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Age: 50 (100 human years)
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Tricerian
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Drake Bean (friend), Wartz Kroager (friend), Rajah Jian (friend), Truffles Hogg (friend), Yan (friend), Jezebel (friend), Abigail (friend), Aero (friend), Tyriel (friend)/ Cuddles (pet)

Physical Description
Height: 7’1
Weight: 40 stone
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown (Constantly closed) 

Personality/Attitude: Gentle, calm, level-headed, analytical, intelligent, quiet, clumsy, peaceful, generous, caring, compassionate, warm, forgiving to a point, kind hearted, protective, respectful.
Skills/Talents: Carpentry, first aid, pressure points, agriculture, plumbing, housekeeping, poisoning.
Likes: Animals, gardening, cooking, conspiracies, meditation, helping others, exercising, games.
Dislikes: Violence, bullies, conflict, losing his temper, constant annoyances, mess, injustices.
Place/Type of Residence: The Great D

Master Chef of the Dimension Pirates, Trip is a Tricerian who is a devout pacifist and would only use his strength for extreme situations. Despite his intimidating physique, he is the nicest member of the D-Pirates. Wanted in thousands of dimensions by criminal organizations and law enforcement, she and the D-Pirates commit a wide array of crimes regularly, from looting to sieges. Despite this, she and the crew treat each other like a family, complete with bickering and reconciliations.
Trip was one of ten children to a single mother living in a dimension populated by anthropomorphic dinosaurs. Being the runt of the litter, he was constantly picked on by his siblings. But he discovered from a young age that he had a talent for cooking and baking and learned from his mother. When he was an adult however, he was abducted and forced into slavery and fought in his owner’s coliseum for the crowd’s amusement for decades. However when Drake Bean and his crew entered the dimension, he and the pirate captain fought to a draw before the D-Pirates robbed it and made their getaway. Trip then joined them as the muscle, but when Drake talked to him and discovered that he loved cooking, he made him the D-Pirates’ master chef instead.
Nowadays he is one of the most notorious criminals in several dimensions and the group is the most infamous pirates in most dimensions. He and the crew are constantly being pursued by the Interdimensional Patrol Force, and the two teams have constantly faced off against each other.

Trip is a 
Bio-Electricity Manipulation: The user can create, shape, and manipulate bio-electric currents that exist within all aspects of the body such as in the nervous system, heart, and muscles through the use of one's biofield. The user is also capable of channeling this bio-electrical energy into attacks or even drain the bio-electrical energies that may dwell within another being. The user can also find people by sensing their bioelectrical presence and/or scramble personal bio-electric rhythms to shock others.

Combat Merging: Users who have supernatural powers/abilities can learn to infuse their combat styles with them.
They can developed a vagabond form of combat, picking up moves if traveled around the world and adapt those techniques to their own personal style. They can chain together a series of strikes and attacks in rapid succession on opponents, giving them little time to recover.

Crime Mastery: The user is a criminal mastermind who is masterful on all sorts of crimes from theft, bootlegging, murder, racketeering, terrorism, extortion, smuggling, money laundering, and so on and so forth. They expertly know how to do anything that's illegal and what to do in order to successfully and safely get away with it.

Decelerated Aging: The user either ages slower than normal for their species or is of a species that has extended life-span.
Enhanced Combat: The user is unbelievably skilled in various known forms of fighting. They can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), such as boxing and wrestling. They can also become superhumanly skilled in their use of weaponry.

Enhanced Condition: User's physical and mental abilities are above the peak human levels of other beings in their universe. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to beings at peak human level (in that verse), but not to supernatural levels.

Flowmotion: The user can fluidly move around on both land and air. This allows them to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dash, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style. The user is basically using the environment to their advantage.
The user is can also implement the movement into their fighting style, allowing them to fluidly connect their physical attacks with coordinated follow-ups.

Immobility: The user can never be moved by an external physical force, but may freely position themselves.

Intuitive Aptitude: The user can instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, regardless of how simple or complex. They can comprehend the complexity and exactness of events, organisms, objects, subjects, fields, powers, etc. without the need of long-term or special education, or explanation.

Other Variations

Natural Weaponry: The user possesses some form of natural weaponry, including clawsfangshornsbeaks, clubbed tails, etc., and knows how to use them.

Pirate: Pirates are individuals who commit acts of piracy, crime, often robbery or criminal violence, committed at sea or occasionally on shore. Pirates come in two types: cold-blooded villains who rob others of life and loot, and dashing romantic heroes and rebels, ranging from the rather goofy to the totally rebellious, who are more concerned with adventure and freedom.
  • Master Chef
    • Culinary Intuition - The user possesses culinary skills above most, if not all other chefs, sometimes to a supernatural degree.
      • Baking Intuition - The user possesses intuitive knowledge in baking and can bake a variety of irresistible baked goods such as bread, bagels, biscuits, muffins, cakes etc.
      • Botany Intuition - The user possesses intuitive knowledge in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, spices and herbs and knows exactly how to use them as ingredients as a result.
      • Brewing Intuition - The user possesses intuitive knowledge in brewing drinks such as alcohol, coffee, tea and more.
      • Conceptual Baking - The user can cook/bake anything imaginable with an incredible taste and can perform miracles with their products, such as curing deadly ailments and diseases.
      • Confection Intuition - The user possesses intuitive skills and knowledge in baking any variety of sweets whether it be candy, chocolate, cakes, cookies, pies, donuts, pastries and more.
      • Cooking Manipulation - The user’s unmatched understanding of and skill in the culinary arts allows them to freely control the cooking process at will, allowing them to expertly prepare any number of five star, gourmet dishes in record time.
      • Grilling Intuition - The user possesses intuitive knowledge and skill in grilling and BBQ.
      • Protein Intuition - The user possesses intuitive knowledge and skill in cooking any kind of meat whether it be beef, pork, poultry, fish etc. and always know exactly what the best cuts of the meat are.
      • Simmering Intuition - The user possesses intuitive skills in making broths, soups, stews and sauces.
      • Vegetarian Cooking Intuition - The user possesses intuitive skills in making meatless dishes and can make all-veggie meals that are just as delicious as anything else they create.
    • Enhanced Concentration Capacity - The user is highly concentrated and competent in the kitchen and can prepare food and navigate a kitchen with immense concentration, making them almost incapable of making mistakes while cooking.
    • Enhanced Creativity - The user possesses an extraordinary sense of creativity when it comes to cooking, allowing them to create new recipes on the fly, improvise ingredients etc.
    • Enhanced Smell - The user has a naturally well developed sense of smell, their acute sense of smell comes in handy in determining the freshness and quality of produce, know exactly what a recipe needs by smelling it and more.
    • Enhanced Taste - The user has a highly well-developed palette, their sense of taste is extraordinarily refined, allowing them to taste individual ingredients, know exactly what a recipe needs by tasting it and more.
    • Enhanced Precision - The user is highly precise in their cooking and can prepare food with a precise measurement of ingredients, perfect cooking time and extraordinary attention to detail in presentation.
    • Food Augmentation - The user can augment the taste, texture and appearance of food through cooking.
      • Flavor Augmentation - The user can augment the flavor of their food, capable of even making the most unappetizing foods and recipes into culinary masterpieces.
    • Food Empathy - The user can transfer emotions, thoughts and experiences through their food and can incite any emotion they please in those that eat their cooking.
    • Housekeeping Aptitude - The user is highly capable in the upkeep of their kitchen and cooking equipment, making them an expert of cleaning in and outside the kitchen.
    • Instant Learning - The user can learn new recipes and cooking techniques on the fly and can sufficiently use ingredients they may have never used before.
      • Skill Adaptation - The user can learn new cooking methods when the situation calls for it.
    • Knife Proficiency - The user is highly skilled in using knives and other bladed cutlery due to years of cooking experience and natural intuition.
    • Preservation Intuition - The user has innate intuition in preserving food and ingredients, preventing them from spoiling and using every part of said ingredient with nothing to waste.
    • Restaurant Intuition - The user has innate intuition and knowledge in running restaurants due to years of experience in the culinary business and they have exceptionally popular eateries as a result of their coveted dishes.


  • Battle Chef: A chef or martial artist who uses their culinary skills in combat such as using utensils, tableware and even food as weapons as well as possessing Enhanced Combat. Their combat skills are just as impressive as their cooking and vice-versa,
Spiritual Meditation: User can enter or has achieved oneness with their spiritual essence as well their mind, making them able to develop a high-level consciousness over bodily processes, as well as reduce stress and pain on the body. One is also able to detach oneself from worldly concerns, achieve spiritual enlightenment, and gain control of all of their abilities.

Supernatural Cooking: The user can cook almost anything with supernatural/magical properties, allowing the user to cook things such as a pie that grants superpowers, a coffee that heals, candies that are much sweeter than they should be, etc.
Supernatural Durability: The user's body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. are extremely dense/solid, allowing them to withstand harmful forces on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, changes in temperature, etc. In addition, users usually possess drastically enhanced levels of strength and stamina, due to how durable their body has become, allowing them to resist tearing muscles and/or breaking their bones.
Supernatural Strength: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally stronger than their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level and superior to most supernatural beings in their verse; making them immensely stronger than normal members of their species (in that 'verse) can be achieved by any method of training. Depending on the users, they are capable of lifting from large tanks to large airplanes, and able to lift massive boulders and locomotives with ease. Their high-level immense strength enables them to easily overpower users with Peak Human Strength and Enhanced/Superhuman Strength. Users are capable of tearing the strongest metals like a piece of paper with their bare hands. Offensively, depends on the users' strength, they are able to send opponents flying several miles away.

  • Type III: Being able to lift skyscraper size structures and moving mountainous figures at top strength.

Team Combinations: The users can combine their strengths to form powerful attacks against common adversaries. For example, if someone with Electric Manipulation combines an attack with someone that used an attack with Water Manipulation. Not only do they do more damage than their attacks alone, but most likely be done at a bigger radius to take out more foes.
Super-powered teams are not just for battle, some power combinations can save someone or some people for certain doom. An example would be when someone with Magnetism Manipulation and someone with Telekinesis lifts a heavy metal object that neither could do alone to give people time to escape from harm's way.
Some team combinations are usually done by teams or crew, but they are more effective if the users practice enough.
Unfortunately, some combinations are ineffective against a certain being or fail to take out the whole army if the wrong power(s) are used.

Temperature Regulation: The user can maintain different levels of their own body temperature for extended periods of time, if not, indefinitely. Some users may even be able to manipulate their own body temperatures at will.
Tranquil State: User can remain calm in virtually any situation, allowing them to think with perfect clarity even when under extreme emotional or physical distress. Users can endure mental stress and can be essentially immune to emotion manipulation and highly resistant to torture.

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