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The Three types of Fusions

From the Research the Police have managed to do, we have a better understanding of Fusions and the different types.

-Consensual; the least criminal yet still ethically questionable form of merging. This is when both individuals voluntarily accept fusion and have willing intercourse. This process takes the least time and yields the most balanced results.

-Dominating; a more aggressive and forced way of merging with someone. Women who enact this deed will sexually assault someone, usually pinning them with their breasts until they subconsciously submit and begin to merge. This process results with one person in control yet the body's attributes will still be balanced.

-Third Party Forced; some men and women are sadistic enough to find two people and bind them together, usually planting a vibrator or forcing them aphrodisiacs or whatever drug they can to up the sex drive. This will force both women to continue even after climaxing, until they melt and meld. This process takes the longest and results in both girls being in control but at a disadvantage, like having two brains copiloting, while their bodies remain balanced, their minds are split and their bodily movements must be coordinated. 
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