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Age: 5
Gender: Female
Species/Racial Origin: Mon (Canine/Shark)
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Drake Bean (owner), Wartz Kroager (owner), Rajah Jian (owner), Trip (owner), Truffles Hogg (owner), Yan (owner), Jezebel (owner), Abigail (owner), Aero (owner), Tyriel (owner)

Physical Description
Height: 3’0
Weight: 5 stone
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

Personality/Attitude: Hostile (to enemies and strangers), super friendly (to her owners), curious, somewhat feral, gluttonous, obedient (to her owners), smart.
Skills/Talents: Mon Battles, swimming, eating, tracking.
Likes: Eating, napping, swimming, exploring, her owners (except Drake Bean)
Dislikes: Being captured, her owners’ enemies, her previous owners, enemies, strangers.
Place/Type of Residence: The Great D

Pet and unofficial Mascot of the Dimension Pirates, Cuddles is a Monster or Mon for short. Wanted in thousands of dimensions by criminal organizations and law enforcement, she and the D-Pirates commit a wide array of crimes regularly, from looting to sieges. Despite this, she and the crew treat each other like a family, complete with bickering and reconciliations.
Cuddles was born by selective breeding from two compatible Mons, with the sole purpose for battle. Her original owner was kind at first and the two got into a lot of battles together, but after a loss at a Mon Championship, he changed for the worst and gave her a scar as a result. Eventually Cuddles turned on her owner and his Mon and devoured them both before being found by Drake Bean and the D-Pirates. At first she was hostile to them and attempted to kill and devour them, but eventually befriended them and joined the crew as a pet.
Nowadays her friends and owners are the most infamous pirates in most dimensions. The crew is constantly being pursued by the Interdimensional Patrol Force, and the two teams have constantly faced off against each other.

Cuddles is a combination of shark and canine.
Compass Sense: The user can sense directions like a compass, knowing where a specific direction is.
Enhanced Condition: User's physical and mental abilities are above the peak human levels of other beings in their universe. This entails that they are faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to beings at peak human level (in that verse), but not to supernatural levels.

Environmental Adaptation: User is able to survive and adapt to any environment and/or condition, being able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and levels of moisture, any amount/quality of sustenance, breathable medium, etc. with little or no discomfort.

  • Aquatic Adaptation: allows the user to breathe water in lieu of, or along with, a gaseous breathing medium, to swim well and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures.
  • Darkness Adaptation: allows the user to operate better in dark environments (especially nighttime conditions), with a circadian cycle programmed for nighttime activity, heightened senses and perhaps darker coloration.
  • Land Adaptation: allows the aquatic user to adapt to dry land.
  • Wetland Adaptation: allows the user to survive the environmental conditions of marshes, swamps, and bogs.

Feral Mind: User can tap into a primal instinctive state of mind, which can release an unstoppable rage that allows them to perform in vastly increased capacity, taking and inflicting damage that they couldn't or wouldn't in their normal state. In some cases, the user's mind descends so far into the feral state that, mentally, they are little more than wild animals.
Fin Manifestation: The user either has or can generate fins on their body.
Flexible Organs: The user's organs are flexible, which means while they are not invulnerable, they can still deform without being crushed or function properly when they are deformed, making it so that the user can do things they otherwise could not do.
Flexible Skeleton: The user's bones are flexible, which means unlike normal flexibility with joints, the user can use this power to not only in ways a normal person could not, but squeeze through tight spaces easily.
Gill Manifestation: The user either has or can generate gills, respiratory organs found in many aquatic organisms that extracts dissolved oxygen from water and excretes carbon dioxide.
Mon: The user is a mon, a supernatural creature with powerful, unique and special abilities who serves as an ally to another being who can train and master it to its highest level of being. A mon can be captured or befriended to be tamed and trained, all depending on those who tame and train it themselves, respectively.

Common Mon Abilities

Predator Instinct: The user possesses predatory instincts, allowing them to become masters of assassinating, hunting, manipulating, planning and tracking. One with this ability instantly discern all factors of any situation and manipulate them so its the most optimal and favorable for them. Making them a master of manipulation, pursuit ,and capture. This includes sensing what will happen and how adapt to it, what move a target will make, where they are headed, and effectively manipulate the target, thus causing the target to inevitably play right into the user's hands.
Rough Armor: The users has or can generate a type of armor which is not only resistant to attacks, but damages the opponent when they make contact with it. The armor varies from obvious physical offensive defenses, such as rough scales, sharp fur, spikes, blades, elemental, such as; fire, electricity, poison, etc.
Supernatural Cuteness: The user possesses supernatural levels of cuteness. This could mean that they themselves exhibit cuteness beyond the natural limits and could even weaponize it.
Supernatural Mobility: Users possess glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally greater movement than other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; they are obviously superior in control, efficiency, precision and traction over/with their movements, near-perfect balance at any speed, whether by walking, swimming, flying, climbing, sliding, jumping, etc, never slowing down or losing control while moving.
Supernatural Tracking: User can track others down easily over any distance, environment, or conditions including tracking targets that can teleport or become invisible. They can find and follow tracks that are months or even years old easily, they can even reconstruct what has happened from the smallest of clues.

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