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Gnome v2 for XnView



I took the Gnome toolbar from XnView and updated the icons.


1. Extract the archive to the XnView skins folder.

2. Go to Options > Interface | Toolbar > Skin and select Gnome v2


1. If I couldn't find a replacement icon, I just used the old icon. You might notice them. If anyone has icon suggestions, Id appreciate it.

2. The "Create Contact Sheet" is not a Gnome icon, I just improvised an icon.


The GNOME Project


5/26 - Changed a few icons in main toolbar and added a few icons to browser toolbar.

6/28 - Changed an icon

8/14 - Changed a few icons and added imbar.bmp

9/3 - Couple more icon changes

10/9 - Updated some icons to Gnome 2.24

11/6 - Changed a couple icons
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I don't like the defaults xnview skins and I never found a good skin but your gnome theme is the best when I seen and integration in a gnome shell is perfect. Thank for share your exellent work !

sorry for my ultra basic english^^