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It's made!

Some new art going up soon.
I'm going to make a new deviantart account. I just think I need to start over. This account is so messy with some history I just want to be rid of and college seems like the right time for a reboot. I slacked off on updates for so long that I think I lost all my watchers anyway.

The new account will be called ClueoEvie. It's a fitting name to follow Anon, if you know any Latin. =)

Anyway, if I do move, I'll put it in my journal or something.

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Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in a beautiful castle on a green hill surrounded by all sorts of life and pretty statues. She was obviously blond and wore a tiara all the time. One day, her father, the king, who was her father, the king, decided that she never obeyed his orders and that made him angry. He locked his daughter in a really high tower somewhere far away where the sky was always dark and everything around the tower was dead. It was a scary place and the princess cried all the time because she was a baby.

Meanwhile, two travelers wearing medieval clothes and carrying way too much booze were wandering through the dead parts of the land, making fun of each other and getting drunker than they already were. They had a purpose though. They were on a journey to obtain impossible wealth by running errands for an unspeakably evil demon of dark magic chaos unicorns. They were after the princess's golden kidneys, which, coincidentally, were also magical. By obtaining these kidneys and giving them up to the evil demon dark magic chaos unicorns, they would be wealthy, because that was how it worked.

By the way I forgot to say the princess was beautiful and everyone loved her except her maid who thought her legs were too short, not that she could tell because the princess wore a dress all the time.

So the two travelers tripped over themselves until they got into the tower and started climbing the really long spiral staircase, throwing up as they went and making fun of each other some more. They finally got to the top and were tired, and the princess saw them so she made some tea and biscuits and shared her culinary miracle with them. The three of them talked about how much they disliked aquatic animals until the two travelers became sober. They remembered why they were there and proceeded to cut out the princess's golden kidneys, leaving her bloody and dead on the cold tower floor. She was not happy about that. But they had her kidneys so it was ok.

The two travelers finished their tea and wiped their mouths, then took the kidneys and went to find the unicorns. Unfortunately, when they finally got out of the tower, the angry princess was waiting for them and she was very angry. She killed them with the sheer intensity of her anger and took back her precious kidneys. Then she put them in her pocket so that no one could ever abuse the power of the kidneys again.

And that's why vests have no sleeves.

The end.
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I still like backstreet boys. >D
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...I have a funny urge to wear lots of jewelry. I really should go on a shopping spree before the economy gets better.

Xam'd marathon today. 4 hours straight. Finished the series. -_-
I'm sick! There's art block, writers block, a cold, after school activities tomorrow that I'm really NOT in the mood for, the REAL SATs next weekend, and oh...there's stuff in my ice tea...what the hell...ew...

Plus, half my friends are having serious emotional issues. Gawd.

I suddenly want to watch Titanic. Really badly. >_> Hurhur.
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I'm sick of hearing people talk about how much they hate Twilight. At first it was just annoying, but every time I hear it, people sound stupider. I swear to God it's like a pandemic.

A lot of people who "hate" Twilight haven't even read the first book of it. Even if you have read it, you can't just hate something because it's fashionable to hate or because it helps you fit into our wonderfully dysfunctional society. The fact that it's popular doesn't make it fine. I think people fail to consider that Stephenie Meyer is a real person who worked for days and months and who's actually proud of what she wrote. I mean I doubt any haters are jerks in real life. If a friend shows you art that honestly looks terrible, you wouldn't just say to them, "that looks terrible."

But apparently it's ok to do to Meyer. Successful authors don't have feelings. Lawl. Baseless bullshit. You think the bits of hate mail get washed out by the massive amount of compliments...but I know for a fact that one piece of negative feedback is worth at least 10 compliments and it really adds up.

As a fellow artist, I feel for her.

At this point, I think I would even go as far as to say that Twilight haters are just as ridiculous as die hard Twilight fans.
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In other news...

This is for my schoolmates =0 ---->…

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...after I make it into college.

1. Join a private server for every MMORPG I've been dying to play since Freshman year.
2. Play MGS4 and tranquilize a pigeon.
3. Beat DMD mode in DMC3 (basically play video games until they give me cancer)
4. Learn to solve a rubik's cube.
5. Download 1000 songs that I'll never listen to.
6. Give my animals away so they won't have to suffer when I'm gone.
7. Convince everyone I know to read Parasyte.
So Raire and I were rping almost literally all day yesterday...…

The first line was from before. The second and third line was yesterday. Imagine if you could turn all that text into an essay. =D I'd be set for the rest of high school.
...where I had my leg sawed off at the knee. The end.
2nd Entry of the day -_-

So I saw this in ornithia's journal...and felt like doing it.

01. [] When you doodle, you say it's a simple drawing. [a doodle's a]
02. [] Always provide excuses such as "Still in development"
03. [] Can only create an excuse of "I used a mouse, not a tablet" [Except that I have a tablet...]
04. [] You only draw faces.
05. [] You always draw faces at the same direction.
06. [x] The proportion is awful.
07. [] Every character looks the same.
08. [] Uses different hairstyle to distinguish characters.
09. [] Cannot distinguish left and right direction.
10. [] "Sketch? Who cares about that?"
11. [] You only draw sketches. [haha..."draw sketches"]
12. [] What's a LAYER??? Seriously.
13. [] You always draw one character.
14. [x] You always draw characters in same angle. [pretty much]
15. [] No matter how you draw, it's the same expression.
16. [] You couldn't draw characters with movement.
17. [x] You barely draw feet. [and not just cuz they go off the page]
18. [] You can't draw figures from high or low angles.
19. [] You don't even know the definition of high and low angle drawing.
20. [] A shitty figure drawing in dynamic pose can be turned into a 4th Dimensional abstract. [I'm pretty sure you can't portray 4D on a 2D surface]
21. [] Same character looks totally different when it is drawn in different angle or direction.
22. [] You can't even draw anything other than characters or draw everything except characters.
23. [] You can only draw cute characters.
24. [x] You can only draw handsome characters. [honestly...]
25. [x] Hands are your nightmare [working on it]
26. [] Your character's hands are always hidden behind.
27. [x] The idea sketch is professional but the actual quality is shitty. [almost always]
28. [] You try to cover up one of the eyes with hair so that you can draw only one eye.
29. [x] Your works are always asymmetrical.
30. [] Line art only = Finished piece.
31. [] Rough sketch only = Finished piece
32. [] You have no anatomical knowledge.
33. [] You only draw eyes.
34. [] Character's hand and eyes are huge.
35. [] You're poor in drawing the position of boobs.
36. [x] Your artworks are free from all logic. Awkward anatomy and proportion.
37. [x] You lose confidence when other people's works look great. [especially if they're younger...and cuz I'm a sore loser, this imbues me with a hysterical need to draw something immediately]
38. [] You think they are genius when they come up with satisfied quality. [...they? who?]
39. [] You collect other people's works as practice references but you actually collect them as a collection.
40. [x] While drawing, you easily lose patience and go do something else [oh. yes]
41. [] Tablet is your god item.
42. [x] You regain confidence when other people's works look crappy than yours. [temporarily]
43. [x] You are more than willing to draw but you lose the spirit so easily. [bam. gone.]
44. [] You completely lose the confidence when you see the works of true genius. [no...because as far as I'm concerned, those people aren't human and so we can't be compared]
45. [] You draw once a month or even once a year.
46. [] You get mad when your favorite artists are being lazy.
47. [] When you draw hentai art, you end up drawing grotesque horror pictures because their proportion is so fucking awful. [no hentai -_-]
48. [x] You don't even have faith in yourself.
49. [] You can't even draw since the beginning.
50. [] You realized there are problems and know where to fix but you never do. [oh gawd i TRY...for hours...and it still doesn't work out]
-Something I really want to type, but don't know how to word in a way that won't make you judge.

I dunno, I think I could use a professional therapist. The psychoanalytical type.

...For some reason I really want to go to speech class right now. I thought I hated speech, but right now I want to go back in that classroom. Being in there makes me nervous, but in a good way.

Reading this is such a waste of your time. Loser.
Pandora just played a CHINESE song for me. =D And I KNOW this song. Cuz Chinese people don't come out with a lot of new music. -thumbsupbookmarkmakeanewstation-

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I wanted to rant after this morning, but I've already forgotten most of I wanted to say.

Basically, m mom was crazy because I overslept for an SAT practice test. So she came into my room, yelled a bit, then left, came back a few minutes later, yelled some more about how useless i was, walked away, came back AGAIN for a third time to tell me that i'd never get into the college of my choice and that if i did, the school would become a trash school. So that was my morning. And then I went back to sleep.

I have my drivers license now, but my parents don't trust me to drive. My mom says I have to prove they have no reason to worry...which is really paradoxical because they won't give me a chance to do it. My dad wouldn't let me drive to my friend's house...even though she lives 5 minutes away and we've been there at least 40 times since 5th grade. I couldn't even drive to karate...which I have to go to almost every single day.

But I guess that's life. It would be so much easier if people would just stop talking to me. And a lot less distracting. Especially my parents with their endless bashing. Criticism is one thing, but what they do is...I dunno...I think it's really immature. =/

What I need is some good motivational advice. How to get yourself working when you're not in the mood to do anything and no one is there to push you on or pull you along.

Is it easier to work when you're in a good mood? Or are you in a good mood because you're working? I think it's both...which makes it one of those terrible cycles that you have to jump into. Like a cold pool. I've NEVER been able to jump into a cold pool. Fuck swimming.

PS. Art block. I shouldn't have time to draw anyway.
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Going to bed after 3 AM for the third night in a row.

Expressing mild dissatisfaction in regards to my severe lack of self discipline.

Wasting your time.


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must send me screenshot



Damn I hate my gallery.