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Zetro v3.0 (Discontinued)

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For Portable
1. Extract the contents of this download directly into your foobar2000 folder.
For Standard
1. Extract to "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\foobar2000\\"
1a. Also extract the "Configuration" folder to "C:\\users\\appdata\\roaming\\foobar2000\\"  
2. Install the provided font located in skins->Zetro->font (only if you do not have Segoe UI)

Make sure to look in the provided Help folder for more instructions. (The help files were made for an older version of Zetro but are still applicable)

If you want credit for your image, just say so
If you want an image removed, you can say that too
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Super Zetro 3, unfortunately, I have a problem after I quickly pop up with errors WSH PANEL MOD: 1.script engine initialization failed (Internet link, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error). 2) Script engine initialization failed ( and Wikipedia biography by: marc2003, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error). 3. Script engine initialization failed ( - similar artists, author: marc2003, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error). 4. Failure to initialize the scripting engine (Internet links, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error). Script engine initialization failed (Allmusic review by marc2003, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error). 6) Script engine initialization failed (Musicbrainz by marc2003, CODE: 0x80020101) Check the console for more information (always caused by an unexpected script error).

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Can you check if WSH Panel is version 1.5.6? If not see if you can update it.

If you're trying to keep the stuff in the script.js features such as, lyrics, etc look here to see if it will help you. can't promise it'll stop the error though as I too received it but unsure why. It stopped when I deleted the script.js.

I recommend doing that. You can find my version which has those scripts deleted down below in the comments. All you'd need is to transfer few of your files and that's it.

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Hello, after the fight with wh, I managed to get it started, but I have 2 questions:

  1. Why in App data roaming I do not have the foobar2000 folder, so I cannot find the playlist files + media library scans but does not add, searches for new files: \

  2. How to make the covers appear in the Artist, song tab, as it is in the album tab, genre I only have a black image All my covers are saved in a given song file.

Until then, I was using foova 1.5 (yes I know, very old but good mod) and there the covers in the file worked but other things like Lyric, Media Library etc did not work ?

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Have you figured it out already? Just in case...

  1. How would I know what you did on your PC? Are you using the one I shared is that why you're asking?

  2. Anyways, the folders you would be looking for are index-data and playlists-v1.4. Tho since you're using a old version of foobar that playlist folder would say something else obviously. This theme recommends foobar portable version instead of Standard. The Media Library you have to set that up.

  3. Make a backup copy just in case. Right-click in the playlist > Open Settings > under the Track list tab scroll down to find this code: //--> Artist and Various Artists

  4. From here go to the very last line of code that says this "$imageabs(1,$sub..." and so on. Change $imageabs to $albumart now go to Group header tab and scroll down and look for the same line of code as stated above. Press apply and should appear. Note do this under Artist. Also note it will not display artist pictures as I believe it only allows 4 types, front, disc, back, and something else.

  5. I haven't figured out how to get it to work on Songs yet.

It really is sounding like you grabbed my share cuz the lyrics may still work on the original Zetro 3 theme but doesn't on mine since I purposely deactivated it since it and other files from the original theme were retrieving files and adding them to users PC without permission and also causing RAM issue.

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Thank you for your help, now it is a pity that in the songs it is impossible to do this, only 1 cover is displayed for all of them It's also a pity for the cover art, albums can't be displayed under the playlist You can not have everything: \ I have 2 more questions: 1. Are you getting to know How to make foo automatically add a track in the media library that has been added to the tag, I have been fighting it for quite a long time at the beginning I thought that the problem lies with the program version but the measure is not, there is monitoring but it does not work :( 2. Can the rating be changed on the fly, as it was in the second version I am looking for and I cannot find a tree,line

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  1. I do not use Media Library. But to make it certain there's nothing wrong with it I did get it to run but I am not certain what exactly you're having a problem with. I was able to get it working at my end.

Here's an image of how I got it at my end. Let me know if you did the same thing.

The thing I notice is that it does not automatically update the list for you if this is what you have an issue with unless something can be done on that but like I said I don't use Media Library. Anyways, you have to update it yourself. By using the image above you first have to have foobar set to "Monitoring" if want to make certain right-click on the folder being monitored and select "Rescan". Then go down to the "Installed media library viewers" box and select "Album List" and press "Activate".

A small window will pop up with the number of albums total in the folder(s). After you apply should look like this:

2. As I wrote in my read me.txt file I do not use ratings either. Also, I took a look into attempting to get raitings to pop up and I couldn't do it. I do remember on some Zetro theme it was possible and I do remember modifying it but not sure which version it was. Anyways, you should probably do a search on this if you really want to modify it.

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  1. I have everything like you, I have monitoring set up, but I thought it works with the machine (apparently this is what others said) hmm so-called: you put new files into the folder and foobar Automatically monitors and adds them to a given playlist from the folder to which the files were uploaded . Now I am not surprised why you do not use the playlist if it is not fully automated, which is a pity: I add a lot of files, so the old method is checked, i.e. after each addition of files to a given folder, I delete playlists and add them again, I do not see any other output :(

A strange thing, the songs are added to the album lists as you wrote, but I can not find them in the search engine, playlist, even after refreshing the monitoring of the playlist hmm, After restarting foobar, the file can be found, but the library viewer selection plylist appears and ok, if I uncheck making this Playlist, the file cannot be found WTF without sense :(

Maybe I expect too much from foobar or media library, it works like that, which is a bit strange, best if I know how to create, add my own skins etc. like you, I would create something similar to Fova 1.5 and I would not bother you and others (although the foobar forum) you could say it's dead) but unfortunately I don't get it. It's a pity that fova 1.5 fell there, 70-80% what and how, but I also fought with the playlist, I thought it was because of the old version, but I see that there is still something wrong or something wrong with me: P

2.I am also trying and in addition to calling stars, I cannot change them on the fly, as it is, for example, in the Zetro 2 version, unfortunately zetro 2 has 2 problems for me: 1. It's weirdly heavy: - After firing everything loads, it refreshes so slowly, changing the track causes half a sec refreshing the entire program, the so-called flash 2. You have to search if you want to change something in ini etc. (some other nomenclature) Not what you are doing Quick, Neat, I have no major problems with finding something ;)

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If its truly not automatic (which I believe it isn't) not much you can do and since it's a free plugin and all. Have you read this?

Yeah the foobar forum is dead if you mean the one over at

I think this is the correct wiki on the script language

Could try they may got something interesting.

Concerning the ratings I think you may need a plugin. Check the official foobar component site and scroll down to Playback Statistics. Not certain which of the two it may be but see if that helps you out. It may or may not conflict with the play count plugin.

What version 2 of Zetro are you using? I got several of them and the only time that it lagged was due to the cache foobar was doing retrieving files on the internet and placing them into a cache folder in foobar which is why I had to modify it to stop that.

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Uso foobar 2000 ate hoje por causa dessa skin , thank you !!!

Hello, this is Kailash. I am new to foobar2000. Before I was using Musicbee. How to import the theme of Zetro. I can't find the theme file. Or please upload a youtube video. Thanks...

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Dunno if you figured it out or not but just use the already set zetro theme I did for people like you. It's right below this comment of mine. It's at mediafire. If you decide to get it go to the comment I made on Jul 19, 2020 and be sure to update to the latest foobar by telling the application to "Upgrade" and it'll do the rest.

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For those having issues with installing the Zetro theme with foobar and want a stress free ready to go can grab mine here →…

What it may look like at your end (ignore the pic),…
Image is from the anime, Aikatsu, if anybody asks. For those who have previous version this update fixes the Equalizer button from v1.3 to work in v1.4 and other stuff.

Be sure to give the author of this theme a DL hit (and for backup purposes) if you decide to use my version.
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Thankfully you all can still update with no issues to the latest foobar (ver 1.5.5 as of this post) from my last update (ver 1.4.6 above this post) to help those of you who have issues installing this theme, however essential components for the Zetro theme have been updated since then.

Just 3 components have been updated along with an update to TAK decoder if you want that. Small file size.

With the exception of Columns UI have foobar closed. You may need to delete the foo_playcount.dll from all 3 folders: components, configuration, and user-components. The foo_quicksearch.dll you'll have to manually install it into your foobar2000\user-components\foo_quicksearch folder. The rest of the components that Zetro uses have not been updated in years, so hope a foobar update doesn't break this theme.

Special note:

Some users who are on Windows 7 may have wondered why the "Get updates" under Library > Config > Components is receiving a network error code (80090326) you can read about this here

I've included that exact registry file for convenience sake but it is up to you if you want to modify your registry to fix that error. At my end it resolved the issue and it is safe and clean. If it does not help you again read that thread this includes users who are not on Windows 7 and whom maybe experiencing the same issue.

Remember to update the encoder pack (if you haven't already and if you use it) off the official foobar website.

Thank you so much!

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Not sure where the most pertinent area to post this weird issue.
I know that Anonymous Grafix no longer supports this skin or skin version.

All my music files are FLAC, either EAC recorded from owned CD's or downloads from HDtracks HRes Audio (192 Khz - 24bit).
EAC detects the CD properties and downloads the metadata along with the music files and converts to FLAC.
Works perfectly each and every time.
I have over 600 CD's downloaded or converted to FLAC in my music folder.
Every single CD or file that I own (nothing is pirated, just don't go there) is detected in the Library view within my music folder except for 1 (one) artist.

BT - Brian Transeau.

I have 6 purchased BT CDs and each EAC converted to FLAC just as all my other CDs are processed.
I also have 2 digital downloads from HDTracks for BT music.
Foobar, with this version skin, will not display, "in the library view", any of the BT music folder files except:

If I create a playlist from the music file folder, (drag and drop) that is the only way to play the files.
They play just fine from the playlist.

Verified - There are no hidden attribute constraints.
I have checked the meta-tags many times with various tools for corruption.
Everything is clean according to those tools.
I have tried re-tagging and have had no luck.
I have tried deleting the BT files, re-recording and replacing them within my music files.
It's just this one artist that will not display in the Library view.

I'm running a portable installation of Foobar 2000 v1.3.8
I am running a Zetro v2.9 skin.
Win2010 Pro, ASUS ROG Strix GL703
It works perfectly except for that.
I get the same exact problem in 7 different workstations.
Does anyone have any constructive thoughts?
This skin would be perfect, if you could switch to Library View, like Zehn. I categorize my music in folders and I don't really need playlists, so a library view is important for me.
Hey big business friend. You have to keep improving. I admire greatness.
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can Help me? i have install Footbar and i will install Zetro v3 but,

he application says "The layout import was aborted because the following required panels are not installed:
>Panel Stack Splitter
>WSH Panel Mod
>Lyric Show 3
>Quick Search Toolbar

I have no idea how to activate these. May I ask for suggestions?

Thanks Paul
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Late reply. The instructions are right under the "Zetro v3.0 (Discontinued)" text. If you followed it they should activate automaticly when you change the User Interface module to Colums UI and if the contents are placed where they should be in the foobar2000 folder. Perhaps you installed foobar under standard as several people have had issues going that route especially if new to foobar.

If you already have a playlist, playcount, etc all set and want to save them you only need the playlists-v1.3 and index-data folders (check C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData if they are not in the foobar2000 folder) and place it elsewhere then retry running foobar2000.exe and select the fresh portable install then simply drag/drop the Zetro theme and start up foobar and chose "Columns UI" interface when it asks you and that's it.

Or you can use my slightly modified version that includes the foobar portable with this theme if you still getting issues and just want to get started asap on your music using this theme then… (updated from the below link)
Hey, why foobar doesnt show covers and artist info? how do it?
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Everything works as intended if you grabbed the author's link at the upper-right and installed it yourself. Some artists and lyrics may not be present tho keep in mind.
If that isn't the issue then it sounds to me you may of gotten my version from the comment below which has those taken out. This is indicated as so in the change log and the reason why they were taken out.
I can`t show lyrics, any ideas?
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In case there are still some with issues getting this theme to work properly I upped my slight modded version to share it with others. As the author may or may not help those that need help since this has been discontinued by him.
Image sample…

DL from my MF account:…

Feel free to share it and give the author a DL hit not only for thxs but also as a backup
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