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RAM CPU (+DISK) Taskbar v2.2.2



PSA: Unfortunately this project has now been abandoned as I've moved onto other stuff, and the update server is no longer in use (so Check for updates will just throw an error). Thanks for all the support all this time!

A simple program that changes your taskbar into a dynamic color-changing resource meter!

Latest Version: v2.2.2 - Added automatic updating and single-instance enforcement.

View your CPU, RAM or Active Disk Usage as a dynamic bar representation... in the form of your Taskbar!

Auto-check updates: will check for updates daily
Show settings at startup: open the settings window whenever you run the program
Fade colours: whenever it changes from one colour to another, it will blend the colours in a smooth animation
Hide tray icon: removes the tray icon from the system tray. Closing it will require ending the process, and to restore the icon you must edit settings.rcts in a text editor and change it to:

appearing as such: 

HideIcon    False

Split by width/height: arrange the two bars side-by-side or on top of one another
Left-aligned/Bottom-aligned: anchor the relevant bar to the left or bottom of the screen (depending what side of the screen your Taskbar is on)
Refresh rate: how often the bar updates its values in milliseconds

Supports: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

For Windows 7, works best with AeroPlain (irrelevant for Windows 8 and 8.1)

Enjoy, comment, :+fav:, and :points:!

Download Links

Download here

Full Changelog:
v2.2.2 - Updater will now download and overwrite the current executable, and update it automatically. Also enforced running 1 instance at a time only.

v2.2.1 - Fixed swap button not working, added safety catches to Defaults buttons, added Hide Tray Icon setting
v2.2 - Changed framework to support more than just CPU and RAM, plus minor bug fixes. Have only added Active Disk Usage for now, will implement temperature as well once I find a widely compatible method. 
v2.1 - Added colour fading transitions
v2.0.3 - Fixed bugs with sizing and placement (especially for small taskbar users)
v2.0.2 - Fixed bugs with settings editor
v2.0.1 - Changed updater (new server)
v2.0 - Rewrote the whole thing, now uses a file in the same directory for settings instead of Registry, fixed some minor bugs
v1.6.2 - Fixed always on top issue, no longer shows in aero peek, fixed alt-tab menu bug.
v1.6.1 - Finished stuff I forgot to put in, fixed opening options screen bug, fixed show options on startup, fixed start at Windows.
v1.6 - Full rewrite, added interval control, fixed up icon, new gui, fixed updater again.
v1.5 - Fixed updater, fixed visual styles, added support for side positioned taskbars!
v1.3.2 - Fixed updater and other bugs
v1.3.1 - Added update feature - auto and manual (in the system tray)
v1.3 - Added split-width function
v1.2.1 - Fixed shutdown bug
v1.2 - Added CPU Meter
v1.1 - Added support for taskbar height
v1.0 - Fully working (may have some bugs)
v0.2 - Works with small icons taskbar
v0.1 - Initial release

Created by Wasteland Software.
© 2011 - 2023 anonymous-thing
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it would appear that it only works on aero, not basic or classic themes? wish that had been stated up front, i wouldn't have wasted my time downloading it.