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Zehn v1.1 (Discontinued)

These skins take a lot of time and effort so feel free to show your support and appreciation
Like my work?

This is a Windows 10 inspired theme for foobar

Now playing with editable ratings. Can switch between album reviews and artist biography
Album view and playlist
Artist view and playlist
Genre view and playlist
Songs view and playlist
Playlist manager
Library viewer
Lyrics panel
15 colour themes


For Portable
1. Extract the contents of this download directly into your foobar2000 folder.

For Standard

1. Extract to "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\foobar2000\\"
1a. Also extract the "Configuration" folder to "C:\\users\\appdata\\roaming\\foobar2000\\"   
2. Install the provided font located in skins->Zetro->font 

- For each playlist tab there are 2 views that can be toggled by pressing the > button

- On the left tab bar, the last 2 buttons are toggles that will display an overlay, so you will need to press the button again for them to go away

- The now playing tab has 3 different views, a simple title view which has an interactive rating system and the biography/artist info view. You can toggle between the album review and bio modes by clicking on them.

-  By default the skin will look for album images in the playing song's directory but if none is found, it along with artist images will be downloaded to the cache folder. That's where all the information files will be downloaded as well. That folder can be found in the root of your foobar install.

- Also in the cache folder is one for genre, there is where you can add your own genre images for display in the genre playlist view (I've included a few to get you started)

- Those familiar with my other skins should feel right at home with this one as there are many of the same elements that have been updated

- If you have been using other skins there might be a conflict with components if the previous skin did not use the "user-components" folder. In this case foobar will use the plugins inside the components folder  which might be outdated and cause errors with this skin. Remove the components folder and then reinstall foobar. This will only perform an update on components and you will not lose any custom settings, playback stats or playlists.

- If the little search button is not appearing, left click in the area where it should be, select Options>Custom bitmap. The default one should reappear. Now do these step again and use the one included in \skins\\Zehn\\buttons\\search.bmp (this plugin is looking for an absolute path)

dramawake for much of the code for the bottom toolbar
Wilb  for the biography/review script used in the now playing tab

and of course to Peter for making foobar and all the plugin creators


October.11.17 - Bug fix (Now playing panel error caused by Allmusic site changes)
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awsome, thx

nice that it does work on others but not for me. already did everything as described and yet again something that nobody wants to explain in the comments on how to actually install it. (im new to foobar and dont know anything about it) other than that it looks nice

I think you didn't succeed because you need to shove the entire folder without unpacking the user- components into the components folder, then it should start! (I think)

Sorry if it's not very clear, translator

Microsoft JScript runtime error

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Dude it's fantastic! Thank you so much!

Great Skin, thanks for all the hard work.

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Doesn't work. What a shame, because it looks beautiful and handy.

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I'm sorry I can't manage to put the theme, after having downloaded and then put the file (config in: C: \\ users \\ appdata \\ roaming \\ foobar2000 \) and the other in: C: \\ Program Files (x86) \\ foobar2000 \.

I restarted foobar but I still have the original theme, I have the components however (grayed out but they are there), I also installed the fonts ...

But in fact nothing is happening I am looking for the theme, I can't find it, however I installed other different ones but there I don't find thank you for your help

in fact I can't find a way to add the Columns UI to after putting the .fcl ....

I got there I copied the records in both places and finally colums ui appeared so I could configure it, I will test it now.

how can we remedy the fact that we are not the images of the artists, I have the album covers but that stops there? if I do not have an artist image in the file it does not go search with freedb or other competitors? how can we remedy the fact that we are not the images of the artists, I have the album covers but that stops there? if I do not have an artist image in the file it does not go search with freedb or other competitors? As long as I'm there, how can I make my library be organized by artist because sometimes I find the same artist further and it is not stored together. Thank you very much

Hey there, just wondering where did you get the files from as i was interested and could not find them. Thanks!

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Any way to have the color theme stay to the one I choose? Whenever I close and restart foobar, it defaults back to the cyan one.
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it looks amazing thanku :D 
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Great Skin, thanks for all the hard work.
I love this skin! I have a few issues though.

1. I have the same issues as Heavenly Hammer, I always have that turntable image as a background and artist and album pictures aren't getting downloaded.

2. I get this error message every time I start Foobar:           

"JScript Panel (Rating by marc2003)
Laufzeitfehler in JavaScript:
"_" ist undefiniert
File: <main>
Line: 10, Col: 1
<source text only available at compile time"
As a consequence the rating system doesn't work.
Apart from that, this is probably my favorite skin for foobar thus far. Would be nice if you could just fix those issues.
Greetings. Fantastic skin! I'm having (hopefully small) issues with my new install (fresh installed Foobar beforehand):

1.) On the "Now Playing" tab, the background remains the default turntable image, rather than changing to the artist or album imagery. Data is being pulled from and all music for everything else just fine.

2.) On the "Artists" tab, All image circles are the default white outline figures. 

If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate the help.

Just push the artist image into "C:\...\foobar2000\cache\artist\name (Adele)" and reopen the foobar.

Same here. I also get an error message everytime I start foobar, stating that the ratings system is broken. So instead of stars, I've got a nice red bar on the Now Playing screen saying "Aw, crashed". Really wish that OP would continue working on this skin.
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How do you get artist images?
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Could someone help me with these two issues, please?
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Anyone? The skin is perfect except for these two issues.
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