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Who shall survive?



this was a sketch i did a few months back...
maybe almost a year...

i sketched it in an almost absent-minded state. i wanted to draw SupermEn, but i lost the mood after trying to sketch all those kryptonians from different dimmensions (Kal-El, Kal-L, Kal-El of Earth 22_Kingdome Come Supes, Justice Lords Superman, Superman X, Superboy Prime, Titans of Tomorrow Kon-El, Superman Blue, and Bizzaro).

Well, it would be too much for an A4 page, and i'd have difficulties in deciding the proportions (i still need a lot of work in that).

So, long story short. I sketched it, scanned it, colored it in basic colors, and neglected it for months until a few days ago i started re-editing it and added some effects with photoshop (the standard software for newbies), voila...

a hard sketch turned into a lousy wallpaper...

please leave a comment. i need suggestions and critics...

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well i think that even if the superman of Kingdom Come is very strong... i think that it would lose to the young superman

Great drawing by the way!