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Age: 1000
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Fallen Angel (Watcher)
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Drake Bean (friend), Wartz Kroager (friend), Rajah Jian (friend), Trip (friend), Truffles Hogg (friend), Yan (friend), Jezebel (friend), Abigail (friend), Aero (friend)/ Cuddles (pet)

Physical Description
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 14 stone
Hair: Black
Eyes: None (Permanently erased)

Personality/AttitudeStoic, wise, thinks before acting, aloof, detached, patient, serious, tough, grateful, responsible, righteous, mature, cautious, dry sense of humour, pragmatic, independent, honest, belligerent.
Skills/Talents: Magic, mechanics, housekeeping, negotiation, teaching, detecting weaknesses, psychology.
Likes: Paranormal things, religion, knowledge, teaching, new experiences, all manner of unholy things, jokes.
Dislikes: Demons, ignorance, rules, falling from heights, stupidity, all manner of holy things.
Place/Type of Residence: The Great D

Mechanic of the Dimension Pirates, Tyriel is a Watcher Angel who is also the wisest member and a genius in his own right as well as an expert marksman and combatant. Wanted in thousands of dimensions by criminal organizations and law enforcement, he and the D-Pirates commit a wide array of crimes regularly, from looting to sieges. Despite this, he and the crew treat each other like a family, complete with bickering and reconciliations.
Tyriel came from a divine dimension with close ties to Heaven itself, but was cast out along with the other rebellious angels after being defeated by the Justice Angel Astraea. As punishment for sharing forbidden knowledge to mortals in secret for centuries, Tyriel’s eyes were permanently erased by the Grandmaster of Light himself before falling from grace and losing most of his divine connections in the process. In his one thousandth year, Tyriel was confronted by Drake Bean and the two began to discuss a variety of topics ranging from philosophy to heated debates. Eventually the two reached an agreement and Tyriel joined the crew. Despite the initial conflict with Jezebel, he has since tolerated her presence and occasionally gets along with her.
Nowadays he is one of the most notorious criminals in several dimensions and the group is the most infamous pirates in most dimensions. He and the crew are constantly being pursued by the Interdimensional Patrol Force, and the two teams have constantly faced off against each other.

Tyriel is a 
Watcher Angel, an Angel who represents or is associated with and tasked with keeping an eye on mortals at all times and teaching them knowledge. Watcher Angels are average Angels, many of who fell from grace to become Fallen Angels, and many even became demons later on.

Blessing Manipulation: User can create/generate, remove and manipulate blessings, that involves blessing people, become stronger with blessings, manipulate blessings to different effects. They can even manifest blessings as energy or powers itself.
Blindsight: The user can act, fight and navigate while blind, in darkness or otherwise sightless. The user's eyes may or may not have an influence on this power.

Crime Mastery: The user is a criminal mastermind who is masterful on all sorts of crimes from theft, bootlegging, murder, racketeering, terrorism, extortion, smuggling, money laundering, and so on and so forth. They expertly know how to do anything that's illegal and what to do in order to successfully and safely get away with it.

Dark Divinity: Users possess a dark form of Divinity, these types of users have divinity and divine powers granting them an immense amount of raw power beyond the mundane; however, their divine source is darker in nature while still being considered "holy" beings. Just the same as Divinity, user possesses powers that are deemed holy but in a dark version that could make them a powerful class of divine beings of darkness, making users potential masters of the dark-divine forces that govern the cosmos as dark beings that could either help reflect the cosmic balance to maintain order or beings of pure malice set out to destroy/corrupt, etc. The level and forms of dark divinity are variable and unique by the user's nature and character of being, thus weaker or stronger users of divinities are ultimately reliant on the user alone or the being that made them. Users can gain this type of divinity by having a divine ancestry, being transformed into a dark divinity either by another more powerful dark divinity, a deity, higher being, by faith, channels, act as a vessel for the power/soul of a deity, mimic/steal powers from a dark divinity or be enhanced/evolved to the point of godhood. However, at times users of dark divinity are weaker or stronger than deities depending on the type of divine being they are in question. Not all divine beings possess this dark divine power are evil, but composed of a darker divine nature, mostly by accessing their own inner darkness, thus creating a darker version of their divine powers either by falling into a darker status, achieving total balance between light divinity and dark divinity or so on. How it’s used is solely dependent on the user alone.

Enhanced Combat: The user is unbelievably skilled in various known forms of fighting. They can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), such as boxing and wrestling. They can also become superhumanly skilled in their use of weaponry.
Enhanced Condition: User's physical and mental abilities are above the peak human levels of other beings in their universe. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to beings at peak human level (in that verse), but not to supernatural levels.

Healing: The user can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. Though the user may potentially heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed; once the patient has died, it would transcend healing and would require resurrection instead.


  • Flawless Restoration: to heal all kinds of damage, including mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.
  • Health Optimization: to sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems the user finds.
  • Holy Voice: to heal by using one's voice on a divine level.
  • Mental Healing: to heal illnesses of the mind and restore them to their mental condition.
  • Remote Healing: to heal others from any distance.

Levels of Healing
Advanced Level: User can heal things that current medical knowledge cannot do.

  • Lost limbs and internal organs are completely healed.
  • Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
  • Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.

Intuitive Aptitude: The user can instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, regardless of how simple or complex. They can comprehend the complexity and exactness of events, organisms, objects, subjects, fields, powers, etc. without the need of long-term or special education, or explanation.

  • Ability Intuition - knowledge of abilities and how they work. Also allows user to immediately & perfectly assess others abilities.
  • Magic Intuition - possess intuitively/instantly understanding of magic knowing intuitively/instantly how to perform magic and spells.
  • Mechanical Intuition - understanding of mechanics and electronics, user can observe random scattered "junk" and subconsciously/effortlessly create detailed schematics (in their head) then create an complex/effective creation or device using "junk".
  • Philosophy Intuition - possess innate knowledge of philosophy.
Other Variations

Knowledge Manipulation: The user can create, shape and manipulate any/all information/knowledge, they can insert new knowledge into the universe that becomes established fact and reality, or destroy it to do the opposite. An enemy could be made to forget how to walk, while an ally could be given the knowledge of an enemy's weaknesses or mastery of a fighting style.
Malevorous: The user can feed on the darkness of people's hearts, gaining boosts to stamina, strength, durability, and speed, depending on the level of evil and malevolence in a foe, to boost their physical traits. This power automatically scans for the worst malicious intent to feed off of when facing multiple foes. Foes need not have actual powers; a sociopathic serial killer could give the user a boost to their physical traits.

  • Feed on evil and negative energies inside the hearts and minds of opponents.
  • Turn a foe's evil nature to your gain.
  • The evil the user feeds off of can come from a super-powerless but corrupted person.
  • An anti-hero can still give the user a slight boost to their physical traits.

Natural Weaponry: The user possesses some form of natural weaponry, including clawsfangshornsbeaks, clubbed tails, etc., and knows how to use them.

Pirate: Pirates are individuals who commit acts of piracy, crime, often robbery or criminal violence, committed at sea or occasionally on shore. Pirates come in two types: cold-blooded villains who rob others of life and loot, and dashing romantic heroes and rebels, ranging from the rather goofy to the totally rebellious, who are more concerned with adventure and freedom.Sleeplessness: The user has no need to sleep, allowing them to continue living through their lives without suffering health decline from sleep deprivation.
Supernatural Accuracy: Users have glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally greater accuracy than other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them able to aim and target much better than regular beings (in that verse).
Supernatural Reflexes: Users have glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally superior reaction speeds over other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them able to react faster than regular beings (in that verse).
Supernatural Wisdom: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally wiser than most beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely wiser than any regular being (in that verse).
Team Combinations: The users can combine their strengths to form powerful attacks against common adversaries. For example, if someone with Electric Manipulation combines an attack with someone that used an attack with Water Manipulation. Not only do they do more damage than their attacks alone, but most likely be done at a bigger radius to take out more foes.
Super-powered teams are not just for battle, some power combinations can save someone or some people for certain doom. An example would be when someone with Magnetism Manipulation and someone with Telekinesis lifts a heavy metal object that neither could do alone to give people time to escape from harm's way.
Some team combinations are usually done by teams or crew, but they are more effective if the users practice enough.
Unfortunately, some combinations are ineffective against a certain being or fail to take out the whole army if the wrong power(s) are used.

Telepathy: User can read/sense another person's thoughts, communicate with them mentally or affect, and otherwise interact with their minds/consciousness/thoughts. Telepathy has three common abilities or categories; Telepathic Communication, which is the ability to transmit information from one mind to another, Telepathic Perception, which is the ability to receive information from another mind knowing an opponent’s moves and attacks, and Telepathic Manipulation, which is the ability to affect/influence/control/manipulate the minds of others. The most advanced telepaths are not only capable of interacting with the minds or spirits of others, but with reality itself in various ways, tapping into psychic/astral energies, extending their senses and even their very consciousness from their bodies and project their power into the physical plane.
Master Level




  • Master Level: User is able to sense minds on a planetary scale, every being across a planet and even nearby worlds. They can manipulate the functions of the mind.

Unrestricted Movement: User can fluidly move around in any environment or conditions, allowing feats such as kicking off any/all surfaces including intangible and ever-changing surfaces. They can move with complete ease on land, air, water or anything else.
The user's movements can not be bound, restricted or sealed in any way, allowing them to ignore things like BindingAcceleration, and even Inertia. They can treat any substance, terrain or angle as if it was a solid, flat and smooth surface.

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He reminds me of a character from the Matrix... And I've never even watched those movies.
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Lol that was the look I was going for for this character, especially because he is a Watcher Angel