact, nothing at all. :XD:
But in the days or weeks to come, don't be surprised to see many pictures and photos of this beautiful european city. :la:

Oh by the way, don't forget me on Instagram ^^ :


II - Après une légère période de déprime, je me suis éclipsé quelques jours à Bruxelles.
Et maintenant je suis de retour pour vous jouer des tours !
Non, même pas en fait. :XD:
En revanche dans les jours et semaines à venir, ne vous étonnez pas de voir plein de photos de cette jolie ville européenne. :la:

Sinon je suis sur Instagram, pour m'ajouter c'est ici ^^ :
  • Listening to: Miles Davis
  • Reading: Lois McMaster Bujold & Philip Jose Farmer
  • Watching: Woody Allen
  • Eating: sandwichs
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? - Around 8 years for 6 years more actives.

  2. What does your username mean? - Err... nothing in particular. I liked the "russian" sound it gived.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. - Cheese, pasta, sleeping.

  4. Are you left or right handed? - right !

  5. What was your first deviation? - She has been erased so let's say it's this one :  Awaken of the tree-woman by Anorya

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? - Traditionnal. For ever. And ever. And ever... :happybounce: 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? - Digital maybe... Photography also.

  8. What was your first favourite? - <da:thumb id="42137533"/>

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? - Mostly traditional but I also like digital for exemple.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? - Damn, difficult question, they are not anymore on DA. :(

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? - A lot of people that I watch and appreciate, I guess.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? - They give me inspiration. :)

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? - pencils, watercolours, pastels...

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? - UNDER THE SHOWER. :la: :XD:  Nah, my bed, my room... everywhere it's possible to draw in fact. :D

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? - When I have seen in real life some deviants in Paris. :squee:

  • Listening to: Janet Jackson / Alicia Keys
  • Reading: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Watching: David Lynch & Akira Kurosawa
  • Eating: extraordinary noodles
I - English
II - Français
III - My selection of talented, generous and deep artists !


I - Just to say that I have opened an Instagram account. :la:
Maybe could be interessant for "making-of", extra-photos and other pictures sometimes already on DA.
But I try to bring some new things each days and weeks ! :squee:

That's here :


II - Juste pour dire que j'ai ouvert un compte Instagram. :la:
Cela pourrait être intéressant pour les "making-of", photos inédites et autres bricoles aussi sur DA.
Mais j'essaye d'apporter du neuf un peu chaque jour et chaque semaine ! :squee:
Maybe I'm addicted to Instagram.

C'est par ici :


III - My selection of talented, generous and deep artists ! Please, take a look at their works, please !

:iconcezarbrandao: :iconclamyart: :iconkaoruhasegawa:
:icone-t-emeline: :iconolivliv: :iconreneenault:
:iconkyla79: :iconjjnaas: :icondustinpanzino:
:iconsadapyon: :icondeluxepepsi: :iconcynop:
  • Listening to: Erik Satie
  • Drinking: water :/
I - English
II - Français.


I - Well, let me wish you a happy new year first.
Yeah I know, I'm so terribly late. During the 3 last months my life is a bit busy, so much busy and I don't have time to draw, and sometimes not enough desire to make something. Of course my drawings will come back, this is not an artblock, I have so many ideas that I preciously keep in my little sketchbook, it's just that I have no time for myself actually and I feel terribly sorry for you Deviant friends.
I hope things will be better soon. :)


II - Bon, très à la bourre, bonne année donc.
Ouais hyper à la bourre même. Durant les trois derniers mois ma vie a été un bazar pas possible, j'ai été hyper occupé et j'ai même plus le temps de dessiner, ni même parfois le désir de le faire, c'est dire. Bon, bien sûr les dessins reviendront, c'est pas un artblock non plus et je note pas mal de choses dans mes petits carnets qui s'entassent. C'est juste que j'ai le temps de rien actuellement et ça me désolé pas mal vous pouvez pas savoir chers amis.
J'espère que les choses s'arrangeront prochainement. :)
  • Listening to: Leonard Cohen / Kenji Kawai / Yoko Kanno
  • Reading: Terry Pratchett
  • Watching: Independant movies
I - English
II - Français.
III - My selection of talentuous deviants for the month.


I - Ahhhh Christmas, gift time... hem. :la:
Well, I I reorganized my own gallery and i was wondering --for for the few who read me :
Do you prefer that I continue the "misadventures of Link" (… ) or "the odyssey" (… ) ? :lol:
Because I have ideas and I don't like the idea to unfinish things... :la:


II - Ahhh Noël, la période des cadeaux... Ahem. :la:
En train de réorganiser mes dessins dans ma galerie perso, je me demandais pour les rares qui me lisent :
Vous préférez que je continue les "mésaventures de Link" (… ) ou bien "L'odyssée" (… ) ? :lol:
Non parce que j'ai des idées et j'aime pas laisser les choses infinies comme ça... :la:


III - My selection of talented, generous and deep artists ! Please, take a look at their works, please !

:iconmarmaladecookie: :iconmiyacheshire: :iconannaarmona:
:iconnokeek: :iconjay-bendt: :iconvixsky:
:iconrianbowart: :iconcoda-leia: :icontrollgirl:
:iconpicolo-kun: :iconcallmepo: :icongdbee:
  • Listening to: Brian Eno
  • Reading: The woman who went to bed for a year(Sue Townsend)
  • Watching: Magic Magic
I - English
II - Français.


I - Allright, I have my computer now repaired (I hope !) and ready to kick some asses ! :la:
Many thing to put on DA now... :iconlaplz:


II - Ok, bon, j'ai récupéré mon ordi réparé (enfin je l'espère !) et prêt à botter du cul ! :la:
Tellement de trucs à mettre sur DA maintenant... :iconlaplz:
  • Listening to: Roberta Flack
  • Reading: The alien years (Robert Silverberg)
  • Watching: Crying Freeman & short french movies from 40's
  • Eating: Burgers !
  • Drinking: Water, water, water...
I still have no opportunity to put my works on DA (remember my previous diary, guys ;) ) but I've been tagged by the sweet :iconcyrkael: and I supposed to work but.... damn temperatures here in France ! And I hate warm & hot weather.


The Rules

1. You must post these rules.
Yeah, yeah, of course.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose the 10 people and put them on your journal.
Not sure they will accept or be there. It's hollidays time !

5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that."
Ok, Ok, I understand.

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8. No tag-backs.

9. You can't say you don't do tags.

That's what I'm doing -_-'


10 things about me

1. I love cats. Really. And Owls. And also girls. Specially naked.
What ? There's a problem with that ? :la:

2. I can tolerate many things by the world. Except people who don't appreciate/like cheese. Because I love cheese like if my life could depend on it. I think I couldn't be able to live without cheese. :la:

3. I've tried to learn japanese and danish languages these last years but because I'm very very lazy... I abandoned. T_T

4. I love Venice. I already travels two time to this city and I have the project to go back again and again !

5. I'm a bit cynical but in fact I prefer being a romantic with the girl I love.

6. Since last year I slowly read a book to learn the Art of Tarot.

7. When I was younger I only read science-fiction, fantastic and horror books but these last years I try to read more comtemporary authors. Paradoxicaly, even if I still love imaginary worlds, I read less and less SF books. Like if it attracted me no more and that I could now feed my imagination with things more rooted in me. I don't know, I have no good explanation about that. :/

8. There are so many movies to see that I have not seen in contrast to many people but I feel no frustration. I've never saw the three first Harry Potter movies (and never read the books), never saw Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Grease and so many cult movies but I don't care : I know that I have my own life in front of me and I'm proud to be surprised by cinema again and again. :squee:
Paradoxically, I've seen so many weird movies, huhu. :la:

9. I'm a pacifist. And I always completey shocked about absurdity and stupidity of the violence of this world.
That did not stop me from playing full video games of fight when I was younger and make 10 years of Aikido (self-defense art, not really martial arts)...

10. I'm still searching for mentors in my life. But I do not see any. Excepted some personalities in Arts... :(


Answers to the questions of :iconcyrkael: !

1. Why are you using dA ?
--> Because I love the idea to show my drawing to people from all over the world and discovers many other artists. :squee:

2. Tell me about a good memory =) (Smile)
--> Sorry, I'm not a computer, just a poor human. :p

3. You have 1000€ to spend in the next 24 hours. What do you do ?
--> I will finally buy this collection of rare recording of Keith Jarrett when he was playing live during 6 nights in Japan.... And keep the rest for special projects (travels, drawing affairs, birthday gifts for friends, etc...).

4. Where do you want to travel ?
--> Everywhere ! :squee:
But to be more precise, Venice (of course), go back to Denmark, go to Italia, Belgium, England, Japan, Antarctica and Groënland... :lol:

5. What's your favorite picture (from you or from another artist), why ?
--> HMMMM..... hard to choose. I would say that "hunters in the snow" by Brueghel the old is one of my favourite. There's a lot of details here but we can see the whole life of an entire village. And more over, the feeling of winter is particularly brilliant. This is a classic and haunting picture.…

--> From me, this one :…
Because I love piano and the simplicity of my work. That's all. :lol:

6. You have one wish granted. What is it ?
--> Experience happiness with the girl that will love me. It's simple and naive but hey, fuck you. :XD:

7. What's your favorite book ? Why ?
--> ARG, trop dur (in french in the text).
I have not one favourite book but so many favourite books. So I prefer giving titles than explain why I love them otherwise we would still be there to read what I write until nightfall ! So here there are :
UBIK / Kafka on the shore / A scanner darkly / Ender's game / Norwegian wood / Hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world / Les fleurs du mal / Sculpting in time / The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch / Cyteen / Many Lovecraft's novels / The penultimate truth...

8. What's the first thing you do when you wake up ?
--> Put my glasses on my face and my watch on my hand... or maybe vice versa.

9. What's your favorite fantastic creature ?
--> Vampires are my friend. And more than fantastic, the alien created by H.R.Giger. :la:

10. Heaven or hell ?
--> Vangelis ! It's correct ? :lol:… )


10 questions !!!!

1 - What are you eating ? Yes, you, behind the screen, I see you. :XD:
Or what will you eat ? :XD:

2 - Ok, what is your favourite movie ? Your favourites movies ?

3 - So, you have Justin Bieber next to you, what do you do ? :o

4 - And also what are your favourite artists and bands in music. Tell me 10 ! :squee:

5 - Are you agree to say that noodles are life ?

6 - In your art, what do you prefer ? The preparation, the work when you're completely inside, the final state of art ?

7 - Is there's a painting or photography that you love ? Why ?

8 - Lovecraft or Poe ? Harry Potter or Twilight ? Star wars or star trek ? Beer or orange juice ? :XD:

9 - In your works, which is your favourite ?

10 - What do you think of DA ? :)

And so, I tag...

:iconma-n: :iconkudnalla: :iconarrd-art: :icondormirreverpeutetre: :iconnooknook:
:iconna-ushica: :iconezfhpma: :iconanitafigler: :iconmyrrdhinn: :iconanitadunkl:

  • Listening to: Roberta Flack & Dave Brubeck Quartet
  • Reading: Book about erotic comics
  • Watching: Paris-Texas
  • Playing: Ni no Kuni (ps3)
  • Eating: Sandwichs
  • Drinking: Water I guess... o_O
I. English part.
II. Partie française.
III. A selection of talented Deviants.



Since saturday I'm back from Quebec. A bit tired but in a way it's like a long white night without sleeping and so, the next day, I was ok.
But go back to work, it was clearly another business... >_<
Fuck, I want hollidays agaaaaaaaaaain ! :(

And you know what ? Just coming back at home, I notice that my computer was... dead. So I can't put my sketchs and pictures on DA, great.
*really wanna kill somebody, seriously*

So, I have to wait a bit...
Anyway my trip was great ! 10 days to Montréal ! I haven't seen :iconvelvetluck:, maybe she has been eating by a t-rex ? :XD:
And I've bought a comic by the talentuous and great :iconbeckycloonan: ! Wouhouuu, I didn't knew she lived in Montréal !
I seriously completely love her works. <3



Depuis samedi je suis rentré du Québec. Un peu fatigué mais somme toute, c'est un peu comme une nuit blanche, j'étais donc prêt en moins de deux le lendemain. Reprendre le boulot a été une autre paire de manche par contre... >_<
Je reveuuuuuux des vacances ! :(

Pour ne rien gâcher, mon ordinateur a rendu l'âme à mon retour sur le sol français. Donc je ne peux ni scanner mes dessins, ni mettre mes photos ici sur DA. Super, vraiment. Tabarnak, quoi.

Donc on va attendre un peu...
Bon sinon c'était super bien. Je n'ai pas vu :iconvelvetluck:, je crois qu'elle a été mangée par un t-rex si ça se trouve. :XD:
Et j'ai pu acheter une BD de la géniale :iconbeckycloonan: ! Je ne savais pas qu'elle vivait à Montréal, wouhouuu !
J'adore littéralement tout ce qu'elle fait <3.



My selection of talented, generous and deep artists ! Please, take a look at their works, please ! ;)

:icondalkipanda: :iconjunepaek: :iconyasa-hime:
:iconenyka-lien: :iconashvey: :iconchpi:
:iconcathydelanssay: :iconf1x-2: :iconheidieeh:
:iconkuvshinov-ilya: :iconlyck: :iconlosenko:
  • Listening to: Philip Glass / Steve Reich / Santana / Brian Eno
  • Reading: Robert Silverberg
  • Watching: Le mur invisible (Die Wand)
  • Playing: Ni no Kuni (ps3)
I. English part.
II. Partie française.
III. A selection of talented Deviants.



Oh, it's always weird to me to put a new diary on DA regardless to my reaction capacity to put one each time. :lol:

So, what's new ? Well, tomorrow I'm going to Canada, more particularly in the beautiful and shinny land of Quebec in the city of Montreal. So, how I feel now on the eve of my departure ? Ow... well, I'm fuckin' not ready ! :la: Too much to do in the last hours and no time ! ARG. :(

I'll be back in France for the 5th july. Too short to go to the Japan Expo (which his name indicates a large convention about japan, mangas, animated...)... :o

So I will miss a lot of french and other deviant of Europe I know but I'll be so glad to see Deviants from Quebec and more precisely Montreal. So, if you live in Montreal, don't hesitate to go see me and give me a little "hello" maybe around a beer. :XD:

I will try to be connected from time to time to my DA profile, so there's always a way to organize something, who knows ? :)

Ok, now, no more drawing until I'm back in France in 10 days. See you soon ! :squee:
*send many kiss* :XD:



Oh, ça me fait toujours bizarre de faire un journal sur D.A vu ma capacité de réaction pour en mettre, huhu. :lol:

Quoi de neuf ? Eh bien dès demain je pars au Canada et plus particulièrement dans le beau pays de Québec pour atterrir dans la ville de Montréal. Comment je me sens à la veille de mon départ ? Heeeeu... ben, pas prêt et encore plein plein de choses à faire mais le temps me manque, once again. :la:

Je rentrerais en France le 5 juillet, juste à temps pour la fin de la Japan Expo... Sauf qu'avec le décalage horaire je risque d'être complètement dans les choux. Et donc ce sera mort. :XD:

Du coup je vais louper pas mal de déviants français à mon retour. Cela dit si je peux voir des déviants Québecois à Montréal (coucou :iconvelvetluck: ), ce sera encore mieux. Si tu es québecois-e et à Montréal, manifeste-toi, fais moi un coucou, dessine moi un caribou --ça change des moutons comme dirait le petit Prince-- et surtout dis moi si tu es tenté pour qu'on se voie autour d'un verre dans la semaine ! J'essaierais de me connecter de temps en temps sur ma page Deviant Art pour voir les messages. ;)

Voilà voilà. Et du coup plus de dessins avant mon retour. Je vous dis à bientôt ! :squee:
*envoi de bisous*



My selection of talented, generous and deep artists ! Please, take a look at their works, please ! ;)

:iconcasimir0304: :iconselenada: :iconagnes-cecile:
:iconcyrkael: :iconkudnalla: :iconarrd-art:
:iconmad-smile: :iconxbuddyforme: :iconkris-kamikakushi:
:iconmiss-etoile: :iconaerettberg: :iconalmond-goddess:
:iconacerbic450: :iconsbuzzard: :iconanuk:
  • Listening to: Depeche mode / Dr John...
  • Reading: Haruki Murakami's 1Q84
  • Watching: The lego movie
I. English part.
II. Partie française.
III. A selection of talented Deviants.



I was here but not really in the same time recently...
Some works in february and the end of january and then, nothing. I've only talked with other deviants, add some new works on favourites and it's all. In fact, it wasn't pure joy, no. I don't want to tell my whole life in details so I make it shortly : I've lost someone from my family, then I was in mourning and depressed, then again, ill and extremely tired... I had the feeling that i was living in slow motion.
I don't know if I'm "really back" but since some days the desire to draw comes back. Well, it's maybe a good sign.

Ow, er... happy new year ! :la: :o



J'étais pas vraiment là ces derniers temps...
Ou plutôt je l'étais mais sans trop l'être. Quelques dessins en février et fin janvier puis baste. Je ne faisais que rajouter des favoris, discuter avec les gens et c'est tout. En fait ça allait pas fort : sans rentrer dans les détails, j'ai perdu quelqu'un de ma famille, puis en deuil et déprimé, puis je fus malade et extrêmement (constamment) fatigué... J'ai eu l'impression de vivre au ralenti un peu. Je ne sais pas si on peut dire que je suis "vraiment de retour" mais en tout cas depuis peu je me suis remis à dessiner. L'envie est revenue, plus forte que tout. C'est déjà une bonne chose.

Ah et euh, bonne année ! :la: :o



My selection of talented artists ! Please, take a look at their works ! ;)

:iconborianna: :iconashvey: :iconartistabe:
:iconentenn: :iconcamilladerrico: :icondormirreverpeutetre:
:iconkudnalla: :iconnokkasili: :icongalhad:
:iconkerbyrosanes: :iconkhallion: :iconkatie-watersell:
:iconlulles: :iconkya-art: :iconyasa-hime:
  • Listening to: Purson / Deep Purple / Russian Circles...
  • Reading: A book about Tarot cards
  • Watching: Gravity, again and again...
  • Playing: Journey
  • Eating: your brother when you\&#039;re not here...
I. English part.
II. Partie française.



A diary ? Here ? Wouhou, it's christmas, dude. Well, not now but soon, he he. :XD:

Even if I have nothing to tell about my private life (well, maybe because it's not the right place, oh in fact, I don't know :o ), there's some special and cool opportunities that I cannot let pass. For exemple the fact that I've reach more than 100 followers. Wouhou, like they said, "it's always the first hundred which are difficult, after that, it's a piece of cake". :XD:
So, a big thank you to all of you, I love you. :dummy: :hug:

Then, I've been interviewed in a french group with other people. If you read and understand the french language, it's funny you can have the feeling I go in a trip while I "write". :la:

See you soon !



Un journal ? Ici ? Punaise c'est noël les mecs. Enfin pas encore mais bientôt quoi. :XD:

Mais même si je n'ai rien à dire de ma vie personnelle ici (en fait y'a rien à en dire c'est pas l'endroit le plus approprié, enfin j'sais pas :o ), je ne vais pas laisser passer quelques petites chaleureuses bricoles. D'abord le fait que j'ai atteint la barre fatidique des 100 abonnés. Wouhou, comme on dit c'est les 100 premiers qui sont durs, après c'est que du gâteau. :giggle:
Ben merci à vous tous en tout cas hein, je vous aime. :dummy: :hug:

Ensuite j'ai été "interviewé" sur un groupe avec d'autres déviants. On a l'impression que je pars en trip par moments c'est rigolo.

A bientôt !



My selection of wonderful deviants ! Take a look to their works, please ! :squee:

:iconsergioka: :iconanitafigler: :iconsilenced-echo:
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Not dead yet... but so busy that I have to slow down a bit all my activities (like drawing :( ). I'm sorry to be less here actually, it will be better soon (I hope).
A lot of things happens in my life, bad (problems in my family) or good (many exhibitions and discoveries with a good friend) and it don't stop. 2013 is a very weird year : things comes so fast, you don't have time to make a break. O_o

Anyway, I was thinking... I've never do that since I'm on Deviant Art but... would you be interested in commissions if I try ? :)


Pas encore mort... Mais si occupé que j'ai dû ralentir pas mal d'activités (dont mes dessins :( ). Désolé d'être moins présent actuellement, ça ira mieux bientôt (j'espère).
Pas mal de choses dans ma vie, mauvaises (problèmes au sein de la famille) comme bonne (pas mal de sorties, expos, découvertes avec un bon ami) et ça n'arrête pas. 2013 est une très étrange année : les choses arrivent si vite qu'on a pas le temps de faire une pause. o_O

Sinon je me disais... J'ai jamais fait de commissions sur DA mais... Vous seriez intéressés si je tentais le coup ? :)


My selection of talented and great deviants ! Please, take a look at their works.
Ces gens là sont géniaux, please, regardez leurs travaux. :la:

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I'll make it short : Happy new year 2013 for everybody ! :dummy:
Not much to say, I had to much present at the end of 2012 and I'm still in the magic of this state of mind.
I wish you all lot of luck and specially many beautiful projects and things to come. ;) :hug:


Je ferais court : Une bonne année 2013 à tous ! :dummy:
Pas grand chose à dire si ce n'est que j'ai été particulièrement gâté à la fin de l'année et que je ne m'en suis toujours pas remis (burp).
Je vous souhaite à tous beaucoup de bonheur et plein de belles choses à venir. ;) :hug:


My selection of talented and great deviants !
Ces gens là sont géniaux, please, regardez leurs travaux. :la:

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La semaine dernière, un ami m'invitait à passer un week-end à Londres et je pense que j'avais bien besoin de recharger mes batteries. Aujourd'hui encore mais heureusement Noël arrive. :la:

J'ai pu enchaîner une exposition sur les peintres "pré-Raphaelites" comme John Everett Millais (et sa fameuse Ophélie :… ), Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Beata Beatrix :… ), Edward Burne Jones (… )... Ainsi que deux concerts de Philip Glass, le compositeur de musique classique contemporaine. Le bonhomme maintenant âgé de 75 ans a décidé de fêter son anniversaire en enchaînant des concerts dans le monde entier. La vieillesse, ça conserve. :XD:

Donc ne soyez pas surpris si des photos de Londres remplacent momentanément de nouveaux dessins à venir... ;)


Last week, a friend invites me to have a little week-end at London and I think that it was the really good time to reupload my own batteries. Today too, but lucky for me Christmas is coming. :la:

So I Had the opportunity to watch an excellent exhibition at Tate Gallery about Pre-Raphaelists artists like John Everett Millais (and his famous Ophelia :… ), Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Beata Beatrix :… ), Edward Burne Jones (… )... And also two music concert of Philip Glass, the great american contemporary classical composer. This guy now is 75 but decided to organize his own birthday with many concerts around the world. So much energy at this age yet, I admire him. :XD:

So, don't be surprised if pictures of London replace momentarily my drawings and comics... ;)