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lasANGRY by Duskler lasANGRY :iconduskler:Duskler 66 14
Story-based ARPG Hub
Hey guys! I've got a bit of a question / suggestion and I need help to make it a reality!
Here is the premise - I LOVE my DracoStryx birds, but don't often have the motivation to use them due to time restraints and community emphasis on having birds with high AP/breeding value.
Dracostryx is, in large amount, a breeding game and I understand this. I even enjoy breeding for special colours/species myself! But the world I have built for my stryx and their riders is... well, a bit empty. And as much as I love it, there is not much cause to develop the storyline because most of my efforts are sucked into finding ways to churn out AP.
As the group has grown, I've had increasing difficulty keeping up with demand for high-level birds and haven't been able to really connect with other Stryx-riders out there like I used to in the beginning. And the community is what first drew me into the world of Stryx to start with!
I have noticed a few others lamenting the trend as well -
I c
:iconwynbird:WynBird 5 42
When the Note angers by NoteS28 When the Note angers :iconnotes28:NoteS28 6 12 Out with the old and in with the new by NoteS28 Out with the old and in with the new :iconnotes28:NoteS28 17 4 Yeen by NoteS28 Yeen :iconnotes28:NoteS28 8 5 Owl by Petra13131 Owl :iconpetra13131:Petra13131 6 7 Max by Petra13131 Max :iconpetra13131:Petra13131 2 6 Drool beast by Unarla Drool beast :iconunarla:Unarla 14 25 Little Wuffer Pupper by NoteS28 Little Wuffer Pupper :iconnotes28:NoteS28 6 2 Little Wuff Wuff by Unarla Little Wuff Wuff :iconunarla:Unarla 6 12 Bridget icon by KenazRavenTooth Bridget icon :iconkenazraventooth:KenazRavenTooth 3 4 .DAIUS | Alight by Aerima .DAIUS | Alight :iconaerima:Aerima 182 8 Derpy Thorn by NoteS28 Derpy Thorn :iconnotes28:NoteS28 5 2
Hawk sprinted, leapt, and then skidded on his knees on the other side of a makeshift barricade. Luna looked at him as machine gun fire whirred over head.
"Not bad," she said.
Hawk smiled at his wife, then indicated the small cylinder in her hand. "They're ready."
Luna flipped the top off the cylinder and plunged her thumb on the button. From the other side of the barricade Hawk heard a pair of deafening cracks, followed by multiple secondary explosions, as the machine gun bunkers and their ammo went up in flames.
The gunfire paused for just a moment and then renewed, albeit with much less volume than before.
"How many were there?" Luna asked.
"Probably still another couple dozen or so?"
She smiled as she un-shouldered her assault rifle, selecting a single fire mode. She placed it to her shoulder and eyed through the scope, placing an enemy soldier's helmet in the crosshair. She squeezed off a single round and snapped her reticule to the next man in the firing trench; ending him also.
:icondralicoma:Dralicoma 1 7
Webway Adventures Part 15 (Part 2 of 2 + Epilogue)
The Wither’s three faces were in a perpetually grin, being that they were skulls. But It really was smiling inside. Yes, here was his ultimate foe, the man who had the best chance to fight him. But outside reigned chaos. Death and violence increased by the second, and it all flowed here.
Soon, the rupture would be powerful enough to inverse the void, destroying the entire Webway and replacing it with the true domain of the Wither.
Ah yes, the Void, the unfathomable expanse of infinite Nothing that at the same time was everything in that domain. Sheer impossibility and paradox was the very fabric of the Void’s non-reality - a living hypocrisy. Supposedly empty, and yet home to uncounted horrors of pure chaotic evil. No light but technically no darkness either, although a mortal’s eyes saw it as such, for how else can you see nothing? No solid terrain or geometry but just the stuff of thought made into... nothing. Yes, with enough force of will you could project your mi
:icondralicoma:Dralicoma 1 17
Webway Adventures Part 15 (Part 1 of 2)
They call me Prophet, but this time even I don't know what will come to pass.
We all thought that with the Ceph gone, the alien threat was over. We were wrong. Something far worse has appeared, wiped out the very barriers of reality of our home, and plunged us into chaos.
The Wither.
The Nanosuit has changed me, I am more than Human, yet Human no more. But will it be enough? Even now we wait for the signal to strike; me and the other Denizens of this broken realm. Our leader is like me in a way. He is a man who has transcended the constraints of mortality, though he achieved this through sheer force of will, no alien artefacts or science. But again I ask; Will it be enough? We could be facing the end of everything we know.
My name is Laurence Barnes; remember me-
"Man, who the fuck are you talking to?" Pierce Washington exclaimed, looking up from the bottom of the small hill overlooking Aer Rosa.
Prophet turned, regarding the dark-skinned man in purple through the red visor of the Nano
:icondralicoma:Dralicoma 1 8
I usually forget that faving is something I can do, but here is a sparse amount of the plethora of art I like.



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Artist | Student | Digital Art
New Zealand
I'm here to improve, so critique/constructive criticism is always appreciated!


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