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Thunder Child Class Star Dreadnaught by Anonymous-Dinosaur Thunder Child Class Star Dreadnaught :iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 4 0
Alone With Nature
What is alone?
To be someone
With no one;
That is alone.
Am I alone?
To be in the colorless
And shapeless form,
The object of everyone's scorn.
I am alone.
Yet I am wrong,
For in the sky
In the earth,
In the seas
And in the stars
There is life!
It is around me,
In the air, land and sea,
Nature is the companion
For me.
The birds and leaves,
Ants and streams,
This is the friendship
That one needs.
In thinking of this,
it is only right,
that the Lord gave us this
to solve our plight:
Not pens, pencils or books,
Not hidden in dark crannies or nooks.
The best place for me,
I find,
Is with natures' grace, love, and mind.
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 0
The Lawyer works in an office,
On the nine to five shift
Typing papers, reviewing notes,
And in the end struggling to find the words he needs
To finally win his day in court.
The doctor works in the OR
Shifting through mangled guts
With cold metal instruments
Breathing a sigh of relief
That the surgery will be a success.
The janitor works in the halls,
Scrubbing the floor, cleaning the windows
But just as content as the rest
When an idle passerby gives him a smile.
The student works in the school,
Writing essays and doing mundane work
Daydreaming of the future
And wondering what path his journey will take.
The lawyer, the Doctor, and the Janitor
All contribute, all work  
So that the world the student enters
Will be just a little better,
For the student will one day
Pick up where they left off
Always working for a better tomorrow.
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 1 2
I see it moving
Bobbling up and down
Over the rocks in the stream.
Clear and sparkling
It catches the light
And throws it back into the air
Blinding you if you look too hard.
It is purity
Its coolness washing away
All that taints your form.
It gives life to the plants
It is life to the fish
But it is dying
Choking on our poisons
That we carelessly throw into it.
I see it dying.
I see it weeping.
I see the tears it sheds
Every time the sky turns dark
And the clouds roar in anger.
Soon its purity will be lost
And we must ask
"With what shall we wash ourselves now,
For the water is filthier than us?"
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 0
Art Imitates Life
Cast of Characters
Chris. Early 20's.  A part-time artist.
Ann. Early 20's.  A literal work of art.
Mary.  Early 20's  Chris's girlfriend.
The Time: The present, sometime in spring.
The Place: In a small art studio, somewhere in New York.
Act One: Scene one
Setting: We are in a small art studio somewhere in New York.  It is a decent sized place, but most of the space is cluttered with paint brushes, buckets of different colors of paint, scraps of paper, pencils, pens and even some molding clay.   It is dark out, and only a few small lamps dangling from the ceiling bring light into the room, and reveal the smudges' of paint carelessly dotting the wooden walls, and a brown coat hanging on a nail in the wall.  At the center of the room is an uncluttered space right over the lamp  where only a canvas and stool stand.
At Rise. It is sometime at night with the windows closed and the dim lamps bring light ont
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 2
Four Dogs on a Leash: Play
Doctor:  Early 30's.  a young surgeon.  Wears lab coat and carries a stethoscope.
Soldier:  Mid 20's. a Lieutenant in the army.  Wears a uniform.
Scholar:  Mid 40's. A Political Science professor at the local university.  Smokes a pipe
Photographer:  Early 20's.  An aspiring photojournalist.  Always has a camera with him.
Time: Present-day, one week from Valentines Day.  
Setting: A small pub somewhere on the outskirts of a large city near the ocean.
Act One: Scene One:
(As the curtain rises, we see four men seated together around a table in a pub.  One is a Soldier, one is a Doctor, one is a Scholar, and one is a Photographer.  They are all relatively young and handsome, but all have the appearance of being deep in thought.)
Doc:  (to the Photographer) So…what's your plan for Valentines day?  It's only a week away after all.
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 1
It lay upon the beach, half covered in the sand, almost invisible save for a few streaks of orange and brown that stood out against the sun-bleached grains.  
"How long have you been sleeping here, mister shell?"  Thought the girl as she ambled by, spotting the shell resting in the sand.  "Did you wash ashore only yesterday as the fishermen's boats were returning home?  Or have you been sleeping there for years waiting for me to pick you up?"
It was a small thing, tiny in comparison to the girls hands, but the intricate hills and valleys of its form stood out as a testament that even the smallest of nature's wonders can hold immense beauty
Eagerly the little girl placed her discovery in a pouch she carried which held other examples of Neptune's treasures, and then continued on her way to search for other gifts from the sea that the waves had washed gently ashore to reward young children for their curiosity.
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 1 1
Mature content
The Speakeasy :iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 1 1
Ode to May
Emotional, empathic enigmatic May,
Experienced life in a most tragic way.
She felt everyone's sorrows, everyone's pain.
She couldn't find sunshine, she always saw rain.
All on that day when April died,
May's erupting emotions would explode and collide.
Haunted, unhappy, a hole in her days,
Embattled and battered in so many ways,
Pain and sorrow were all she felt,
As she watched other people's happiness melt.
But when she was happy and not in a mood,
She was active, angelic, with a good attitude.
Considerate, kind, compassionate, summed up May,
Who tried to help others in every which way.
She left trails of crumbs for each insect,
And took in Lily, a homeless reject.
When others suffered her heart was touched
Sad, soft, sympathetic, she cared too much.
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 1
Four Dogs on a Leash
It was a fairly average day in the local pub, a small, quiet establishment quaintly resting at the edge of the city near the lakefront which was well known for its toned-down atmosphere that seemed to invite discussion even among the mutest of individuals.
It was in this pub that we find four men, all sitting at the same table conversing with one another, who, save for the unusual predicament they all found themselves in, would never have even bothered to accept one another's company in normal circumstances.  
The first man was a soldier, a young and brash but decorated officer sworn to defend his proud homeland against all antagonists, both foreign and domestic, and who on brisk February days such as this would normally be found refining his already exceptional marksmanship skills at the range.
The second man was a scholar, a man of academia and a self-fashioned political critic who would normally have spent the hours of the day writing various dissertations on the current s
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 1
Without bodies
Without bodies, we are all one soul, united, indivisible, separated only by our earthly existence, and with that separation comes loneliness, being severed from the great unity and thus we despair for now we can be rejected and ridiculed by others.  But it is not this separation that also gives us our independence, our freedom?  Our drive to create, to reinvent the world in a better form?  And so I ask you which is better: a world where all are one, and thus no one is alone, and there exists no joy or sorrow for there is no notion of self?  Or a world where loneliness and rejection cripple us, but allow us to think and to feel, to question and to learn, each as ourselves, each working for the promise of a better tomorrow that we are not assured will come?  
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 1 1
Malpractice by Anonymous-Dinosaur Malpractice :iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 1
The soil and stone of the land is my skin
The water in the oceans and rivers is my blood
The trees and flowers that grow in the fertile grounds are my hair
And the wind and the breezes that flow over the lands is my voice singing.
You are part of me, or rather, I am part of you.  
when you lay upon the ground, you touch my body
when you drink the water, you drink my blood,
when you run your fingers across the grass, I feel them running through my hair.
and when you listen to the wind blowing, you hear my song.  
We are intertwined, connected, in need of eachother,
Embraced like two lovers dancing through time.
So why then do you scar by skin
And put poison my blood?
Why do you cut my hair
And leave only my voice to sing a sad song?
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 1 2
The Hunter
Somewhere in modern day Ethiopia, around 200,000 years ago.
It was just reaching midday, the high sun beating down harshly upon the open savannah.  A small herd of gazelle was grazing quietly in the plane, moving slowly in the heat of the midday sun, seemingly ignorant of the eyes that were watching them.
Hiding crouched in a bush near the herd lay the hunter, a young Homo sapien, grasping his spear and quietly adjusting his stance in the dirt while he fixed his gaze upon his target, the largest gazelle in the group, a muscular male.  The man would have to be silent and quick, he had only one chance.  If he missed, the entire herd would be startled and disappear into the brush before he could try again.  He took a deep breath, and in one swift motion, rose up, aimed, and threw his spear into the wind, as his father had taught him to do.  A moment later, his spear imbedded itself into the neck of the gazelle, which fell to the ground wit
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 1
The Mad House
To the right of me, the electronics aisle,
To the left of me, the furniture aisle.
Behind me is the place I just was,
In front of me is the place I'm going.  
All I see are things,
Full price, half-price, 20 percent off,
Everything had a price tag.
Red things, blue things,
Square things, round things,
Big things, small things,
There all worth something to somebody.
I don't care if it's new or used,
I don't care if it's on sale
I don't care if it's something I have to have.
I just want to get out!
I want to get away from the florescent lights
I want to get away from the glossy eyed shoppers
I want to get away from the security cameras,
I want to get away from the price tags
Get me out of this store before I go mad!
Get me out of this sore before I become part of it!
What?! Extended warranty?!  
Dear god, I've sold my soul to a toaster!!!
:iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 0
Explorer by Anonymous-Dinosaur Explorer :iconanonymous-dinosaur:Anonymous-Dinosaur 0 0


USS ENTERPRISE XCV 330 by LUCAS-REDESIGN USS ENTERPRISE XCV 330 :iconlucas-redesign:LUCAS-REDESIGN 32 9 Scythe by peterku Scythe :iconpeterku:peterku 316 65 Godzilla: King of the Monsters Rodan textless by mintmovi3 Godzilla: King of the Monsters Rodan textless :iconmintmovi3:mintmovi3 173 5 zBEHEMOTH speed sculpt by dopepope zBEHEMOTH speed sculpt :icondopepope:dopepope 1,222 87 SP - Symptoms by JoeyJazz SP - Symptoms :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 2,559 108 ILM Art Dept. Challenge - DD-3 design by Dedyone ILM Art Dept. Challenge - DD-3 design :icondedyone:Dedyone 38 0 Motte and Bailey of Aelfsdreim by Shabazik Motte and Bailey of Aelfsdreim :iconshabazik:Shabazik 200 3 Oriuim Excavation by Netarliargus Oriuim Excavation :iconnetarliargus:Netarliargus 241 33 Maysketchaday 2019 - 18 - Forgotten Ruins by RavenseyeTravisLacey Maysketchaday 2019 - 18 - Forgotten Ruins :iconravenseyetravislacey:RavenseyeTravisLacey 584 23 Star Wars Incom RZ-1 Mark IV Super A-Wing by AdamKop Star Wars Incom RZ-1 Mark IV Super A-Wing :iconadamkop:AdamKop 286 12 Imperian GunStar Commission by AdamKop Imperian GunStar Commission :iconadamkop:AdamKop 246 52 Arax by Sapiento Arax :iconsapiento:Sapiento 64 7 Disguised Celestia by seahawk270 Disguised Celestia :iconseahawk270:seahawk270 220 13 Cerinia Puzzle: Krystal by luigiix Cerinia Puzzle: Krystal :iconluigiix:luigiix 1,263 169 Legions of doom[c] by HarmaaGriffin Legions of doom[c] :iconharmaagriffin:HarmaaGriffin 58 0 Saint Barbara Tattoo Design by Sam-Phillips-NZ Saint Barbara Tattoo Design :iconsam-phillips-nz:Sam-Phillips-NZ 14 1





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