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Because I get asked the same questions over and over, I decided to write a F.A.Q to answer whatever doubts you may have regarding my work, Desktop Ponies and the use of our bases. Please take a moment to read this before you use our work, or before you send me notes with questions, requests and such.

Q1: Do you accept requests / commissions / art-trades/ suggestions?
A1: No, sorry.

Q2: Will you accept them someday?/ Will you do an exception for me, please?
A2: No. This is a hobby I do on my (very sparse) free time, so I simply don't have the time (or mood) to attend individual requests. Please understand that no means no, so any person trying to slip a request will get a lifetime block instead.

Q3: Can I use your animations /as my avatar/ in a fangame/ in a project?
A3: Yes, you can use my animations as long as you give me full credit as the creator (and preferably link back). Just don't claim them as your own or try to create a situation intended to receive money, points or voluntary donations of them (Desktop Ponies and so my animations are filed under a Non-Profit license, this is to limit the number of abusive people leeching from them and to avoid problems with Hasbro.)
However, keep on mind that I do not allow people to reupload my animations to their galleries, recolor/alter my animations to reupload them as their own and much less tearing apart my animations to create unauthorized bases.

Q4: Can I use your bases?
A4: But of course! I made those simplified bases precisely to help people who wanted to try their had at making animations, so use them at your heart's content. Just give me credit and if you can link back to me or to Desktop Ponies, much better.
However, I do not allow people to reupload my bases to their own accounts or much less to resubmit them to other people's groups as their own. Yeah, this happens often.

Q5: How do you make your animations?
A5: I use Paint Shop Pro 7.04 for the drawing part and then I animate the frames using Animation Shop Pro 3.04. Yes, this software is prehistoric but as you can see, it still does the job very well. 
If you want the program and guidelines, please use Google to find them instead of asking me to do it for you.

Q6: Can you teach me how to make pony animations?
A6: Yes: just practice, don't use recolors, pay attention to what you do, learn from your mistakes and then practice and practice some more, as there aren't any "secret tricks" to become an expert animator right off the bat. (Sorry guys, but no pain, no gain.)
Our official gudeline, which includes a basic tutorial video, should help you as well, but as I said, the rest entirely depends of how much effort you put on this. Get it here:…
Also, my fellow Botchan-MLP made a basic trotting tutorial you can find here as well:…

And that's all: Thanks for reading. 

Any other questions (and non existant loopholes) should be covered by this:

FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
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do you take request 
Anonycat Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please read the FAQ that was literally in front of your eyes when you visited this account.
biancaroseg Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry to bother 
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