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Naruto by AnonymousGX Naruto :iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 6 0
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 29: Developments Begin
The Daily Prophet was finally wide open about the truth. Naruto found it funny that they bought the Quibbler's article and tried to claim it was new and original. Probably because they didn't want to promote the Quibbler, nor admit they got it from there. Thankfully, none of the students that went to the Department of Mysteries were seriously injured, and in fact gained House Points for it. However, Umbridge was returned from the mermaid realm and currently resided in the hospital. She was covered in scars and had a small spear lodged into her right foot. Many a visiting student found it amusing to cast Aquamenti at her.
Since Umbridge was out of commission, and out of a job, Naruto resumed his work making a dock and pool with Syrena. It was hard work, but it was finished before the end of term feast. While working together, Syrena asked about Naruto's home, and he shared a lot with her. She still thought about her tribe moving to the waters around his home, and her gills would softly
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 28: War Begins
Harry was stunned, kneeling next to his fallen friend. The Death Eaters were serious about the prophecy, and had just raised the stakes. Now, everybody was in danger, because of him. If only he hadn't brought them along, then they wouldn't be in this mess. Harry knew that Voldemort wanted to finish him off himself, so retrieving the prophecy alone would have ensured that nobody would die at Death Eater hands. But now... Harry had no choice. Slowly, he pulled the prophecy out of his robes.
He didn't have the chance to reveal it. Without warning, something whistled in from above them, striking Malfoy's wand hand below the wrist. At first surprised, Malfoy began yelling in pain, then pulled the familiar weapon out of his wrist. It was a kunai. Shocked, everybody looked back at the door they all entered through. Standing there... was a familiar blond boy.
"Sorry I'm late. What did I miss?" he asked.
"YOU!" Malfoy shouted up to him. "But I just killed you!"
"You did?" he thought, hand on hi
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 27: Battle Begins
It took some convincing for Harry to let the others join him, but he eventually caved. However, when Naruto pointed out that the three of them verses Voldemort and his Death Eaters weren't good odds, Harry caved. It took a little longer to help those who couldn't see the Thestrals mount up, but everybody eventually got on. The only problem was, they were one Thestral short. To make things easier, Naruto gave his Thestral to Luna, then used a Transformation Jutsu to become smaller and ride with her. She put him in her shirt pocket, which Naruto was at first a little uncomfortable about. After a simple request to go to the Ministry of Magic, they were off.
Naruto wasn't having as much fun on the Thestral as his broom. The Thestral had unforgiving acceleration, for one thing. His broom was nowhere near this fast, but he couldn't see anything because of his eyes tearing up. Not to mention, he had no control over the flight; he was riding on Luna who was riding on the Thestral. He tried to
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 26: Skirmishes Begin
Naruto thought Firenze's method of teaching was interesting, but not his comments about human abilities. Sure, there were things that Centaurs likely had right, but humans probably had things right that centaurs proudly overlooked. But his comment on war seemed spot on the money, whatever form of money was used. Naruto wondered if the centaurs got news of the Wizarding world, or if it was true divination. But the centaur had one thing right; even the future could be wrong or change. Naruto knew that from personal experience.
Chakra lessons were progressing well now. Ron and a couple other students had finally sensed their chakra. In return, instead of only exercising and sparring, they also spent time in class learning how to mold their chakra. Ron figured out how to push chakra out, but hadn't yet found out how to hold it there for the tree-climbing exercise.
If it wasn't for the doomsday knoll the teachers were ringing daily, Naruto would have tried more to mend the bond between his
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 25: Tensions Begin
The last week of the Holiday break was worse than the previous ones for Naruto. Harry and the others were at least as cold towards him. The Order members had mostly left, either on missions or to their homes. Sirius Black became sullen again, and didn't have much interest in doing anything with Naruto.
The night before they left, Arthur Weasley came back, fully cured. Aside from an almost scuffle in the kitchen between Sirius, Snape, and Harry when everyone arrived, Arthur's celebration went smoothly. While the twins were joking around, they didn't dare pull a prank where Naruto could be hit by accident. Naruto saw that Harry wanted to talk to his godfather, so he switched seats with him, since Naruto was next to Sirius. While everyone was chatting, Naruto thought he saw a big locket in Mundungus' pocket, but didn't comment on it. For all Naruto knew, it was his legally.
The next morning, Tonks and Lupin ushered the students outside and onto a magical purple bus three stories tall. At
:iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 1 0
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 24: Holidays Begin
Arthur Weasley was well enough to visit the next morning. Dumbledore decided to Apparate Naruto outside of St. Mungo's to be picked up by the rest of the group. But the dropoff point didn't have the hospital anywhere nearby. The street had many shops and closed buildings, but no 'hospital' or 'medical center' signs posted anywhere.
After a few minutes, Naruto saw his group of friends and Order members and ran to them. "Hey guys," Naruto said, mostly to his fellow Gryffindors. "Lucky Dumbledore managed to sneak me out without Umbridge noticing!"
However, the Gryffindors didn't give him a friendly hello back. It was as if they didn't trust Naruto as much as they used to. "Wotcher Naruto! It's been a long time!" Tonks cheerfully greeted with a hug. During the hug, she switched her hair from pink to orange. "Hope your time at school was as exciting as Harry's."
"Move on!" Moody barked. "We'll talk once we're inside." He then turned to an old closed shop; Purge and Dowse. Taking a second lo
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Sage Mode and Magic 23:Hagrid and Nightmares Begin
The following Monday brought a surprise. Naruto saw a new person at the staff table, well over seven feet tall and with a badly injured head. When Dumbledore announced that Hagrid was back, and going to teach Care of Magical Creatures, many Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs cheered and shook his hand, including Naruto's friends. The Slytherins, however...
"I can't believe Dumbledore is letting that oaf teach classes for another year," Malfoy sneered. "If I was him, he would have been sacked years ago!" He exclaimed while rubbing his arm.
"What happened to your arm? Was it in his class?" Naruto asked, curious about what Hagrid's classes would be like.
"In our first class in the third year," Malfoy told him, "he brought in a wild Hippogriff. That bloody bird attacked me! Nearly ripped my arm off, that beast did!"
'Oh yeah!' Naruto remembered Buckbeak from a wrong turn in Grimmauld Place, and already heard that story from Harry. 'If that's third year, I can't wait to see fifth!' "Let me
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 22: Quidditch Begins
When the day of the first match finally came, Naruto was in a great mood. Over the past months since he got his Firebolt, he went from a boy who loved flying to one who loved Quidditch. What's not to like; it has flying balls out to get you and high speed Snitch chases!
However, Ron had lost some confidence that morning, and Slytherin's plans to capitalize on it were too underhanded. In addition to Malfoy's song, they had made silver badges with the chorus written in bold. Since he had declared Harry his Quidditch rival, Naruto made his way to the Gryffindor table, the first time in weeks.
"I can't be a good Keeper to save my life," Naruto heard Ron mumble. The pressure of both the annoying Slytherins and the hopeful Gryffindors was getting to him. Surprisingly to Naruto, Ron hadn't even touched his plate.
"That's where you're wrong," Naruto spoke up. Ron's eyes, as well as the rest of the table, turned to look at the newcomer. While a couple were, at first, upset that a Slytherin was
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Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 21
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 21: DA Begins
Sirius was surprised at what just happened. "Naruto? What was that for?"
"Sorry Sirius," NaruClone told him, "but we think the letter was seen by Umbridge. So rather than meet you at Hogwarts, we decided that a Shadow Clone should meet you here instead."
"Very clever..." Sirius mused. "How are the secret Defense Against the Dark Arts meetings going?"
"... Dumbledore told you, didn't he?"
"Not directly. What were you guys thinking, holding the meeting at the Hog's Head? Even when the shop's closed, people can easily overhear you! Dumbledore sent a disguised Mundungus to listen from outside the shop, near a broken window."
"Did he tell Umbridge as well?" NaruClone asked, a little angry.
"No. But he did make what he called a good deal with a random witch after a lot of price haggling."
"... and that witch must have let Umbridge know what she overheard, or even was Umbridge!"
"Exactly," Sirius confirmed. "So you're going to tell Harry and hi
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Majora's Memes Contest Entry Cancelled: Gandalf by AnonymousGX Majora's Memes Contest Entry Cancelled: Gandalf :iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 3 2
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 20
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 20: Umbridge's Decrees Begin
Naruto went down near the lake the next day to relax and do his homework. Soon after he started working on Professor Snape's assigned homework, the Golden Trio came to visit him. "Naruto? What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Where were you yesterday?"
"Hey guys!" Naruto greeted. "Did you guys read last week's Daily Prophet?"
"Of course," Hermione answered. "I can't believe they'd put Professor Fukasaku on trial! It's blasphemy. The idea of such a trial is madness!"
"Madness?" Naruto asked, a growl in his voice. "This is Ministry! Of course they'd do something so insane!"
"You've got a point," Hermione agreed. "So, how did the trial go?"
"A few people voted against him," Naruto revealed, "but my testimony, and examples of chakra, saved the day! Although, I had to show him the Sage Art; Rasenshuriken..."
"Is that the move you told me about on the train?" Harry asked. Naruto nodded. "Can you show us?"
"Well, I can't aim it
:iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 0 0
Majora's Memes Contest Entry 3: Bad Jokes Amon by AnonymousGX Majora's Memes Contest Entry 3: Bad Jokes Amon :iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 1 9 Majora's Memes Contest Entry 2: Over 9,000! by AnonymousGX Majora's Memes Contest Entry 2: Over 9,000! :iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 2 1 Majora's Memes Contest Entry 1: Philosoraptor by AnonymousGX Majora's Memes Contest Entry 1: Philosoraptor :iconanonymousgx:AnonymousGX 0 0
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 19
Sage Mode and Magic Chapter 19: Investigations Begin, Pa's Trial Begins
Umbridge's first inspection was in Naruto's first class; Herbology. Professor Sprout was a kind host, but remained a firm teacher. She first asked for Umbridge to withhold her questions until she explained the day's lesson to the students and set them off to work. Said lesson was on the Fanged Geranium, a small plant with a big bite, and how to care for them. She pulled out a concoction that almost made Naruto's nose bleed in a desperate attempt to cover the stench. It turned out to be Dragon Dung Fertilizer, and was named quite obviously. They were to mix sloth brain, dragon dungs, mandrake, rat spleens, and dragonfly thoraxes into a batch of fertilizer for the next class, then use a prepared batch to fertilize the Tentacula in front of them. But in order for them to do that, they'd have to go below the large, toothy mouth and get to the roots. Naruto was almost attacked by people wanting him for a partner,
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