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Well... Hi? Welcome to :iconanonymousblank: `s gallery of monstrosities!



I have always been a crazed, avid follower of yours. And as usual, your work is fantastic! The lines are smooth and crisp, the coloring...



Full Body: $35 Start Up

MGMA: Mahvash Mahzun by AnonymousBlank  MRLO: Regynt by AnonymousBlank  RLYW: Rei Haruka by AnonymousBlank  AZRE: Aurum by AnonymousBlank

+$5 for Background

+$10 for Weapon

+$30 for Additional Character

Team Lineup: $120

Team NGHT Lineup by AnonymousBlank

-Individual Files Included + Silhouette Team Poster + RWBY Style Team Poster 

  • Payment method via PAYPAL and in USD Dollars.
  • I do not draw nude, furries, mechas, armor, buff/old men
  • If cancellation of the commission is requested, only 30% of the payment can be refunded.
  • Re-uploading without giving credit is NOT allowed.
  • I have the RIGHT to deny a commission if I see it too complicated or difficult to illustrate.


  • Send me a note to inform me about you wanting to have a slot.
  • Send the payment via Paypal in USD.
  • You will get a note back indicating the number of slot that you have.
  • You will be mentioned in the commission batch post where you can monitor your commission progress.
  • I will be sending you the rough sketch/base color of the commission in order for you to be able to change or add some things. 
  • Once you have given me the approval of the sketch/base color, I will finish it.
  • You cannot demand a change after the sketch/base colors approval. 
  • If you have a specific pose/design in mind, do say it. 


- :iconzenik370:


Inktober has started..... Will I finally get past day 5 this time?

Three consecutive years I failed this meme lmao

He was her light.

She lived to be killed. Then somehow, she lived to kill.

She was #008 first before she was Verdell. And she has no idea which one is the real her since the line had long ago been blurred.

Blood. Death. Joy. Pleasure.

Her world spun around those four words and she smiled and killed and tortured and maimed- untill her #008 met his #015.

He was like her. Alive only to be killed but instead, he stayed that way.

They told her he was too strong. Or his will is rather.

She was strong too but she has no will.

And people do love soulless puppets.

So they gave him to her.

Do what you always do. They said.

She would've.

But then her eyes met his.

She never knew what the sky looks like. Having read a brief description of it on the books she had gathered to quench her thirst for knowledge.

But she's sure she's already looking at the sky. Trapped in twin orbs looking at her with so much strength and will that made her breathless.

So she spared him.

And in return, he told her about the outside world.

Then her red blood world exploded in colors.

Green. He told her that the outside world was littered with green. A different green from her acid eyes and bile hair, a shade of green that symbolizes life unlike hers which symbolizes death.

Red. The color of blooming flowers and the canvas of sky when the sun sets and the heat of its hue when a family huddles around a fire, unlike the red that has been spilt all over the concrete walls.

Purple. The royalty of the colors, woven in rich silk and symbolizing wealth. Unlike the purple flowers that bloom on pale skin when she struck too hard against weak flesh.

Blue. The whole expanse of the sky. The neverending shade that swallows the world with light and the epitome of tomorrow-in which she was right, for his eyes made her feel like that.

And then she kept on drowning and drowning with his voice lulling her and erasing #008 a little bit more until Verdell began showing up brighter.

He gave breath to her name so she gave him his.

The one who taught the serpent to fly even with his clipped wings.

A brief look at Verdell and Nigel's relationship.

Note: Verdell was originally labelled as Specimen #008 while Nigel was Specimen #015Side Copy by AnonymousBlank

Mourvedre: Hey Elroy, let me tell you a joke-
Elroy: What?
Mourvedre: Verdell's ass
Elroy: I don't fucking get it
Mourvedre: Exactly
Bump by AnonymousBlank
Poisoned Wine(VerdellxMourvedre) or Hydros(VerdellxElroy)?
Pwvhr Copy by AnonymousBlank
VENM Alt Outfits W.I.P
VENMV21 copy by AnonymousBlank
*Reaper *Striker *Silencer *Catcher

Since I need more pieces to add to my portfolio, figure might as well do it now!
(Been pretty long since I got these planned out and thank heavens I finally had the time to design these OTL)


AnonymousBlank has started a donation pool!
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Please~ I need points... Would you mind if you donate some? 5 is fine...How much is up to you... Thank you~

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T’is simply an opinion, but I like very much, EL!

Keep it up! ^ v^ !!!

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