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Too late

Sometimes people are too late when they try to interrupt a Fusion, if they're just starting or halfway through, it will be difficult yet possible to separate the two. Their bodies resisting and even after splitting, begin to desire the other and will have an 'urge to merge' regardless if it's the victim or the attacker. But there are times when people walk in on their girlfriend, sister or friend being absorbed by someone and will be totally powerless to stop the process. No matter how much you pull her hand or force the woman out... her body will sink into her new home and become one with her attacker.

It's much like quicksand, only slower and much more impossible to escape.

(Photo above is an example of a Police raid finding a woman that was reported missing, all that was left to absorb was her hand, six officers tried to pull her out of the Woman's massive breasts...none of them succeeded.)
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