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Before Training by Anonymous-Shrew Before Training by Anonymous-Shrew
If you can't see, I stopped caring when I got to the floor Sweating a little... 


The sun was shining brightly as Ardin walked to the barn in silence, hands in his pockets, breath clouding in the still chilly air. Dimitri was wandering after him quietly, kicking a stone around.
"I'm going to ride Theo first, do you want to wait up for me in the large jumping arena? I won't be half an hour," Ardin told him.
"I can wait with you," Dimitri replied quietly, not looking up at him, still shuffling the rock around with his feet. Ardin chuckled.
"Alright. I won't just let you sit around and do nothing, so can you see if any of the horses need hay?" he told him while walking into Theo's stall, coming out with the large stallion a few moments later and clipping the cross-ties onto his halter.
"Yeah, sure," Dimitri nodded before wandering off to the end of the barn. He peeked into all the stalls, making sure to avoid coming to close to Diesel and Hades, and Ardin quietly went about his business tacking Theo up. He and Dimitri headed out to the large showjumping arena some time later, still quiet, the saddle leather creaking.
"Do you want to spend some time with Grace afterwards?" Ardin asked Dimitri as they walked into the empty arena, closing the door behind them.
"Sure," Dimitri shrugged, patting Theo's nose absently. Ardin sighed; ever since Bjørn had shown his face again Dimitri had been quiet and absent, and it frustrated him. He'd spend so much time nursing him back to health and now one person had managed to shimmy in and ruin almost all of it in the course of a few hours. He ran the stirrups down, tightens Theo's girth and stretched his legs before mounting, settling in the saddle comfortably. Dimitri took his spot up on the side of the arena, sitting on the mounting block, and watched silently as Ardin went through his daily training program with Theo.  

What do you mean my endings have to be good?

Word Count: 323
Horse: Theo

Dimitri belongs to WiskeyandFlapjacks.
Grace, Diesel, and Hades belong to me

Tools used: Caliber medium weight sketch pad (9 x 12 in.), Faber Castell PIT Artist Pen XS, Derwent Coloursoft, and other coloured pencils
Time: Approx. 3 hours
Reference: Putting on a saddle cloth - 2418 by LuDa-Stock
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March 18, 2016
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