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Tessa's friend group (Also, QUESTIONS?)

(I'm mostly posting this because I want you all to know something! Do you guys have any questions or requests about my messed up Fetish world? If you don't, just ignore this part and enjoy the busty vixens above. But if you do, Leave all questions down below in a comment, I'll read it and get back to you as soon as I can! I REALLY wanna be in touch with my community and more and more people watch everyday, so I wanna know what you guys think or want.)

Tessa has had two friends her whole life, Hitomi and Demmy, these three did everything together like; play, watch anime, eat fast food, have sex, milk each other and then some.
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gaelicmermaid's avatar

God I'd love to be absorbed by any of them!

what happens when ladies of a different skin type merge?

I hope this helps! 😊

They blend, like a white girl and a black girl merging causes their skin to become a mix between the two tones. If one girl has freckles or other types of blemishes, it gets mixed into the aftermath.

Jimbo-scion's avatar

In that universe, are there also absorption/forced predators that seek out others that have many fusions? or those that can 'steal' others?


a jealous woman really wants a specific woman a part of her, but another predator absorbed that woman. The jealous woman does the forced merge, and pulls out her intended victim.

Or, say a woman is a merge from 8 different women. Another woman then does a forced merge to take all of them into her.

So far there is no recorded way of undoing a fusion, however there is rumors of a couple that managed to 'de-fuse' but the details are entirely unknown and up for speculation. Though you never know :)it might be possible. (I might do a story on that in the future)

it would be difficult for her to pin down and force the woman into submission, but it's not impossible. (I also might do a story on that now)

Jimbo-scion's avatar

A short (but ridiculous)idea I formed in my head while reading one of your longer form stories

'Mergerow' the sentencing for women who have gone on merging sprees; they themselves are made a part of the Warden. She is extremely corrupt, and can merge with anyone she wants due to her cover if she's careful about it.

Also, I think you'll love one of the stories I'm working on right now, it's called "The Breast Detention ever"

Oooh! I LOVE IT! I'll Definitely do a story around that, but I gotta make it someone involved with the Warden instead of the Warden herself since serial absorbers grow in size after so much consumption, so I might make it her daughter or something. But I LOVE that idea, I'll definitely do it!

raperjar's avatar

Are you planning on doing more stories like the ones were we had to open drive to read them? I like those. Also, are you going to make stories with third party fusion?

Yes, I intend to do lots of more stories (Sorry that's been a bit since I've done one, I've been busy with school is all)

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