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It was the evening after the attack. Amanda got ready for work as usual, having finally convinced herself that she was dreaming, when a news report came on.

"Police are baffled by the mysterious carcass found earlier today. It resembles a large dog or wolf, but the front paws appear very hand like and the limbs are far longer. Stranger still, the beast was found headless just outside the forest at approximately 9:30 this morning. The police say it was a clean cut, indicative that this creature was, for whatever reason, decapitated with a long, sharp blade."

Amanda stopped cold. The wolf... Is... Was... Real?

Deep down, part of her mourned her lost mate. Then the thought occurred to her that she might be next. She tried to push it from her mind as she tied her shoes.

She opened the door to leave, but her path was blocked by a tall shadow holding a vile looking blade.

"Amanda Ellis" it breathed stepping in.

It towered over her. She was paralyzed with fear. It brought the blade up and then swung.

Amanda woke up. Another nightmare. That's the way it's been for a few weeks now. Ever since the wolf was found beheaded. She stumbled out of bed, only to be hit with a wave of nausea.

She ran into the bathroom and prayed to the porcelain god for a good five minutes.

"You ok in there?" her roommate asked.

"I've been better." Amanda said hoarsely.

"Look Amanda, you've been getting sick for a week now, and I think youre swelling. It's time to go to the doctor." said her Roommate.

"I know Lilith... I know." Amanda said, "but I'm worried, ok."

Lilith clicked her black nails on the table, "What are you so scared about?"

Amanda sighed, "You know that wolf they found a few weeks ago?"

Lilith cocked her eye, "Yeah. What about it?"

"It attacked me... That night I was missing. I think it might have done something to me." said Amanda.

"Well, you aren't going to know if you don't go." Lilith responded matter of factly.

"I... I suppose you're right." said Amanda, "I'll go tomorrow."

"Good." said Lilith, "Hard enough finding a mate in this town."

"What?" said Amanda, startled.

"Oh relax, girly girl, you aren't my type. I meant roommate. Not everyone tolerates Goths. Fucking hicks, am I right?" Lilith said, giggling.

Amanda hated getting up early for the doctor, but she dragged herself out of bed and started to get ready, jumping in the shower.

The hot shower felt extra good today. It carressed her body and seemed to make all the aches she was feeling disappear. She lathered her loofa and cleaned every crack and crevice.

She started lathering her boobs, and began to notice how sensitive they've become. She continued rubbing them with her loofa as a hand, seemingly of its own free will, wandered towards her slit.

Her thoughts went back to that night... Making passionate love to the wolf. If only she could have made love one more t-

"Son of a-" she swore, looking at her hand. Her nails had begun growing out like claws. She needed to calm down. She turned the shower cold and waited for the heat to dissipate.

She got dressed and started walking towards the bus stop, so preoccupied with her hand, she ran right into an old man.

"Excuse me, sir!" she squeaked.

"Verzeihen Sie!" he replied back in an apologetic fashion, tipping his hat.

She got to the Doctor's office and told them her symptoms. A variety of tests later and they had their answer. She was surprised when a female doctor came back in instead of the male one she'd been assigned.

"Ms. Ellis?" the Doctor said.

"Y-yeah?" replied Amanda.

"Your test came back positive." said the Doctor

"Christ... For what?" asked Amanda.

"Relax, your perfectly healthy. Pregnant... But healthy." said the Doctor.

Amanda heard the words, but they didn't seem to click, "I don't..."

"Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't caught it sooner, with you being a couple months along now." said the Doctor.

"But... I haven't had sex in over a year!" said Amanda.

"Are you sure about that?" asked the Doctor in a disbelieving voice.

"Yeah... I'm pretty freaking sure!" said Amanda, raising her voice.

"Then perhaps you don't remember your transformation." the Doctor said.

"What?" Amanda said going wide eyed.

"You didn't think we wouldn't keep tabs on you, did you?" said the woman.

"You're not a doctor... Are you." said Amanda, reaching for the pepper spray in her purse.

"I'm whatever they need me to be." said the woman, "Truth be told... I've swapped parts so many times, I'm not even sure who or what I am anymore." she sat down on a rotating stool.

"Who sent you?" asked Amanda.

"Invested parties. Ones with the resources to do DNA tests on your ripped undies." said the woman flicking the purse into the corner with her foot.

"What do you want with me?" Amanda inquired.

"Hopefully... To help you. It's been many years since a wolf was made without the tribe's permission." said the woman.

"Tribe? What tribe?" asked Amanda.

"Well... They call themselves a tribe. They're called the Purebred. A bunch of stuck up, inbred mongrels. They're the masters of that beast that bit you." answered the stranger.

Amanda couldn't believe what she was hearing, "You're telling me there's... More of those wolf men?"

"Men is a strong word." said the Stranger, her brow furrowed as she thought of the monsters, "The Purebred are named such because they believed that by exclusively breeding with each other, they could purge the humanity from their blood. Trouble is, they succeeded. They have 'ascended' as they call it, to sentient anthropomorphic wolves. They still carry all the other traits of normal werewolves, but they don't change back into humans, and despise all who do."

"So, why did that one bite me, then?" asked Amanda.

"Limited gene pool... It's a supernatural affliction, so inbreeding doesn't have all the unhealthy side effects that it normally does, but they have a higher tendency to go feral. He was the last of this generation. Many believe the purebred's eugenics has finally led to their extinction."

Amanda felt a twinge of sympathy for the poor creature... And fear for her own, "Could that happen to my child? The whole feral thing?"

"Children" said the stranger, Amanda gasped, "Werewolves have litters, but don't worry, unless you have almost a thousand years of cousin fucking in your ancestry, you needn't worry."

Amanda's thoughts wandered to the lupine body they found, she wondered if her new acquaintance was behind it, "who... Who killed him?"

The stranger's expression turned grim, her eyes became very distant, "Most... Creatures like us just want to live, to have a job, a family, be normal. This one, not so much. Even as a man, he was cruel and greedy, a soldier of fortune come to a foreign land. He was unrelenting, even after a cannonball took his head off."

That sounded familiar.

"Wasn't the Headless Horseman a mercenary who was killed with a cannonball?" asked Amanda.

"Exactly. The Hessian got bored of collecting heads, and has gone back to mercenary work. The Purebred gave him a silver sword and tasked him with... Resolving family matters."

"Is he still here?" asked Amanda

"Yes, I'm afraid. He accessed the wolf's memories and now vaguely remembers a she wolf amongst the insanity and rage. The Purebred told him to find her and kill her."

"So, now he's after me?" asked Amanda.

"He doesn't know it's you... Yet. From what we've gathered, the Hessian is not used to using the head of a wolf. He cannot cipher through the memories as well as he could a human."

"But... He can wear other people's heads? He could be anyone I meet!" said Amanda, getting scared.

"Not quite. He's still a German ghost, and never bothered to learn English so, there's that, and I'd beware anyone remaining silent as well."

Amanda gasped. The old man at the bus stop, "I... I think I met him."

"You're lucky then, had he been wearing the wolf head, he might have recognized you."

"What do I do?" asked Amanda.

"Leave. Not today, but soon. You must cross a river. A big one. The Hessian cannot cross running water."

"Why not today?" asked Amanda.

"Too suspicious... Plus, tonight's a full moon."

"No..." said Amanda, as she started weeping. Why her? Why this?

"I'm sorry, Amanda." said the stranger, standing up, "We'll help you how we can, but we cannot be attached to this in any way. The Purebred threatened war if we helped you directly. This meeting alone was a great risk."

"Then why do it?"

"Because..." said the stranger, rolling up her sleeve, "I know a thing or two about being hunted by an evil foe" her normal seeming arm ended at her wrist, and from the forearm up was a disgusting yellowed color, with stitches everywhere.

"You're..." started Amanda.

"I have no name, for I was never given one by my father." said the stranger, "This disguise was the only way we could get someone in here. Thankfully, the Hessian isn't the only person who can swap faces."

"What about tonight, then?" asked Amanda.

"Try to remain indoors. You still retained some sentience as a wolf, yes? Then you should be able to stop from being found out."

"Wait, before you go... Today..." Amanda blushed, "I- I touched myself in the shower, and started transforming. Why?"

"You're a shifter now, Amanda." answered the stranger, "Your form has become, for lack of a better word, fluid. Especially in your early stages, any intense emotions can trigger premature changes. Don't worry, soon, it will even out. Now, I'm sorry to leave you, but I must go."

And, without another word, the stranger left.

The bus ride back was awful. Suddenly, every stranger was a possible threat. Amanda could feel her nails growing at just the thought of one of these people. Someone absent mindedly sat down next to her, twiddling on his phone. She started to hear a low rumbling only to realize she was growling.

Finally, she got back to her apartment. A package addressed to her roommate had been left on the step. She set it on the table, plopped on the couch, and went to sleep.


"HOLY SHIT! IT'S HERE!" came Lilith's excited voice, jolting Amanda awake. She looked at her phone. Four, still two hours till sunset.

Lilith came in, cutting the small box open with scissors, "So, what's the diagnosis?"

Amanda sighed, no use denying it, "Pregnant."

Lilith stopped mid-stroke, "You're shitting me! That's why you've been throwing up and gaining- oh Christ, I'm an idiot. So... Are you thinking about an abortion?"

Amanda had been trying to think about it, but something kept telling her no. Could Wolf Amanda still be inside her?

"I'm not sure." Amanda said, "I am considering it."

Lilith finished opening the package and pulled a glass bottle in an ornate circular shape.

"What on earth is that?" asked Amanda

"Full Moon Alpha." answered Lilith, "I got it online. Its a perfume made with real wolf hormones. One spray and no bitch will be able to resist me... At least that's what the tag says. I thought it sounded neat."

Amanda was still groggy from her nap, so it took a second to click, "Wolf hormones... Wait, Lil', I-"

Too late, Lilith had spritzed some in the air. She took a whif, "Vanilla and Lilac, not bad." she then proceeded to douse herself in the stuff.

It burned Amanda's nose from potency, but she could immediately smell the musk of an Alpha under all those chemicals. Her heart started racing. Her juices began flowing. She tried resisting, but it was too late, this was happening now.

She lept off the couch and began almost... Crawling on Lilith smelling everywhere she sprayed the perfume.

"You smell gooooooood." Amanda purred in Lilith's ear. Lilith wanted to ask what the hell got into her friend, but there was something magnetic about the way she was moving. It was hypnotizing. They both knew exactly where this was going. They began kissing, blindly making their way to Amanda's room. Amanda stuck her tongue deep into Lilith's, further than it had any right to go.

They finally made it to the loosely made queen. They both stripped. Lilith was surprised at how hairy Amanda was. The girl needed a wax bad. She proceeded to suckle Amanda's right breast while twiddling her left. Something splooged into her mouth. It was creamy and sweet, but it caught her by surprise.

She coughed, "Christ! Lactating already."

Amanda was having trouble forming complete sentences, "The bed... Get in."

Lilith didn't need to be told twice and between the covers. Amanda crawled underneath the comforter at the foot of the bed, and began making her way to Lilith's treasure, her increasingly distant humanity glad Lilith wouldn't see the transformation outright, but still begging for the wolf to stop.

The she wolf got to the opening, and began sniffing. The rush of hormones had her senses in a tizzy, and it was time to experiment. Despite silent protests from her now shelved civil half, she wasted no time and plunged her tongue in, exploring every inch of Lilith's womanhood.

Lilith moaned in pleasure, and began playing with her nipples. She's had sex before, but not even her toys could give her this much pleasure. She had no idea Amanda had this side to her. She gasped when the penetrating tongue found her clitoris. She wasn't going to last long like this.

Meanwhile, at the point of entry, Wolf Amanda was pleased to find the transformation was a lot smoother this time around. She barely noticed as her mouth reformed into a muzzle to better accompany her tongue. The hair, the tail, the ears, even the feet. Amanda was back in her wild state within seconds. It felt so good to be free again. Her extra breasts had come back as well, rubbing against the bed, getting milk dribbles everywhere and driving her into further euphoria. She needed to answer her own call as well. Her hand searched around and found something... Lilith's vibrator. Without a second thought, she turned it on and plunged as deep as it would go.

The sun was just setting, the full moon shining into their window.

Wolf Amanda got a wild hair and realized something wasn't right. She looked at her own beautiful body and then at Lilith's baby smooth skin. Poor Lilith, their must be something Amanda could do to help her. No, said her last vestiges of humanity, not Lil, not her friend. Instinct was taking over the She Wolf though, and, nimbly, and gently as she could, Amanda nipped Lilith where the sun didn't shine.

"FUCK! What the Hell, Amanda? You kinky bi-" Lilith tossed off the quilt revealing the giant, blonde wolf woman currently orally pleasuring her.

Lil screamed and tried to get up, but Amanda was too strong, holding her down, continuing to tongue her now engorged pussy.

Lilith screamed for help, but those soon turned into gasps and moans as the heat started. What was happening to her? Oh Christ... If Amanda was a werewolf, and she bit her...

"You... Fucking... Bitch" she managed to get out between groans, as little red hairs started sprouting in her clean shaven body.

Amanda was subconsciously surprised at the revelation Lil was a ginger.

Lil blushed, it was one thing to be a werewolf, but did she have to have her original hair color.

The next few minutes were a swirling miasma of pain and pleasure for Lil, her body morphing like Amanda before her, but added to it was her friend's constant licking.

Finally came the moment, fur climbed up to her face, the rest of her morphed into a beast already, but she was so close.

"Fuck me..." she said, giving in, "Fuck me till I can't stand up." and, it came, and so did she. Her face burst into a muzzle, as she howled in pleasure, her juices pouring into Amanda's mouth. It was a foul liquid, but Amanda just lapped it up. She also came too, the vibrator having finally pushed her to her limit.

The two she wolves finally got up and looked at each other... Their wild halves knew, they were mated, now and forever.

Amanda nodded towards her backside, and Lil knew immediately what to do. They got in the 69 position and continued consumating their bond all night, lapping and playfully nipping.


Dawn finally broke through the curtains. Lil's eyes fluttered open. Why was she in Amanda's bed and... Why was she nude?

Memories of the bizarre night came back to her, but that couldn't have actually happened, right? She felt her body. Seemed normal enough. It must have been a weird fever dream from too much perfume... Yeah.

Amanda was next to her, covered in a quilt. Lil gently shook her.

"I just had the craziest dream." said Lil.

Amanda's eyes fluttered open, and she felt her body through the quilt.

"It wasn't a dream", she sighed, a tear in her eye.

Amanda pulled the covers off her nude body to reveal her stomach had grown even more since yesterday, and now, she had three extra sets of breasts to contend with.
Amanda must come to grips with her new condition and other shocking revelations about herself.

Sorry for the exposition dump in the first half. I had to explain a lot of stuff.
MysticKris10 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016
Finally chapter 2. Can't wait to see what's next. So Amanda is being hunted, this is bad.
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