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Church of the Divine Goddess

One day, while checking in on her containment cell, the researchers and wardens were shocked to find that Annabelle Menendez was surrounded by a flock of naked women, made up of the research staff, other inmates and even a couple of the security forces. As it turns out, Annebelle's sweat acted as an uber aphrodisiac and could actually manipulate people of the (at the moment) preferred sex. It got so intense that they actually formed around her as a following, what started as a gang, became a cult... The Church of the Divine Goddess. Now they seek to appease Annabelle and hopefully be enough in her good graces to be one with the orgasmic Goddess, they even trick, force or lure people to experience the bliss that she can give them through unity. What was previously 12 victims, was boosted up to 21... and her hunger far from hindered.
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